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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 30

The episode starts with:
They attend more lectures and leave to home. Anika, Sejal and Riddhima pack their bags. Raisinghanias also pack their bags and leave to airport.
At 12:30 a.m. XYZ airport:
Raisinghanias reach there.
Vansh: oh god it’s already 12:40 where are these mad girls?
Ishani: haww bhai you are calling bhabhi mad(teasing)
Vansh: shut up! Are they packing their stuff or packing the world’s stuff.
They all laugh. Riddhima,anika and Sejal arrive.
Vansh: oh gosh finally! What took you so long?
Riddhima: shut up vansh! You don’t know what things girls need to pack.
Ishani: yes bhabhi he did not even let us pack everything nicely.
Sia: exactly.
Vansh(shocked): what the hell! You took 4 hours for packing and then also I brought you here early.
Riddhima: vansh the time is very less.
He was shocked. While all the girls burst out laughing.
Vansh: now let’s go!
They reach in their flight. They sit on their respective seats.
Sia (poor she not having someone 😐😂)
Riansh’s seat:
Riddhima: vansh I am sleepy.
Vansh: shut up! Don’t you dare sleep! I want to spend time with you!
Riddhima (sleepy): vansh..
They talk for a while and then both put on their eye masks and sleep. Riddhima kept her head on vansh’s shoulder.
Ishangre’s seat:
Ishani(thinking): I am super happy! Angre is sitting besides me!
Angre: do you want anything from me? Or should we sleep?
Ishani(thinking): oh god this unromantic man!
Ishani: angre I guess we should talk for a while.
Angre: oh ok.
They talk about each other and sleep. When angre slept,Ishani kept her head on his shoulder.
Shivika’s seat:
Shivaay: I am keeping this bag between us! Don’t you dare cross this!
Anika: shut up ! Why will I cross it! You mind your sleep.
She puts on her eye mask and sleep. Shivaay also sleeps.
Aryan: hey beautiful! Would you mind talking to me?
Sejal(thinking): how flirty is this man!!
Sejal: no no(fake smile)
Aryan was talking continuously to Sejal but she was least interested but was just nodding. After a while they both too slept.
Next morning:
Vansh wakes up and sees Riddhima sleeping cutely. He was not able to take his eyes off from her.
Tum hi ho bas tum hi ho.

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.

oh ho ho ho ho ho ho.

Mera chain bhi.

Mera dard bhi.

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.
Riddhima wakes up at sees him staring at her. She blushes. They both leave to wake others.
They all wake up and check out of the airport.
Aryan: finally we are in Maldives. Wohoo.
They reach hard rock hotel Maldives.(where helly stayed😂)
The rooms were like this:
They all go to their rooms and freshen up. They leave to the garden to have breakfast. The garden was beautiful.

They all had lunch. They decided to go for a walk. Riansh,ishangre,shivika ,arjal they go for a walk in different directions. Sia left to her room(bichari akeli hai😔😂).
Riansh were walking hand in hand.
Riddhima: vansh this garden and this hotel is very beautiful.
Vansh: not more than you sweetheart (wink)
Riddhima: shut up!(blushes)
There was a swing nearby. Riddhima goes and sits on it while vansh swings it for her (just imagine it).
Aryan was trying to talk to Sejal but she was not interested. Suddenly she imbalances due to a rock and aryan catches her. They share an eyelock.
Shivika were moving away from each other (enemies😂).
Anika: mr. Sadu Singh Oberoi….
Shivaay: my name is shivaay. Don’t you get it?
Anika: no.. actually your…
Shivaay: what…
Anika: actually…your shoe laces are untied.
And she bursts out laughing. He looks at her annoyingly.
Ishani was trying to get close to angre.
Ishani(shouting): cockroach!!
She hugs angre in fear.
Angre: nothing is there Ishani. Relax.
They share an eyelock. They all get a message from vansh.
Vansh: we decided go to beach. Get ready in your beach clothes. We will meet in half an hour at the reception.
Everyone: ok.
They go to their rooms and change their clothes. They all meet at reception and leave.










They all leave to beach to spend time.

Done for today hope you guys like it! Someone asked me to add photos so I added. And I will upload the police officers episode soon because I am not in mood to write that one because comments are less in that but I will try to upload soon. Ok bye! Take care guys!

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