Air in the room hung heavy with tension as Alphas of the Blood Moon Pack and the Black Hawk Pack tried to stare each other down. They were purposely stationed at the opposite ends of the vast hall to avoid the inevitable bloodshed. Five hunched figures sat huddled near a table on a raised platform at the rear end of the hall. All of them nonchalant as though they did not just decree a disaster, as considered by the whole wolf kind. Everyone was aware of the animosity between the two packs. Each of them accusing the other for the rouge attacks, which cost many lives, due to some feud whose origin was long forgotten.


Aditya’s body was drawn taut like a string and he barely held onto his sanity by a thread. He did not reign in his wolf that was exuding its power and making it difficult to breathe for the people near his vicinity. Everyone just wanted to bow down and bare their necks in submission. He was a powerful wolf who was equally respected and feared by all the packs except the Blood Moon Pack.


Arman, the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, did not break his eye contact with Aditya as he tilted his head and whispered into the ear of his Beta. The Beta looked astonished for a second and then nodded obediently. He in turn gestured two guards nearby and the three of them slipped past the side entrance quietly. A sly smirk spread on Arman’s face that had Aditya stiffening even more, if possible.


Vansh clasped Aditya’s shoulder in a firm grip as though willing him to calm down his wolf whose power was nearly suffocating the whole room. Even Vansh wanted to bare his head to the Alpha and as he resisted, his wolf whimpered within him for the need to appease its Alpha. Vansh could very well understand the storm brewing in Aditya’s eyes as they constantly changed color from their original dark brown to midnight black of his wolf. He was wrestling with his wolf for control.


Through the haze of power struggle between the two Alphas that had encompassed the hall, Vansh could clearly see the wisdom behind the decision of the Council. These two packs were equally powerful and had been at each other’s throats since a decade now. The threat of rogue attacks was looming over the horizon and the Council could not have two of its best packs at war with each other. The shared sentiments of hatred and mistrust had to be settled to seal a united front.


The Council has called upon this meeting in the neutral territory to address the issue of increased rogue attacks and stress on the importance of pack unity in dangerous times. The meeting was partially fruitful as three out of five packs had conceded to their proposal. A trial till death was almost issued when the argument between the two non- consorting pack Alphas had gone way out of proportions. The Council had had enough by then and decreed the Alpha of the Black Hawk Pack to mate with a she- wolf of the Blood Moon Pack.


This news was momentarily received by stunned silence and then all hell had broken loose. There were representatives yelling on top of their lungs and the two Alphas had shifted into their wolf forms ready to tear each other apart. Bringing this situation under control was a feat for the Council. In the end, the two Alphas were forced to shift back into their human forms and assigned to opposite walls where they resorted to glaring at each other.


Aditya breathed heavily as he tried to control his wolf but the site of his enemy smirking smugly was really putting his well practiced control to test. They were distracted when the entrance door opened and a demure she- wolf entered the hall escorted by the Beta and the two guards of the Blood Moon Pack. A sense of calmness and peace burst the overbearing bubble of power causing many to release a quiet sigh of relief. Aditya shook off Vansh’s hold on his shoulder and stared at the female as his wolf regarded the Omega with interest. He was shocked to see his wolf react in a way different than distant for the first time since the death of its mate. However his face retained the same murderous countenance as he caught the sight of Arman expressing his obvious distaste towards the Omega. This caused his wolf to growl lowly and him to be confused even further.


The female shook slightly as she bowed her head in respect to her Alpha and the Council. It was clear that she was scared of him. The Alpha dismissed her by turning his attention towards the Council. The elders sat straighter in their chairs as they studied the she- wolf that was going to be offered by the Blood Moon Pack as a mate to the Alpha of the Black Hawk Pack. It was clear that Arman was not offering his best to the Alpha as the norm dictated but it was also true that the female offered was exactly what the Black Hawk Pack needed.


Elders could feel her underlying power as the calm and peace settled into the air around them and seeped into their skins, comforting them that their decision was right. Ever since losing their Luna in a rogue attack, the Black Hawk Pack had been on edge, even a small misunderstanding sending them off in the abyss of hate and anger. This Omega was exactly what was required. She was also strong if the fading mark of her dead mate on her neck was any indication. They were pleased by the offering and gave their consent by nodding their heads.


Arman stepped forward and addressed the Council. “Zoya is the she- wolf offered to the Alpha of the Black Hawk Pack by the Blood Moon Pack.” The said female inhaled a sharp breathe and her eyes widened as she trembled. All the while her head bowed down. Aditya, who was studying her like a fine piece of art, was unsettled by her reactions. A heavy feeling weighed him down as he realized that she was going to be his mate and apparently neither of them was delighted about it.



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