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The Twisted game of Destiny- Action time ep 6. IMMJ2 Riansh fanfic

Action Time

Heyy guys, thanks for all the support from the previous episode! I’m glad ya’ll are liking my FF. Please keep commenting and supporting in the comments section. I’m sorry if this is short but I had to keep it for the next one. The previous episode’s link 👇


Guys, I’m really sad to hear about Tanishka, and also our @Amnna’s  grandmother also passed away. Wishing them eternal peace🙏🙏

To the episode…

Rivan: Mm mm… This is delicious! (licking his fingers which had the melted chocolate, seeing that everyone smiled adoring him)

Sahil: (to Riva) Here have some!

Riva: No thank you. I’m allergic to nuts and cashews too (making a face) (Vansh was shocked, he simply though it was a coincidence)

Rivan: You’re so unlucky, you can’t have this scrumptious, (raising his voice) FINGER-LICKING Choco bar. How sad (he mocked)

Riva: You always make me jealous! Uff! (Making a face, Vansh was surprised by what she said)

Vansh and Riva (unknowingly together) Please pass me the Meethibhaat!  (shockingly looked at each other)

Rivan burst out laughing as he remembered “like father like daughter” while the rest were wondering why he started laughing. Riva understood and glared at him to keep quiet. Vansh felt awkward so ignored everything that happened and quickly finished his Meethibhaat and left for the study room.

The rest finished their lunch and headed for their own respective work. Riva and Rivan were waiting for Angre to hand them over Vansh’s schedule and decided to try and ask a few questions to Angre in case he would reveal some information. They thought asking Angre may be a wise choice as he seemed the closest to their dad for now. Just when they were heading to the piano room where Angre was waiting for them, they saw a few men entering the mansion. They were dressed in full black, muscular, and hefty.

They seemed like bodyguards. But whose? The twins curious, walked up to them and expected them to give their intro but they got the unexpected. They pointed their guns on them, not caring about asking who they were.

Riva: Woaah! Calm down, why are you pointing guns on us. (casually)

Man 1: (wondering seeing them not scared) You guys aren’t scared huh? Shall I pull the trigger?

Riva: I’m not scared, do what you want! (attitude)

Rivan: Sis, what are you saying? I don’t want to die so soon! (to the guy) please don’t pull. (with a smirk on his face) You think I would say that ha! I’m not scared. We’re not scared!

Guy 2: Wow! Look at their courage, not scared at all. Are they normal?

Rivan: Of course, we are normal. But we aren’t scared of these petty issues! Are we Ri?

Riva: Never! (with a smirk) This is very common for us. We are trained to handle such problems, not a big matter.

Guy 1: We’ll see to that! (he shot past them)

Riva: (anger) Bro it’s show time!

Saying that she kicked high on their arms, leading their guns to fall, both of them punched them on their faces, kicked them and elbowed them till their faces had some blood scratches. In defense one of the bodyguard hit Riva near her lips, causing a small cut. Rivan noticed and in anger hit the bodyguard with the vase kept near by. The bodyguards in return tried to fight in their defense however these two outsmarted them and they picked their guns up and turned it on to them, unaware to them, a person smirked seeing them in action from the balcony.

Riva: Game changed! (smirking)

Rivan: (pulled the trigger) Tell me who you are?

Guy 1: What a play! (they turned to look back, making way for the twins to see) Boss!

Two men entered the door. They wore expensive suits, one with a grey color suit and another with a black color suit. They looked dashing and handsome. Their eyes covered with shades were visible when they removed them in style. They walked with full attitude. The twins stole glances at each other trying to communicate with their eyes.

Rivan: I can’t understand anything! (he murmured to Riva)

Riva: Dumbo! Who are they… wait I know one of them! (she murmured back) Mom’s diary.

The two unknown men walked up to them. Till then the man who had a smirk on his face when the twins were fighting descended the staircase. It was none other than Vansh. He came to the twins, and stood behind them, as if backing them up.

Vansh: Impressive (to Riva and Rivan)  Interesting Very interesting, you guys know how to fight back, not bad! Not even a drop of fear on your faces!

Rivan: We both have black belts in Karate! And we are masters in defense.

Riva: Mom taught us how to face anything and everything! With courage!

Unknown man 1: You two lost to these two kids! (shouting to the BGs)

Vansh: (to the unknown men) This is the last time I’m telling you, stop bringing these useless men in this mansion with you! You bring them for no reason, either they get beaten up by me or either Angre. Anyway not here to welcome you but welcome….

I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do.

Question: Who do you think the two men were?

Let me know in the comments section about this question.


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