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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 40) A Special Guest

Hello dear readers, I am happy bcoz all your response and keep supporting me like this always. No more boring…directly to episode.


In College


Vishal : I am sorry if I hurt you Riddhima. But I won’t lose hope. I will be waiting for the day you change your decision but I won’t force you anyway. Till then we will be friends like before.


Riddhima : You can think whatever and happy that you think practically. We will be friends always, do not expect more than that.


Vishal : Ok. Bye.


Both went to classes.


Principal came to their class and announced something.


Principal : Please everyone consentrate here. I have an important announcement to do. You all know that a trust is maintaining our college funds and the trust is headed by a family. The heir of the family, that means the person who allots us funds for these years want to see all of you. He didn’t attended any functions till now but now he wanted something to tell you all. And I have selected Riddhima to welcome him. So Riddhima are you able to do it ?



Riddhima : Yes sir. I’ll do it. Its my pleasure.


After lectures, Siya came to pick up her.


Siya : I know bhabhi….sry…. Riddhu that you thought that bhai will come. But he told me to pick u up so no one will be suspicious.


Riddhima : Its okay Siya. I can understand. Vaise, i am pity of you. You have to call me bhabhi in home and Riddhu outside home.


Siya : Its ok dear.


When they reached home, Riddhima directly went to her room bcoz she is tired of her classes.


But she never expected Vansh there.



Riddhima : Vansh, you’re early today. Why?



Vansh : Today’s meeting ended early so I came home. Leave all that.Tell me how is your day?


He hugs her from back.



Riddhima : Vansh, I am very sweaty. Will tell after freshening up.



Vansh : Ok.


Vansh is busy in laptop while Riddhima freshened up and came out of bathroom.

Riddhima : Vansh, you know today something funny happened in college. Today one of my friend proposed me.



Hearing the word PROPOSED, Vansh looked Riddhima with shock.



Vansh is extremely angry. He put that laptop to a side and came to Riddhima.



Vansh(😤😡) : Who is that ? Who dared to propose Vansh Raisinghania’s wife? Tell me. I’ll beat him to pulp that he’ll be afraid to come near you.


Riddhima is smiling seeing his reaction.

Riddhima : Calm down patidev. He is my friend Vishal but don’t do anything to him. I clearly said him NO and he accepted too. We are good friends now. All problem is sorted out. Now pls don’t hurt him. Okay.



Vansh : But…..

(looking Riddhima’s angry look)


Vansh : Okay. I won’t beat him. Happy 😊.



Riddhima : That’s my Vansh. And one more thing, tomorrow a special guest will come in my college and I am selected to welcome him. Don’t know who he is. Whoever he is a kindhearted good man.


She went to downstairs while Vansh stood smiling evily 😈.


Next day Riddhima is all set to welcome the Special guest. There is a bouquet of flowers in her hand.



Suddenly a black Audi car with VR logo came to the college. A man in black suit descended from it wearing a cooling glass.



Riddhima is stunned to see him. Her mouth is wide opened 😮.

Riddhima(😮) : VANSH….


Precap :” Don’t you dare “


That’s all for today. Hope all are happy bcoz you all guessed it right. @abhay, sorry yaar iss baar mujhe koi shock nhi deni hei 😂.


I want to ask do anyone want Vishal-Vansh faceoff?

Tell me if u want.

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