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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s cute sweetheart Episode 1

Episode – 1 Introducing two different characteristic personalities

VR is on his way to his office wearing a turquoise blue tuxedo suit suddenly he gets a call from his best friend & also his business partner angre

VR : yah angre what happened
Angre : I have a news for you
VR : what ??
Angre : not in phone but at the mansion come fast

Before vansh could say anything angre has declined the call with no option vansh drove his car to VR Mansion

Everyone are waiting for him in the hale of the house and vansh came

Vansh : Interesting , Very Interesting ! I can observe that the whole family is preparing for me something could anyone say about it

Uma (vansh’s mom) : I will say beta actually as your wish ishani and sia got married to their favourite and best partners and they have children too and even piya got married soo you are the first heir and you didn’t get married so beta I wanna get you married

Ajay (vansh’s dad) : yes vansh you have to get married and this is final and if you didn’t have any excuses we will see a girl for you who will be perfect match for you ok

Ishani (vansh ‘ s first younger sister) : but mom dad pl see a girl who can bear his arrogance and understand him , who is self-respectful and brave but sensitive and kind too

Sia(vansh’s second younger sister ) : yes ishani di is right as he will be that arrogant who anyone can’t bear and give divorce

Vansh : so all are completed then may I say something

Everyone : yes say

Vansh : so you all decided to get me married am I right? or am I not right ??

Rishi : yes bro

Vansh : and you angre you just trapped me in this trap

Angre : but what can I do everyone forced me and even I wanna see you as a groom soo I did like this

Vansh : ok do as your wish but marriage should be planned after a month

Rishi : ok so till then you could understand that girl’s character by spending time with her

Vansh : you mean dating ??

Uma : think whatever you think We don’t care
Vansh : why do you all care , so what you all decided to get me married

Uma : common vansh not or some other time you should get married right

Angre : anyhow the matter is over and now we can go to office chalo vansh

Vansh : yah but before entering your cabin enter my cabin I have something for you

Angre(thinking) : oh god ab toh meri kahaani – ” khel katam dukaan bandh ” ( oh god my story will be – play is over and life shut )

Before vansh could say something angre escapes from there with a call excuse

Everyone laugh for his scared emoticon

At a hospital :

A person comes into a doctor’s cabin and shouts at the doctor

The person (shouting ) : riddima !!
(Yes guys the doctor is riddima )

Riddima : kabir don’t shout as there are a lot of patients in the hospital

(Yes the guy is kabir)

Kabir : how I can’t shout all the time when I call you , you won’t answer and when I give any msg you won’t reply what happened to you is this the way you will behave with me

Riddima : then what you have done you have in your mind , you remember , you came to me with a proposal of love but thank God I said ” first friends next lovers ” otherwise I could done a big mistake if I accepted your proposal now see till 1week of our friendship it’s ok you spended time with me but after a week only you started to avoid me , you know what one one time parents can leave us our companion everyone can leave us but not the friend you don’t know the importance of a friend just get out from here

Kabir leaves from there

Precap : so mr so called whoesever I keep my own favourite theme , who are you to say

Hope you guys like it

Loads of love 💕💕💕💕

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