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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-35)

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As Aisha di you asked Romance would be there but I can’t add too much as they are still not completely in true love and after they confess I’ll give ton of Romance but there would be Romance a bit….


At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 9 pm:-

At Living Room:-

Angre closed all the lights of the room and all the food was already served in plates and then to everyone’s hand

Thus the fun begins I mean Movie begins

While the disclaimer Riddhima was clutching her dress from one hand and other hands was finger crossed but her face was just showing a fake strength while Aryan was clutching the cushion in his mouth which was already wet from his saliva, Ishani held his hand once to give him support

Aryan (whispering to Ishani) – Don’t worry Ishani, I’m here nothing will happen

Ishani (whispering to Aryan) – Idiot I’m not scared at all I have watched this movie many time

Aryan (murmuring) – That’s why look like ghost after make

Ishani (whispering to Ishani) – You said something

Aryan just shook his head

On the other side, Riddhima’s face was the only thing which was showing strength rest her whole body was shivering, a hand came on her hand in shock she got still as if her breath got hitched

Riddhima slowly slowly saw whose hand was it and followed it and it was of Vansh as he was watching the movie with full concentration and wasn’t scared at all

Riddhima (whispering to Vansh) – Are you scared?

Vansh (whispering to Riddhima) – Right now disclaimer is going on how can anyone get scared

Riddhima (whispering to Vansh) – But I’ll definitely scare you… Get that

Vansh (murmuring) – Cat is trying to scare lion

Riddhima (whispering to Vansh) – I’m not Cat I’m lioness and even lion is scared of lioness….

Riddhima said this directly to Vansh while looking at him who was watching the movie but as she said both saw in each other’s eye with turned into an eye lock forgetting about the world, their eye lock was broken by a loud shout

Voice (shouting and scared) – Aaaaaahhhhhh…..

Angre opened the lights and all saw Aryan sitting on floor

Angre- Aryan What happened? What you saw in disclaimer that you got scared to this extent?

Aryan- Ishani

Ishani- Aryan I’m here only, tell what you saw

Aryan- Aray I saw your face

Ishani- What the?

Aryan- Actually you were watching on TV and even I was watching but then I suddenly saw you and again moved to TV but then I again saw you, you weren’t there and then suddenly something came up with a jerk it was of black and I saw your face and I got sacred

Ishani- Idiot, Dumbo and duffer

Aryan- Give me names later tell me the logic

Ishani- I bent down to pick up the cushion which was fallen up after you left it from chewing and then I came up with the jerk and those black color was my hair and my hair and joined to my face…… Idiot

All burst out laughing hearing the logic

Vansh moved towards him and as there bracelet was still joined he took Riddhima with him and as he was about to bend to Aryan who was still sitting on floor, Riddhima came in between them and he caught her from her waist and by that rush his face got in her hair making him smell her scent and he got lost in it….

Riddhima (whispering to Vansh) – Make me stand up

Vansh (whispering to Riddhima) – Hmm….

He stood while she was in his arms

Riddhima- Can’t you see our hands are still attached

Vansh- I forgot. Forget it

He made her stand in front of him turning her face to Aryan

Vansh- Aryan Go to your room

While rest was still trying their best to control their laughter

Aryan- Abb har koi apki tarah sher thode hi hai, mein akela room mein nhi jaunga sab se hume dar lagega  (Now everyone isn’t lion like you I won’t go alone I will sacred of those things)

He ran and sat on the sofa facing towards the movie

Aryan- I will continue with watching of the movie, I won’t get scared now promise

Ishani- Exactly how will you get scared your eyes will be closed

Aryan- I won’t close as I’m courageous

Ishani- Let’s see your eyes and you’re so called courage

All sat back and movie restarts

Firstly the movie wasn’t scary at all but as the time begins everyone get a bit sacred while Vansh and Angre was the only one yawning there as if they weren’t sacred at all and as Vansh yawn by the time Riddhima muttered a curse under her breath after which a smile crept on his lips

Riddhima (to herself) – He isn’t getting sacred a bit how to scare him because he is not an easy prey guy to get scared with a movie, what should I do…. Think Riddhima…It’s time for that…. Wait….

Riddhima (whispering to Vansh) – Vansh I need to use the washroom

Vansh (whispering to Riddhima) – Go…. Why are you telling me?

