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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 15 RIKRAM OR RIANSH

Guys Guys Guys!!!! The name of new servant is Vikram! Sorry I’m mad so I used shivam and vikram two names for a same person!! Pheww.. Mad siddhi 😂and sorry for Rikram 😂😂

While “Vikram” was hugging top vansh came!
Vikram hids top
Vansh: sweethe…. Vikram! You here? What are you doing in riddhima’s room!?
Vikram: not.. Nothing sir Rajesh sir told me to do decorations that’s why I’m here!
Vansh: ok! Hey, do you know where is sweetheart? I mean riddhima!?
Vikram: no sir I don’t know
Vansh: ok! You carry on doing your work
Vansh leaves
Vikram: when ever this vansh calls riddhima sweetheart my blood boils!
[Vikram completes decoration]Riddhima enters in room
Riddhima: wow!! This room is decorated very beautifully thank you vikram
Vikram: no need mam it was my work
Riddhima: and this V! V for vansh I love it
Vikram (murmurs): baby, that V stands for Vikram!
Riddhima: huh! You said something?
Vikram: no mam I said that v stands for vansh who is your love of life
Riddhima blushes
Riddhima: now go I have to change!
Vansh enters
Vansh: yeah you go!
Vikram (to himself): what about you!?
Riddhima: what about you!? You also go!
Vansh: cmon sweetheart! You’re my fiancé and coming soon wife and I have righ.. Vikram you have work!?
Vikram: no sir
Vansh: so please leave!
Vikram leaves room with anger! And hits table
Vikram: ughhh that vansh ray singhania is taking my place how dare he onl…
Vikram sees pushing vansh out of room
Riddhima: wait for sometime and now goooo
Vikram: my darling is intelligent (smirking)
Rajesh: done!?
Vikram: what done!?
Rajesh: decoration of riddhima mam’s room!?
Vikram: oh yeah!
Vikram goes!
Rajesh: I feel that something is wrong with this vikram!
Another servant: why!?
Rakesh: I don’t know why but I feel
Hey guys sorry I didn’t add humour in between! Sorry Arushi! And yes annoying user please tell me that are you covid negative or positive!?

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