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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and Bachchan get trapped by Bittu

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 31st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Bachchan what is he thinking? Bachchan says very soon we will return to our houses. Sakina says it is our destiny. Mirza says I had accepted my destiny and became a tea seller. Shanti asks Bachchan if he will go to Mumbai. Bachchan says no, until big bachchan is there. Sakina says I didn’t think that I will be tea seller’s wife. Bachchan tells that he will earn so much money that jija ji asks me to come back to haveli. Shanti asks him to do the work first and tells that she has to do all the work as Mishra ji is not here. Sakina tells Mirza that he just knows to wash the utensils and clothes and says he can just be Paro and not Ambani. Mirza gets sad. Sakina asks him to do all the work, and then massage her head. He says ok.

Later Mirza washes the clothes and keeps it for drying. Bachchan comes there and laughs, says you wash the clothes so nicely that can defeat any washing machine. Mirza says you are not less than Mishra. Bachchan says you are no 1 in cunning sight. Mirza says even you have the bucket. Bachchan also keeps the clothes for drying. Mirza tells that he used to save himself from housework when he used to go to his shop. He says he wants to earn so much money. Bachchan says he has an idea to earn money. Mirza asks what is his plan? Bachchan takes him to buy lottery. Mirza asks how we will win the lottery. Bachchan tells that parrot will help us win the lottery. He takes Mirza to the tarot reader/pandit ji and asks about his parrot. The Pandit ji tells that Parrot fled and tells that he has an idea and asks for 500 Rs. Bachchan asks Mirza to give. Mirza asks bachchan to give. Bachchan gives money to Pandit ji. Pandit ji suggests him a flop idea and laughs.

Sakina and Shanti miss their haveli. Sakina says Mirza has become lazy and don’t want to return to old work. She says when we return to haveli then who will work in shop. Shanti says Mirza Bhaijaan don’t differentiate between house work and shop due to your charm. Sakina says what else I can do, I can’t change the bindi like you. They laugh. Bachchan buys the lottery. He takes 250 rs from Mirza. Bittu Kapoor and Pappu Pandey hears them and laugh. They think to fool them.

Bachchan gets a dream that he has won the lottery and gets happy. His nephew scolds him. Mirza in his sleep thinks of having a big showroom of tea and earning 50000 in a day. He says then he will become crorepati and the goons will try to kidnap him for money, but he will hit them. He slaps Sakina. Sakina shouts. Mirza asks why goon is shouting like Sakina. He gets up and apologizes to her.

Next day, Dada ji asks Bachchan and Mirza if they won the lottery. They tell that one number was different. Mirza says Bachchan’s destiny was bad. Bachchan says may be we didn’t win due to you. Mirza says don’t blame me. Bachchan says you had said that you never won even 25 paise. They accuse each other and call inauspicious. Bittu distributes 100 Rs to the persons standing on the road. Mirza and Bachchan come to him and ask if he won lottery. Bittu says he was getting bored and that’s why thought to give some thousands to the people. He gives 600 Rs each to them. Mirza and bachchan think from where he got the money. They go to Bittu’s house and hear him betting on the cricket match and winning. They see Bachchan and Mirza hearing them. Bittu asks Pappu to give 500 each to all poor people and give 20000 to Bachchan and Mirza each. They trap them. Mirza and bachchan think to take Bittu Kapoor’s help and think the other shall not know, else he will also become rich. Bittu Kapoor tells that they don’t know me, my name is not Bittu Kapoor, if I don’t get more interest than the principal amount.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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