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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 3

Aryan- But why she’ll be jealous of Prachi?

Ranbir- Maybe becoz everyone loves her a lot.

Aryan- Whatever, let’s go to sleep it’s already too late and if anyone will see us then we’ll be dead.

In Mehra Mansion

Abhi is not able to sleep and remembers Rhea’s words and thinks what to do, what will he say to Rhea and Pragya…

In Pragya’s House

Pragya is continuesly thinking about her daughter Rhea, she wonders wether Rhea will accept her or she’ll hate her.

Pragya’s POV

I know Rhea loves me a lot as Prachi’s mom but she used to hate her own mother a lot. Will she accept me or hate me? She thinks that I left her because I loved Prachi more than her but that’s not the truth, how can I hate my own child and not only I no other mom can hate her child, in the eyes of mother her every child is equal and she loves them equally and I also love Rhea and Prachi equally. But Rhea never understands it, she only thinks that I love Prachi not her.

(Pragya cries thinking about Rhea)

Abhi remembers Pragya and all the moments spend with her and gets emotional about thinking how Pragya and Prachi will react to his decision of marrying Meera. He knows that they both will be sad but he has to do it for Rhea.

In Pragya’s House
Prachi is getting ready for leaving to Mehra mansion, she is excited to meet her dad.
Prachi’s POV
Wow, finally the day has come when I’ll meet my dad for the first time. Though I met him many times before but that time he was my sir not my dad. How will he react on seeing me? Ohh my god I cannot wait anymore, I should leave early so that I can reach on time. But should I tell maa that I am going right now, she’ll stop me and tell me to go during noon time but I can’t wait now to meet my dad.I’ll make some excuse to go out.
Shahana comes and gets surprised on seeing Prachi.
Shahana- Where are u going Prachi?

Prachi- No where Shahana.
Prachi’s POV
If I tell Shahana that I am going to Mehra mansion then she’ll tell maa everything. So it’s better to stay quite in front of her.
Shahana jolts Prachi to get her out her thoughts
Shahana- Then why are u dressed up like u hv to go somewhere?
Prachi- Actually today I hv some extra work in office so I thought to do it in the morning rather than sitting in the office till late nights

Shahana- May I accompany u?
Prachi- No!
Shahana- But why?
Prachi- Becoz I don’t want any kind of disturbance while doing my work.
Shahana- What do u mean? Do I disturb you?
Prachi- No I did not mean that Shahana. I was just saying that if u will come with then u will talk to me and if I’ll not reply to u, then u will feel bad. U will start making noise then I’ll be disturbed.
Shahana- Ohh in that sense. U are right Prachi, if I’ll come with u then u will be disturbed.
Pragya comes there
Pragya- Where are u going Prachi?
Prachi- Maa actually I hv some work in the office so I thought, to complete it in the morning itself.
Pragya- Okay. But at what time will u return?

Prachi- Maa infact I am not very sure about it. I’ll immediately come home after finishing my work.
Pragya- But u said that u will be meeting ur dad today, what about it?
Pachi- Yess maa I’ll meet him after finishing my work and then only I’ll return home. Is it okay now.
Pragya- Okay.. But don’t be too late and come home early
Prachi leaves hurriedly, nodding her head..
Prachi- byee…
Prachi takes a rikchaw and gives the address of Mehra Mansion.
In Mehra Mansion
Rhea shouts dad, dad..
Everyone come down including Abhi and Meera.
Abhi – What happened Rhea why are shouting?
Meera- Yes sweetheart why are u shouting?
Rhea- Dad u tell what’s ur decision?

Abhi- Which decision?
Rhea- Dad u forgot such an important thing related to my life.
Abhi suddenly remembers Rhea’s words..
Abhi- No no Rhea I did not forget it.
Rhea- So what hv u decided?Whom u are gonna choose between mom and me, sorry Prachi’s mom and me?
Abhi- Rhea first of all stop calling her Prachi’s mom she is ur mom also, just get this thing fit in ur mind.
Rhea- If she is my mom then why did she leave me?
Abhi- This story is very long I’ll tell u afterwards…
Rhea interrupts Abhi in between
Rhea- Dad don’t make any excuse I know she left me becoz she loved Prachi more than me. Leave it whatever the reason is u tell me ur decision?
Meanwhile Prachi is enters the Mehra mansion
Abhi- I am ready to marry Meera.
Rhea gets very happy listening thiswhile Prachi gets dumbstruck hearing this, years scroll from her eyes. She quickly leaves from there unnoticed.
Rhea hugs Meera ..
Rhea- I am very happy Meera aunty dad is going to marry me and u will very soon become my mom.
Abhi leaves from there with moisture in his eyes, Meera notices it.
Meera POV’s
I know Mr Mehra that u agreed to marry me but u can never love me and give the place of Pragya ji in ur life. U are marrying me becoz u don’t want to loose Rhea and I am sure that before our marriage u will convince her and stop this marriage.This is just a forced marriage and nothing else, in these twenty years though I adapted feeling towards u but I’ll never try to come close to u as I know u love only Pragya ji. (She gets sad thinking about it)

Alia sees everything from above and smirks while coming down stairs.
Rhea sees her and gets happy
Rhea – Buji did u see dad agreed to marry Meera aunty, now I’ll also get a mom who will love me.
Alia- Yes Rhea u are lucky enough to get a mother like Meera who loves u a lot.
Alia congratulates Meera and asks dadi to call pandit to fix the date of marriage.
Prachi is in the taxi and cries a lot. She continues to think about what she heard. No this is not possible. How can papa do this with maa? Maa loves him so much then how can he marry Meera aunty? What will I say to maa she will breakdown on hearing this I cannot let this happen. I need to talk to papa and clear all the things there itself before maa comes to know anything.
In Kohli Mansion
Aryan comes to meet Ranbir and asks Pallavi about his whereabouts. Then goes to his room.
Aryan- Ranbir wake up it is not the time for sleeping.
Ranbir- Pls let me sleep Aryan. After many days I got a sound sleep.
Aryan- Chucks agreed to marry Meera aunty .

Ranbir quickly rises on hearing this.
Ranbir- What! But why how can chief do this?
Aryan- For sake of Rhea
Ranbir- This girl will never let her family live in peace. She should be happy that aunty is her mom but she,u filled hatred in the mind of my mom against Prachi, I don’t know how to deal with her and what kind of girl she is?
Aryan – This is so bad chucks love chachi.
Ranbir and Aryan get sad thinking about Abhi and Pragya.
Mehra Mansion
Rhea’s POV
Everything is going according to my plan. And now I don’t want any problem , I’ll not let anyone spoil my plan. Sometimes I don’t even believe  that I am Prachi’s real sister we both are just opposite. Poor Prachi what will she do when she’ll come to know about this whole marriage. Then she laughs .
Prachi calls Abhi and asks him to meet.

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