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Bawara Dil 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shiva tells Mangala that he will mop the house. He starts mopping. Mangala says you don’t have to do all this. Shiva says it’s our house so we all have to do it together. He makes her sit down and asks Kaka to clean the furniture, Bunty and Bubblu will take care of clothes and dishes. Sidhi can cook food. Mangala says you don’t have to do all this. Shiva says it’s good to do housework, if women can do it then why can’t we? Sidhi looks on. Shiva says I am ill-mannered but I know how to mop, Mangala thinks she will make my son a maid. She says enough, I can’t see my son doing all this. Shiva says it’s my house so I can do this. Jalwa comes there and says this is breaking news, village’s big man is mopping the floor, he makes his video. Shiva asks him to stop it. Jalwa says I won’t viral it.

Jalwa is showing Shiva’s video to his friends. Sagar comes there and says what are you watching? He says nothing. Sagar says I came to meet Shiva and ask for work. Jalwa says he will tell you when there is any work. Sagar says he might have forgotten so I will remind him. Jalwa thinks he is behind Shiva like he has a duty of giving work to everyone. Jalwa says Shiva is not home, Sagar says but you are sitting in his car. Jalwa says he left his car, I am taking it to him. Sagar says okay. Jalwa leaves from there to talk to his friends. Sagar takes Jalwa’s phone and sees Shiva’s video mopping the floor. He says I will send this video to myself, I can use it.

Sagar shows Shiva’s video to Narpat’s man. Narpat calls him and says what will this video do? Sagar says you can twist things around, you know Shiva is mopping his house but we can use this video and show it like Akka Bai make her workers do all this, she insults them like this. Narpat says that’s a good idea, thank you. Sagar says I won’t disappoint you.

Shiva comes into his room, Sidhi says you don’t have to do all that. Shiva says what? Sidhi says you don’t have to mop the floor, you don’t have to do any work, it’s my work. Shiva says it’s a big house, do you also think that housework should be done by women? Sidhi says it’s not like that, it’s my work and I don’t need any help. Shiva says you can do anything, you are an all-rounder. Sidhi says I will wake up early, do housework and then study. Shiva says you will get tired after some days so let me do what I am doing, this is my house too. Sidhi says what do you want to show? Shiva says just focus on your studies. Sidhi says why do you care about my studies. Shiva says I just want your studies to not stop because of my family, I know the value of education so stop arguing with me. Sidhi says I don’t argue, Shiva says yes you are right. Can I go now? He gets a video. The reporter says Akka Bai makes her workers do work like they are their servants. The reporter plays Shiva mopping the video. Sidhi sees the video too. Shiva rushes to Jalwa and says I told you to not make the video. Jalwa says I promise I didn’t do anything. Shiva says what if Akka Bai sees this? Bunty says Akka Bai is coming. Sidhi looks on. Akka Bai comes there, Shiva touches her feet but she glares at him and says who made the video? Shiva says I don’t know who sent the video. Mangala comes there and asks her to have some food. Bai glares at her and says I am here for work. Bai asks Shiva who made the video? Shiva says it was a joke, Jalwa was just teasing me. Akka Bai grabs Jalwa’s collar and says you are a cheat. Shiva says he did a mistake but he didn’t cheat us. I trust him completely. Sidhi says if Jalwa was a cheater then he wouldn’t have come here. Bai glares at her and says daughter in law.. you are very clever, right? Find out how the video reached to Narpat. Shiva says I will find out. Bai says you always do some mistake to destroy my image, you will find out in 24 hours who gave the video to Narpat otherwise.. She shows him a coconut and says I give a coconut to the person to who I want to say bye to. If you don’t find out the culprit in 24 hours then I will send this coconut to you then don’t show your face to me. Shiva gets worried and says don’t say that. Akka Bai says I am proud of you so don’t disappoint me, you have 24-hours, she leaves from there. Mangala says this is all happening because of this girl. Shiva asks her to go inside, she leaves. Jalwa says trust me, I didn’t send the video to Narpat. You can kill me. Sidhi says killing you won’t bring the culprit to us. Try to remember who you met today, where was your phone? Jalwa tries to remember. Shiva looks at Sidhi, she leaves from there. Shiva looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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