Riddhima forwards their joined hands and Vansh remembering their hands joined took a deep breath and both made their way to Vansh’s room

Riddhima went inside while Vansh was standing outside watching here and there and as he turned he saw a black thing coming outside his breath got hitched but then saw Riddhima’s face and then saw her coming out and they started moving back to hall

Vansh moved out followed by Riddhima who was having a mischievous smile on her face and hands are at back

Riddhima (to herself) – Mr. Vansh now you are going to be scared like hell after all this thing is with me and after seeing this even sometime I get scared then who are you

They made their way back to hall and sat on their seat

At 11 pm:-

All most part 1 was about to be over and that was the time for more scary part, almost Siya was asleep on Angre’s shoulder who was caressing her hair and Kabir and Sejal was watching while eating popcorn while both when get scared look anywhere else and Ishani’s condition was same whenever scary part came she looks at Aryan pretending to be checking him but Aryan who turned pale pretends best as if he isn’t scared but actually he was on the verge to faint

Riddhima’s condition was out of the story, she wasn’t watching the movie as she kept her hair on her side face making none of them to see her face and she was just looking down there wasn’t a single part of the movie she had watched while Vansh was watching the movie as if it was the regular food served on his plate and he very well know its taste

As the movie ended, Kabir opened the lights to see everyone’s condition he was himself scared like hell

Kabir- Movie was much better then there face

Aryan’s eyes were still open as if watching the TV which was already closed Kabir snapped in front of him

Kabir- Aryan are you there?

Aryan (comes out) – Yaa…..

Kabir- Movie is over are you ok you didn’t reacted at all

Aryan- See I told you I’m not scared

Ishani- Because you weren’t in your senses…. You were pale

Aryan- And you whenever any scary part came you saw my face as if pretending to check my face…. I was pale

Kabir- Ok fine don’t fight again

He saw Riddhima who was sitting in same position and Vansh eyes were closed

Kabir- Riddhima… Riddhima

Riddhima- Haan….. See I’m here I wasn’t sacred at all

Kabir- We saw that what the need to tell again?

Vansh (eyes still closed) – Person will be scared when he or she will watch the movie not by watching somewhere else and hiding their face

Riddhima- Whom are you talking about?

Vansh (opening eyes) – Of course you…..

Riddhima- I wasn’t rather your eyes were closed

Vansh- Really, I closed my eyes after watching the complete movie to at least give them rest rather you tell me any part of the movie

Riddhima- Ab…..ab…..aba…….. Who knows you were closing from starting

Vansh- Don’t change the topic, Riddhima

Kabir- Ok fine guys, let’s go to sleep

Riddhima- Aray wait why?

Aryan- What why? Di I can’t watch scarier I’ll die here only

Angre- Even Sia and Sejal are sleeping

Riddhima- But I want to watch

Vansh hits his head

Vansh- Guys you all leave we will clean all this tomorrow and sleep with pairs please I can’t handle more chaos please and let her watch alone

Riddhima- Who said alone? You are there na?

Vansh- I can’t watch

Riddhima again shows there hands

Riddhima- This

Vansh- Why you are making me suffer?

Riddhima- Shut up….. Guys you all leave (eyeing Vansh) we will clean all this

Vansh looked at her in shock

All nodded and went to sleep in pair in which Siya, Sejal and Ishani slept together and Angre, Aryan and Kabir together

Riddhima eyed Vansh and then she followed his eyes to saw him the table

Vansh opened the dim light and

Vansh- Riddhima we will clean tomorrow and watch the movie later

Riddhima- You aren’t scared yet so first let’s clean

Vansh- I watch these type of movie daily

Riddhima- Let’s clean Vansh

They moved together taking plates and then putting them in sink

Then the time came to scare Vansh he was picking up the plates while Riddhima turns another side and he pats on her shoulder and she slowly turns and when he saw her face he shouted and jumped on the sofa

Vansh- Aaaahhhh…….Aaahh…….. Angre…. Angreeee ….. Baccchaaooo

Angre and Kabir came running and saw him jumping on the sofa and when they followed his gaze they saw

Even they jumped on the sofa seeing this in the dim light which was enough to scare them to hell

Riddhima slowly removed her mask laughing aloud all took a sign and Vansh sat face palming himself

Kabir- Riddhima…..you

Riddhima (laughing) – Kabir it was just to scare Vansh but you both got much more sacred then him

Angre- Riddhima in dim light if we saw something scary like this

Riddhima (laughing) – That’s ok…. I understand but Vansh you, you were sacred to hell and you called Angre

Vansh (shouting in anger) – Shut up Riddhima, you don’t know anything so what was need to scare me from this, this mime’s face mask

Riddhima flinched back by his tone

Riddhima- Vansh I was just

Vansh (shouting in anger) – What just haan…. What just?

Kabir- Vansh….. she is sacred……..

Vansh (shouting in anger) – She is scared that’s ok… what about to us weren’t we scared…. Guys you both leave it’s late

Angre- Don’t shout at her, please

Vansh- Angre leave…. Now

Riddhima was scared by Vansh’s this face she didn’t bothered to say a word

Angre and Kabir left on hearing Vansh’s word

Vansh didn’t said anything more moved to him room and as their hands were still intact on which Riddhima even followed him while tears were already formed in her eyes

When they reached to his room, Vansh turned to close the door and saw Riddhima standing there, he looked at her eyes down and almost crying, his heart melt and Vansh make her inside and closed the door

Riddhima- You sleep her I’ll sleep on the floor

Vansh- No you sleep on bed I’ll sleep down you might not be in the habit to sleep on floor

Riddhima- Wait…. I have an idea

Episode ends

Precap- Rain romance

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