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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 5)

Sorry, I wasn’t able to post for the past days, because I wasn’t feeling well. But now I am fine, so I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Here is the link for episode 4, if you have missed it: A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 4) – Telly Updates

Episode 5:

The next day.

At school.

Vansh had arrived earlier at school was thinking something.

Vansh (thinking): I am feeling really mischievous today, I am planning to do a prank on Riddhima. But what if she gets upset or punished by teacher? Its fine, just a prank. I’ll do it when she comes to school.

Riddhima & Sejal arrive to the classroom and both sit next to their buddies – Vansh & Kabir.

Vansh (teasingly): What happened, you are late today?

Riddhima looks at the clock.

Riddhima (irritated): It’s 7:30, there is still 15 minutes and why are you so concerned?

Vansh: Because I like to tease you, so I was just saying it.

Riddhima didn’t answer back, as she knew there’s no point in arguing with Vansh.

The school bell rings.

Vansh sneaked into Riddhima’s backpack and took her homework notebook.

This was witnessed by someone.

Teacher: Riddhima collect everyone’s homework notebook.

She collected everyone’s notebook and when she looked into her back, she couldn’t find her own notebook. She panicked.

Riddhima (thinking): Where did my notebook go, I am sure I had put it in the bag. But where can it go.

She tried really hard finding it, but failed. Vansh was smirking and smiling.

Riddhima (thinking): Oh God, what will I answer the ma’am now. I am dead.

Riddhima gave everyone’s notebook. She decided not to tell the teacher now and will apologise to her at break time.

Vansh secretly ripped the paper from Riddhima’s notebook and made a paper plane out of it. He then threw it at the teacher.

The teacher started teaching, then speedily a paper plane landed on the blackboard. The teacher was shocked to see it.

Teacher (loudly): Who did this?

Nobody answered.

Teacher (shouting and holding the paper plane): I am asking again, who did this? If you don’t tell I will punish the whole class.

Riddhima: Ma’am, Vansh did this. He was just sitting beside me, so I saw him throwing the paper plane.

The teacher wanted to confirm this, so she opened the paper plane. She was surprised and angry to see Riddhima’s handwriting on the paper.

Teacher: Wow Riddhima, since when did you started lying?

Riddhima: What? I have never lied to anyone. You know me really well, ma’am.

Teacher (showing the paper plane to Riddhima): Then what is this, isn’t this your handwriting? Tell me.

Even Riddhima was stunned to see her own handwriting on the paper plane.

Riddhima: But I am serious, I haven’t done anything like. I didn’t throw this plane, it’s not me.

Sejal got up and supported Riddhima.

Sejal: Yeah, ma’am. Riddhima can’t do this. She is innocent and I think someone did this to trap her and to get her punished.

Teacher: Sejal, there’s no need to support your best friend. And you, Riddhima go and stand outside the class. This is your punishment and I won’t tolerate this mischievous behaviour in my class.

Riddhima (crying): But I didn’t do this.

Teacher (angrily): Out now.

Riddhima was sobbing bitterly, her eyes became red and blurry. She knew she didn’t do this and would be proved innocent soon.

Riddhima (to herself): I can’t believe that this day will also come and I have to tolerate so much.

On the other hand, Vansh was feeling guilty because of this mischievous prank. He didn’t wanted Riddhima to get punished so badly, even he was feeling upset. He shouldn’t have done this with her.

The school bell rings and it was break time.

Kabir grabs Vansh’s collar and gives him a tight punch.

Vansh: Why are you doing this and why are you hitting me so badly?

Kabir (angrily): Don’t try to act, I know what you have done?

Vansh (surprised): What?

Kabir: I know that you have taken Riddhima’s notebook from her bag and ripped the paper and even made a paper plane out of it.

Kabir was the one who had witnessed this moment.

Vansh: I know I did this, but…

Before he could speak, Kabir gave him another punch. Riddhima saw this incident and went to stop Kabir.

Riddhima: Kabir, why are you hitting him so badly? What has happened?

Kabir: This Vansh, was the one who took your homework notebook and ripped the paper and made a paper plane to throw at the teacher:

Vansh: But let me first speak.

Riddhima grabbed Vansh’s hand and took him to side.

Riddhima (confused): Did you do all this with me?

Vansh: I did, but it was just a prank.

Just then, Riddhima slapped Vansh really hard. His cheek had turned red and he was shocked.

Riddhima (crying): You think that everything is a joke for you? This school, students, rules, regulations? Everything? You can’t just treat life as a joke.

Saying this Riddhima left.

Sejal: Even I didn’t expect this from you. You are her buddy and you shouldn’t have treated her badly.

It was time to go back to class, so Kabir & Vansh left and went inside.

Riddhima was really shocked and angry, she never thought Vansh would do this to her.

Riddhima (to herself): I know he doesn’t like me, but that’s doesn’t mean that he could get me punished for something that I haven’t even done.

Vansh tried to talk to Riddhima, but each time she ignored him.

Vansh (whispers): Riddhima, listen to me please. I am sorry for what I did with you.

Riddhima (whispers): If you say another word, I’ll tell the teacher.

Vansh didn’t know how to apologise, so he wrote “Sorry” on a piece of paper. However, Riddhima ripped the paper and threw the small pieces on him. Vansh kept trying, but Riddhima didn’t noticed him.

It was time to go home and everyone packed their bags and boarded the school bus.

Precap: I know what you did was wrong, but I can help you.

How was Vansh’s prank? Who is the person that is going to help Vansh? It did turn out pretty serious though. Please tell your views in the comments section below. Thank you 🙂

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