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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 14

Guys have you watched sanam teri kasam!? I watched many times and always I cry I mean that film is love dude! Uske songs aane wale hai dil ko thaam lena!


Alok: so Riddhima and Vansh! We have decided after 6 days it’s your haldi! After 7 days it’s your mehndi and sangeet and 8th day yo..

RIANSH (exited): our marriage!

Avinash: look these despite people’s! Can’t wait huh!?

Ishani: how can they wait after all they are veryyy excited for something

Dadi: look! Today’s kids are spoilt! Talking these things in front of elders!

Siya: dadi! We’re all here because of that “something”

Dadi: uff these kids!

Everyone laughs!

Voice: Avinash sir!

Avinash: who!?

Voice: it’s shivam! Your new servant you hired me for wedding preparations!

Avinash: oh yeah! I remember! You go Rajesh (servant) will tell you your work!

Shivam: ok sir!

When shivam goes he sees vansh playing with riddhima’s hair

Shivam (to himself): Riddhima you’re just mine! I’ll handle this vansh! You’ll get married after 8 days but with me! Vansh’s name will be written on your hand but you’ll marry me! Only me! Riddhima is made for Shivam!

Rajesh: are where are you lost!?

Vikram: no where

After 5 days :

Rajesh: vikram come here we have lots of work tomorrow is riddhima mam’s haldi so just do fast

Vikram: I’m not dancing or doing something else I’m working only

Rajesh: ok ok!

Another servant: Rajesh go to riddhima mam’s room for decoration she’s out now if she’ll come she might be disturbed!

Rajesh: aey, vikram! Can you do riddhima mam’s room decorations I’m busy doing this

Vikram: ok! (smirking)

At riddhima’s room:

Vikram sees riddhima’s top which is on bed and hugs that top

Vikram: if now I’m hugging this top so what!? I’ll hug the owner of the top soon

While vikram was hugging top someone opens the door


Ok guys end of the episode guess who came! Aaj no bak bak kyuki mood off hai 😂 bye bye, yours SIDDHI

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