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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sulochana And Yuvraj Plan To Separate Rudra And Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sharda asks Preesha if she should call driver to drop her to her parents’ house. Preesha says she will hire a cab as Rudra may need car. Mishka says she cannot go anywhere as there is no cab service due to curfew. Saransh happily tells Rudra that he can spend time with him. Sharda says even god doesn’t want Preesha to go and takes her bag in. Sulochana fumes thinking why curfew is imposed now and walks away. Preesha tells Rudra that she will stay in another room until curfew is revoked and will not come in front of him. He says okay. Yuvraj hears their conversation and walks to Chulochana/Sulochana who fumes that Preesha imposed curfew to stay back and informs her that Rudra and Preesha will stay in same house but not in same room as he heard Preesha telling this to Rudra. Sulochana gets happy hearing that and says Kabir and Ahana would have been happy hearing this news, she will feed him sweets. He says she shouldn’t rejoice as Rudra and Preesha are modern Romeo Juliet and people call them Rusha, they separated now and will reunite after fighting. Sulochana says now she is here to separate them. He says their fight should increase somehow and they shouldn’t reunite. She says she has brought a bigger weapon now, Sonia who will interfere between them and will make sure their divorce happens.

Rudra and Preesha feel sad remembering each other. Naina Jo Sanjhe Khwab Dekhte The Naina.. Bichadke Rodiye Yun… song plays in the background. They look at each other and shed tears. Preesha then walks to her room. Saransh walks to her and asks if they will stay in this room and not in Rudra’s room. Preesha says Rudra needs to practice music with Sonia, so she shifted here. Saransh realizes that they both fought and asks if they fought. She says yes. He asks why was she lying then. She says she will not again. He asks how will she patch up with Rudra. She says he should help her patch up as Rudra is very angry on her. He says he is always ready for her and asks what he should do. She explains plan. He walks towards Rudra’s room and thinks mamma gave him an easy task to insist that he wants to sleep with both mamma and Rudra. He walks in and seeing Rudra getting ready asks if he is going out. Rudra says he is going for a gettogether party. Saransh asks if mamma is also going with him. Rudra says she is not. Saransh says he why will she not, he will ask her to get ready. Rudra says she will not as its not her type of party, so he is taking Sonia along. Sonia walks in ready, and Rudra leaves with her asking Saransh to sleep on time. Saransh thinks mamma and Rudra had a serious fight and what he should do to reconcile them.

Yuvraj meditates in his room when Sulochana walks in and informs him that Sonia is going to party with Rudra and she has informed Sonia to use the opportunity. He says they should ruin Rudra and Preesha’s relationship somehow. She says they should use Preesha or Rudra’s mistake from past and use it to ruin their relationship. He says he knows Preesha since childhood and she is very pious. She asks him to find out Rudra’s mistake by attending the party as Rudra’s drunk friends would reveal his secret. He asks Rudra will trash him if he sees him. She says its a masquerade party, he should go there and find out Rudra’s secret. He agrees and leaves. Rudra reaches party venue with Sonia and wears mask. His friends meet him and praise him that he has become a rockstar and has forgotten them. He says he is same and even they are rockstars in their own fields. He introduces Sonia as his special friend who is recording songs with him. Sonia feels good hearing that.

Preesha waits for Saransh and when he returns asks what did Rudra say. He says he is sleepy and walks towards his room. She asks him not to lie and tell what happened. Saransh informs that Rudra went for party with Sonia and will come late, asks why did Rudra do this and if he will leave them. She says Rudra will never leave them as he loves Saransh a lot. He says Rudra loves even her, but didnt’ take her for party. She says he does and asks him to go and sleep, thinks why Rudra went so far away from her.

Precap: Preesha tries to help inebriated Rudra. Rudra pushes her warning to dare not touch him and falls on Sonia. Sonia feels good hugging him and thanks him for giving her Preesha’s place. Rudra informs family that Ahana and Kabir are in Goa.

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