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Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – MISSING (79)

Hey my dear readers Sorry for not uploading for almost a month and sorry for not replying. I promise to never disappoint you again.
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Recap of Previous tracks: Naira is in the 7th month of pregnancy with her Godh bharai just over. Gayu is pregnant with her and Samarth’s child. Samarth being Kartik’s chachu is estranged from the family for long. The real reason is still a secret. Keerthi Naira Naksh and Kartik plan to unravel the secret by bringing Samarth to Udaipur. Meanwhile Riya is having difficulties in getting pregnant and Kevin is the reason behind it. Romi and Abishek thrash him and now Kevin is declared dead. The doubt is on Romi. Anika is pregnant now and Anika and Shivaay are coming to Udaipur to support the Bhallas in their tough times

Episode starts

Next morning

Kaira Room

Naira is standing near the window staring at the sky. Kartik comes and hugs her from behind

Kartik: Subah subah kya dekh rahi ho?

Naira: Samarth chachu’s flight would have taken off right

Kartik: Woh..(he looks at the clock) yeah..its 6 am..his flight was at 5:45 am right

Naira: He was in Mumbai these years and you did not know..

Kartik: Naira..I was busy with my things Nd moreover Urvashi and all those stuff

Naira: I understand..I dont blame you I blame the fate

Kartik: Its strange that Gayu met him in Switzerland and they…

Naira: Sometimes its like that only Kartik…hope he arrives soon

Kartik : He will arrive when he arrives now you have to have your juice and take a walk come..

He takes her with him .

Bhalla House

The door bell rings and Ruhi runs to open it

Ruhi: Di..jiju come in…

In walk Shivaay Anika and their lawyer Pathak

Pathak: Sir..today morning once the court begins Ill get the anticipatory bail

Raman: Thank you Shivaay

Shivaay: Papa its my duty

Aliya : Today Chachi is having her appointment with the Gynaecologist

Ishitha: Ill take her

Shagun: Ill come too..Romi needs to go with Abishek and Pathak

Shivaay: We Are going too

Adi: Haan

Raman: What haan..if we all go with Romi who will go with the ladies?

Ruhi: Vihaan will take you while I stay with Didi

Adi: Why to trouble him..I..

Vihaan walks in

Vihaan: What trouble Adi? This is my family too..You need to be with chachu so Ill go with them to the hospital

Ruhi: Set then..now didi jiju get fresh

They get busy and the scene freezes

Sighania Sadan

Naira Kartik and Keerthi rush to Singhania Sadan. They find Naksh and Gayu at the gates

Naira: What happened you look stressed?

Naksh: Chachu is not yet here..moreover no one at homes knows the real reason for his visit

Keerthi: What did you say then?

Naksh: We said that he wants to reunite with Goenkas and you are helping him and So am I

Kartik: Did they say anything?

Naksh: No Kartik..they readily accepted

Suddenly Gayu starts to sob

Naira: What happened Gayu di?

Gayu: Mom believes me a lot..how will I reveal this to her..she ..she…

Naira: Its ok didi..dont cry its not good for the baby

Kartik: Gayu..once chahcu comes we will settle this issue..please dont cry

Naksh: Why isnt he here yet?

Kartik: As per plan he should have reached by now

Keerthi: Call him Gayu

Gayu dials his number but he doesn’t pick up. After several futile attempts Gayu sobs again

Gayu: He …he..is missing….he did not attend even one call….he wont do like that ….

Everyone get shocked .


Pathak walks out with a smile

Pathak: Got it sir..now we can be relaxed

Shivaay: No idiot we need to find the real culprit..kya lawyer ho tum?

Pathak: But police will do that..they will know it for sure

Abishek from behind: I dont think so

All turn to him

Romi: What happened?

Abishek: I suspect that there is a foul play

Adi: Why so?

Abishek: Im straight from mortuary…the body we received after post-mortem seems to be different

Shivaay: What? How…

Abishek: I dont know how but…I guess this is part of a game..something against us and someone is helping Kevin

Raman: Who will that be?

Abishek: We need to find it out soon..or else Romi will be definitely framed

Shivaay : Whats the cause of death according to the report?

Abishek: Death due to Cardiac arrest

Adi: If the body is different..then Kevin is alive…enjoying all this

Abishek: Exactly

Romi: That idiot …

He clenches his hand

Raman: Cool down Romi…we will handle this

Suddenly his mobile rings and its Vihaan

Raman: Vihaan…

Vihaan: Papa..doctors have found a treatment for Chachi..but we need Chahcu’s sign

Raman: Our work it over here..we will send Romi there soon

The call disconnects

Raman: Good news is doctor has found a treatment for Riya and Romi you are needed there

Romi: Ill go bhai

Adi: Ill come too

Abishek: Raman and Shivaay I want you to come to the station we need to work on this..officially not possible but unofficially we can if you are willing to take part

Shivaay: Of course we are willing..lets go papa

Scene shifts to Goenka House

After hours of waiting everyone conclude that Samarth lied about coming and has not come. Gayu is heartbroken. Naksh consoles her.  Aira having bp issues is brought home by Kartik and Keerthi

Kartik: Naira please dont get emotional like this..its not good

Keerthi: Haan Naira..

Naira: But bhabhi

Keerthi: Im equally angry with Chachu for that but your health is much more important

Suddenly Kartik’s mobile rings

Kartik: Hello

Urvashi: Hey heard that your movie scenes are going to be reshot again…do you need any help?

Kartik: I never wanted , dont want and will never want your help

Urvashi: Oh come on..Nishant is acting in a movie and a role of his handicapped brother is vacant..why dont you

Kartik: Urvashi I have other work too

Urvashi: Cleaning nappis?

Kartik: Whats wrong in that if I do it for my babies? See I myself did not sign any new project so that I can care for my wife and children.
Urvashi: Achaa…so you say its all completely alright with Rhea?

Kartik: I thought this…that who else other than you and your Nishant will cause all trouble..but that wont affect me emotionally. You may leave

Urvashi: By the way someone called Samarth Goenka is admitted in a hospital after a huge accident and thats the news headlines here..thought that he is also Goenka so you may know him.. but you are not affected emotionally so I guess I was wrong

The call disconnects. Kartik is shocked



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