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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 32

Hello everyone i am back quite happy with your response

Yesterday i did analysis of my own ff from 1st to latest episode and i am so happy that people are liking it

I will try to reach the taregt of 100 for my late dearest friend tanishka so updating short episodes

Do support for her..

So episode starts here

Riddhima screams nooooo!!!!!

She sees that her photo frame is hanging on wall with garlands

Imagine Garland urself guys 😅

( Bhai me to ese hi chillaungi koi meri photo ke sth esa krega to baki logo ka i don’t know😂 )

Everyone comes

Riddhima (trembling voice) – th..this pic.. Picture.garland..how..

Vansh (scream) -Yess!! Your picture with garland ( i wanna slap vanshu for this 😣 )

Because you died for us 5 years ago

Riddhima comes to angre

She holds him by shoulder

Bhai .. bhai..how. Can..you

Angre (cutting her in between) – don’t expect anything you died for us

Riddhima (shouts) – Then why were you searching for me..

I was happy in my life but you all again snatched everything

Vansh (shouts) – seriously we snatched!!

You were the one who destroyed everything back then

Riddhima (crying ) – i didn’t do anything deliberately

Angre – But you did !! You killed my child

Ishani is lying their because of you..

Riddhima goes to anupriya

( Guys mujhe aaj yaad aya mere ff me anupriya bhi h 😂😂 agar kl ishani ko coma se uthana bhul jau to plz koi yad dila dena )

Mom!! You believe your daughter na.. Please let me speak

Vansh (shouts) – Dare you to persuade her

You only know how to.. Manipulate someone and misuse their love

Riddhima (crying) – am i that bad that you all Considered me dead

Vansh (cutting her ) – No you are not that bad

You are much more than that

Riddhima – I am alive here and my photo is hanging with garlands

Bhai ..Your sona needs you.. Please listen to me..

Vansh (shouts) – enough !! You died for us just get lost from here and don’t come again in our life we were happy without you

He holds her arm and drag her to the door

But accidentally riddhima slips and fell on the floor

Vansh try to hold her

But she thought that he did this intentionally

Vansh – I didn’t do..

Riddhima – But you did !! That’s matter right😅

Vansh – But ..i

Riddhima shows him her palm
Enough !!!

Enough is enough

You did what you want

You all disrespected me insult me..
You all even killed me being me alive

Now i think i was such a fool who tried to tell you everything

How can i forget that for vansh raisinghania his ego is much more important than my love

That day you all slapped me

The dadi who loved me like her own daughter slapped me

The brother who didn’t raise his voice on me ever slapped me

The man who loved me to the core of his heart slapped me

But i was silent because you all were hurt
But what about me even i was hurt.

But now i won’t tell you anything

My self-respect is much more important for me..

You all don’t deserve me and my love..

And you Mr.raisinghania
Aaj ke baad kisi se mt kehna ki  tumhe riddhima se pyr tha logo ka pyr pr se bhrosa uth jayega

She goes to angre

This all had a short span relation with me bhai but u are my everything my father my mother..

But i can’t bear this insult

Aaj se bhul jana apki koi behen thi.
Aaj riddhima sach me mar gyi..

Siya – Riddhu di.. Please

Riddhima (stern) – Shivanya..
Its shivanya kapoor..

The only name i have..

And the day ishani will wake up i beg don’t come to i won’t answer you all

And she leaves from their crying

( Guys i tried my best to pour riddhima’s heart out hope it goes well)

Scene 2

Riddhima is walking on road without aim like lifeless body

Her POv

She says

Do tarfa se ek tarfa mohhobatt ho gyi hamari..

Ek jhatke me kahani khatam ho gyi hamari

Saza dete bhi kya tumhe … Galati thi nhi tumhari..

Kissa the hum. khud ko kahani smjh bethe … Bhul thi hmari..


Scene 3

Siya’s room

Siya gets a call

Siya – Hello

Person – can you meet me at xyz cafe

Siya – i am coming

She leaves

Scene 4

Vansh’s room

Vansh comes to his room and started throwing everything in anger

He shouts


No!! I hate you but still your presence affect me..

Why why why!!

The only thing that weakens VR is you!!!

He cries and says

Ghao purane ho gye toh kya hua

Zakham aaj bhi taza hai..

Kyu mujhe takalif dene me tumhe itNa maza ata hai..


Scene 5

Siya comes to cafe

A man is standing his back is visible

Siya – I am here..

The man turns

He – Thnk you so much for coming siya

Siya – It’s ok vyom

(Hahah he is vyom 😁

Someone told me to add love triangle between riansh and vyom

But i have other plans bt i will try to give jealously track )

They both sits

Vyom – Whatever happened today shivanya told me

Atleast you all should have listen to her once..

Siya – I too wanted that but vansh bhai and angre bhai were adamant

Vyom – She is broken now she really wanted to tell you the truth guys..

Siya – Vyom please tell me the truth.. i am your friend na

Vyom holds siya’s hand

Vyom – You are my friend siya
I can do anything for you but telling the truth is impossible

My hands are tied she gave me her swear i can’t tell you

But i can say that there is much more than you all can imagine

It can cost even her life

Siya holds vyom’s hand

Siya – promise me you will take care of her..

Vyom – i will but you also have to promise me that whatever will happen our frndship will remain same

Siya – I promise

They both hug each other and leave

( What do you think guys gulu gulu hora hai kya 😂😂)

Scene 6

After 2 days

Vyom’s room

Riddhima – You always support me vyom no one can replace you in the world..

If i will ask you something will you give me

Vyom – The love you gave to anaisha is much more high if you will ask for my life i won’t think a second before giving it

Just say what you want

Riddhima- **********

( me ni btaungu guess kro 😂😂 mehnt kro zara lockdown me sb aalsi ho gye ho.. including me😂)

Vyom – But how..i mean

Riddhima – Will you do this or not

Vyom – Think once more shivanya.. Please

Riddhima – my decision won’t change if you won’t agree i will find someone else.

Vyom – No no!! i am ready..

Riddhima – Thnk you

Done for today guys

Toh chliye ye rha pehla sawal 5 crore ke liye apki mobile screen pr

Bhai esa kya maang lia riddhu ne

Bt honestly speaking meko ye daanvir karn riddhu ni psnd thi so i made her fierce who stands for her self respect

Target is 30 do support

High voltage drama is on the way along with riansh marriage

Is br pkke me hoyegi trust me😂

Ha uske baad ki gurantee nhi hai to zada suhagrat ke spne na dekhe koi😂

Lub uh all

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