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Santoshi Maa 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Swathi makes Santoshi maa’s statue.

Santoshi Maa 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with the owner Dhiraj showing Indresh and Swathi to the Santoshi maa temple. Devi Polomi says i have brought you both here, you don’t know that! I planned all of this and now only i shall live in this temple, it shall be mine as i already buried Santoshi maa’s statue in the ground, she has long gone from here. Then a storm appears for a few minutes as Babli’s ghost passes by. Polomi says this is my new weapon against you Swathi, your old foe! She will destroy you and your family and take here revenge, Polomi laughs.
Indresh and Swathi now start cleaning the temple. Santoshi maa says Devi Polomi has made an evil plan against Swathi, it is written in destiny. Polomi wants to hurt Swathi and as Swathi is pregnant, she wants to create a miscarriage for Swathi but my blessing has protected Swathi. Indresh and Swathi clean the temple and one of Dhiraj’s men puts prayer song for Santoshi maa. After the temple is cleaned, Swathi removes cloth from the statue but it turns out it is a stone. Everyone is shocked. Dhiraj and his men say how did the statue disappear? Where did it go? The men get scared, one of them says my grandmother says if the statue of Santoshi maa disappears it means she has been upset on us and in such a place, ghosts live. Polomi says yes now ghosts will live here no gods shall live here, i will stay here.
Dhiraj says to Swathi, i am shocked there is no statue here. A couple years go my wife died and then i went into darkness and forgot everything, i did not know no one would even care to do the pooja of Santoshi maa here, that is why Santoshi maa left me and this resort and is upset on us. Swathi says no uncle, Santoshi maa is never upset on her disciples, she forgives them for their mistakes too! I will make a statue of Santoshi maa myself and we will do the pooja here.
Indresh and Swathi collect mud to create the statue. Indresh says how do you know this mud is good for the statue? Swathi says i know because i used to make statues when i was a child and built many Santoshi maa’s statue. Polomi says i wont let Swathi succeed in making the statue. Swathi completes making the statue, Polomi uses her power on the statue and it falls down and breaks. Swathi has tears, Indresh helps her. Swathi sits to make the statue again and says i wont get up until it is complete. Polomi says i wont let you succeed, she uses her powers and puts broken glass pieces in the mud. Swathi uses the mud but hurts her palm. Indresh says come on Swathi, stop now! I will bring bandages for you. Swathi says no, you don’t understand, i wont be able to do pooja of Santoshi maa. Indresh says you are forgetting, you brought the Photo frame of Santoshi maa, use it to put it in the temple. Swathi says yes i forgot. Swathi goes.
Swathi walks in the lobby and is again haunted by the ghost of Babli. A vase falls down and Swathi gets scared. Babli then appears and looks at Swathi, she says i have come back to take revenge of my death from you. Swathi is scared, she cries and screams for help. Indresh comes running and says what happened? Swathi closes her eyes and says she ran there, she went there. The manager and waiter go to check. Indresh says don’t get scared, i am here. Manager says there was no one here. Swathi tells Indresh, it was Babli, i saw her this time, trust me. Indresh says lets go come on, take the photo of Santoshi maa. Swathi takes the photo from the room and runs towards the temple. Indresh runs behind her and says stop running Swathi, please stop running. Sameeksha sees them and says what is this woman doing? Sometimes she makes stupid stories, now she is running everywhere. Sameeksha goes behind them.
Swathi comes in the temple and Indresh keeps aside the stone. Swathi keeps the photo of Santoshi maa and everyone pray to it. Polomi is angry. Dhiraj says once the photo was kept, the temple looks lively now. Swathi puts a garland on it and starts doing all pooja. Swathi is about to light the diya. Polomi uses her powers to create strong winds and Swathi tries again. Swathi lights the diya and Polomi’s powers fail. Santoshi maa says now this temple will protect everyone and there will be light everywhere. Polomi says this should not have happened, but i will do something.

Precap: Polomi challenges Santoshi maa and says she will destroy her bhakti and her disciples too. Polomi with the help of a Rishi brings back Babli alive. Babli says Indresh is only mine and this time Swathi if you come in between, i will kill you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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