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Hello guys I’m back with new update. But before starting the ep I want say that in precap of last episode I said that haldi ceremony but it is engagement ceremony so sorry for that.
So let’s begin without wasting time:


Riddhima broke their eyelock and stood up and said sorry to Vansh.
But from deep inside both were feeling happy, It was a strange feeling for them. But Riddhima realized that she is getting late for her collage so she asked Vansh.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, actually I’m getting late for my collage. Will you please drop me to my collage.

VANSH: Yaa sure, it’s my pleasure MISS. PRETTY OOSWAL.

RIDDHIMA: The great VR is flirting not bad.

And they both started laughing. They were talking but suddenly Riddhima’s feet got twisted and she winced in pain. She was trying hard to walk. But was not able to do that because of pain. So Vansh took her in his arm and started walking towards his car.

And make her sit in the car and starts putting on her seatbelt. They were very much closed, they again shared a EYELOCK. Riddhima’s heart beat starts beating fastly. She was feeling very nice being that closed to him.

After putting her seatbelt he went to his driving seat and started driving towards her house.
She asked him where is he going.

RIDDHIMA: Where you think you are going Vansh??
VANSH: Towards your house.

VANSH: Because your feet is paining how you will go to the collage. So just keep quit.

VANSH: Its ok. here you go.

Saying this he stopped the car. And she opened her side gate and bid him bye. She went inside with a small smile and a slight blush on her face.
She entered the house and sees that the servants were doing preparations and decoration for Arav’s engagement.
She ignored all this nonsense and went to her room to get ready, eventhough she was not ready for this marriage of her brother, but for her dad she was getting ready.

Every preparations was done and the engagement has been start. Simar came to the BHAWAN and stand at the corner of the hall. Sirav shared an EYELOCK. and with heavy heart and teary eyes slide the ring in Janvi’s hand.
All clap for them and Simar came their and congratulates them with teary eyes.

SIMAR: CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Ooswal and Miss. Malhotra for your engagement. I’m very happy for you both. Have a happy life.

Saying so she went to Riddhima’s room.
I’m sorry Arav ji for hurting you this much but I need to do this to save your life. I’M SORRY I’M REALLY SORRY.

And she started crying bitterly but she cleaned her tears and went back to the hall.

IN THE HALL EVERYONE WERE DANCING EXCEPT RIANSH, REEVAN AND SIRAV. They want to stop this marriage but they can’t do this just because of MAHESH’S so- called promise.🥺

PRECAP: Haldi and Sangeet ceremony and Sirav Confronts each other ( iss baar pakka ).

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it. Next episode will get late because I need to think what to write. TILL THEN BYE.

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