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If Not Sayi, Then Someone Else – Episode 4 – Sayi is Heartbroken

Hello, my dear friends. Hope you all are doing very well. Before starting the episode, let me clear you something first. In this fanfic some episodes will be harsh on Sairat. It’s a small fanfic but there will be a slight separation part. Don’t get upset. Please. This fanfic is mainly for Pakhi’s hatred. You will understand with the flow of episodes.

The episode starts…

Virat left to look his Aayi long time ago. There wasn’t even a single voice which can be heard from room in which Aayi, Sayi and Virat are there. Each and every family member were yearning to know what’s happening. Suddenly they can hear the door knob getting open. First, Virat comes out followed by Sayi.

Pakhi : What happened, Virat? How is Ashwini mami?

Virat : She’s alright, Vahini.

Pakhi : Again Vahini? (Annoyingly)

Bhavani : Ho, Patralekha. I am very much happy that Virat is now referring you as Vahini.

Pakhi doesn’t know what to explain her.

Karishma : Patralekha Bhabhi, but why are you getting annoyed when dada is calling you Vahini? It seems Patralekha Bhabhi doesn’t like when anyone… sorry! Sorry! When Virat dada calls her vahini.

Sonali : Ae, Karishma! The matter is serious now and you are dragging this vahini drama. Leave it. First, Virat you tell me…

Pakhi interrupts : What about this Sayi, Virat? Will you kick her out of the house or not?

Mohit : Patralekha vahini, why you are so restless to send Sayi Vahini out of this house?

Virat : Seriously, Pakhi Vahini. Even I can’t understand you! And regarding Sayi, (looking at Sayi) we are ready to part our ways.

Pakhi and all the family members couldn’t believe what they heard.

Pakhi : Are you serious, Virat? (Too happily)

“Yes, Pakhi Vahini. We had decided that if the family members are so restless to see us broken, then we’ll fulfill their wish. I, A.C.P Virat Chavan breaks all his ties with Sayi Kamal Joshi”

Sayi gets heartbroken. Although she know why they are doing this, but still her heart grows restless listening to Virat’s words.

“Great, Virat Sir. For your family members you are removing me from your family. What about your responsibility, Virat Sir? What about our deal? Last time too…

Virat : Enough! Sayi, enough. I wish you best of luck in your life ahead.

Virat says this and goes from there. He goes in his balcony and sits staring the empty sky.

“Although, I know you’re going for few days. But still I can’t bear to be separated from you. I hope this days passes soon. Without you, Sayi… my life is empty and dark like this sky.

Sayi comes to the room. She sees their room, her study table, her gift to Virat.

“Hey! Room, convey this to Virat Sir… that I will come to him very soon.”

Sayi takes her bag and is leaving the room whereas Virat is still sitting there.


After 2 days :

Bhavani : “Huh! It’s good, that jungli mugli left our Chavan Niwas.

Pakhi : Badi Mami, tea!

Bhavani takes it and says

“Patralekha, you are the only one in this house who have high class thinking and all abilities like me”

Pakhi/Patralekha smiles.

“That’s why I had decided that you will only bring Lakshmi for our house”

Pakhi : Badi Mami, I can’t understand what are you talking about?

Bhavani : Patralekha dear, you know na. That eclipse went from our house but it had left its effect, especially on Virat. Virat is not even returning home, not even having his food properly. So…

Pakhi : I know, Badi Mami. Once he comes back home, I’ll talk to him. You don’t worry.

Bhavani : But how many times will you say him? You too have your own household to handle. You are worrying for Samrat too. That’s why I had thought that we’ll get our Virat married to a girl who is intelligent and mature like you.

Pakhi is shocked to the core. She had finally succeeded in separating Sayi and Virat but till when she will do this all! This time with another girl.

Pakhi : Badi Mami, I think we should wait for Virat. He hasn’t recovered from Sayi yet.

Suddenly a strong voice comes from back.

“Nor he will recover. He was of Sayi’s and will always be of Sayi”

Pakhi : Ashwini Mami please, how can you let that Sayi ruin Virat’s life?

Ashwini : Acha, now you’ll teach me. Every day you used to lecture Sayi about manners and respect. Now you only forgot?

Bhavani : Ae, you are unwell, na? Then go and rest. Don’t dare to come between me and Patralekha.

Ashwini : I won’t come, vahini. But you and your Patralekha also don’t dare to come between me and my Sayi.

Bhavani and Patralekha are shocked to see Bhavani’s behaviour.

Ashwini starts leaving.

Bhavani : Patralekha, I need Virat’s would be wife like you…. wise and sensible.

Ashwini who was going from there stops and says

“No, vahini. She shouldn’t be like Patralekha. Or else who knows, she will also turn out Samrat’s or Mohit’s best friend as Patralekha turned out Virat’s best friend. Or in other words, she will also try to dominate her brother-in-laws”

Pakhi (almost shouts) : Ashwini Mami!

Ashwini : Patralekha, your respect for elders, manners were in this house till Sayi was there in this house. Now, I think the moment Sayi left this house, your manners, etiquettes too left this house.

She comes near her and says : Today you shouted on me, I am forgiving. But from next time if you ever raise your voice infront of me, then see. You will see your tears lying on the floor.

She goes from there whereas Bhavani and Patralekha are damn shocked.

Sayi in her hostel ;

“Don’t know what Virat Sir would be doing. I am feeling too lonely now.”

Suddenly she hears some sound coming from balcony. And to her shock she saw Virat coming from balcony. She sees him.

Sayi : Virat Sir, why you came from the door. alcony? You could have come

Virat : Police officers come this way only.
He laughs whereas Sayi gives him weird look.

Virat : Okay, forget it. Let me see your room first.

He checks everything one by one.

Virat : Bed is nice, but this couch is somewhat dull….and… But one thing is missing in this room.

Sayi : What?

Virat (by coming near her) : Your priceless smile.

Sayi smiles.

Virat : Acha, first tell me. Whether you were missing me or not?

Sayi thinks and says :

“No, why will I miss you?”

Virat : Acha, you were not missing me? Then why I came here! I should go.

He walks from there when a lovely voice stops him.

“Virat Sir, rukiye (In hindi ‘stop’)

Ghum hai kisike pyaar mein…

Virat gets happy and stops.

Sayi : First tie your shoelace and then go. Or else who knows when you will fall!

She laughs.

Virat : You stopped me to tell this? (Annoyingly) But you are right. Who know when one will fall! Even, I too didn’t knew when I had fallen for you!

Sayi slightly blushes but ignoring this she says,

Sayi : Obviously, then what you thought? That I will say ‘Stop my darling, please don’t go’.

He bends to tie his shoelace but he could’t do it because of the long shoelaces. She laughs aloud and goes towards him. She too bends and help him tie his shoelace. *Please don’t criticise the act here. It was just to show how they were meant to love each other, respect each other and help each other. And moreover she didn’t bend infront of Virat. They both bended*

They both have an eyelock which gets interrupted by the sound on her door. She signs Virat to go fast. Virat obeys her and fastly goes from the balcony. He smiles at her from ground. Sayi who was seeing him too reciprocates it. Suddenly her roommate enters the room and Sayi goes inside.

  1. Episode ends here. One more thing I needed to say there will be somewhat irregular episodes for sometime as there is a big trouble of Internet going on in my home. Hope you’ll understand. Have a good day.

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