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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 25!!


First congratulations to me…SILVER JUBILEE🎉🎉🎊🎊

and credits go to you all..I have not thought that I will be writing the 25th episode of my FF.

I know I have many times say that I am going to end this FF but I can’t..Should I??

just kidding…😂😂😅😅


and again a big Thank you to all of you who take out time to read my stupid imagination…☺


Let’s start..


Episodes start..


In Vansh’s study..


Vansh:-Angre we should go and check for him..


Angre:-But we can’t leave family members here alone..

one attack has already happened here..we can’t take risks..


then Aryan enters…he has gone to make a call..


Aryan:-I have called everyone in Delhi but no one knows about Kabir..

and one said that he has left Delhi yesterday only..


Angre:-Now what we will do??

we also didn’t receive any call for ransom..or any unknown call..


Vansh:-Wait!! Angre now a few minutes ago I have received a call from an unknown number..he just irritated me..he was saying that your bad time is going to start..Angre I think you should track the location of that call..we can get a clue from that..


Angre:-yes bhai..but Aryan don’t tell anyone else..specially Riddhima..


Aryan:-okay !!

but I don’t think so that we should hide this big thing from everyone..

and specially sejal..


Angre:-No we can’t..


just then Vansh receives a call..


on-call…the call was on speaker..


M:-So bro in law you are also here with your sister’s stupid friends..


Angre:-so you are the one..who has kidnapped Kabir..I knew it..


m:-I have not called to talk with you I called vansh..that’s means I want to talk to him..

okay, so you are so eager to listen so listen..

Vansh IF you all want Kabir back..you have to come all alone..I mean only Vansh..with some virtual rupees actually I don’t have that I want to know what is that..actually I have read somewhere about virtual money so you have to bring that as you are Great Vansh Rai Singhania..(those who have read Aisha’s di FF and attractive users’ FF comment section will know what is virtual money)…


Saying so he cuts the call..


Vansh:- Angre I will go…


Angre:- No you will not go alone but..


Vansh:- I have to ..he is alredy keeping eye on us..and you and Aryan have to be here with family..Trust me nothing will happen to me..


Aryan:-What about virtual money 💸💸?? He asked for!!


Vansh:- I will transfer some money if he asked me..but we have to rescue Kabir anyhow..and be normal..no one should know about this..


Aryan:- okay!!


Saying so Vansh leaves..


At night….


Vansh enters VR Mansion with Kabir with some injures(don’t worry Vansh is not injured)


Everyone was present in the hall…


Dadi signal Chanchal to ask Vansh as she was not talking with Vansh..


Chanchal:- Vansh where were you..mami ji was worried.


Dadi:- (thinking)is it necessary to take my name??

Kabir beta what happened to you..



Kabir lost his conscious..


Sejal:- Kabir!!!



Everyone rushed towards him..


Vansh news holding him..with support of Angre they took Kabir to room..


Angre:- Aryan have you called doctor..??


Aryan:- yes he is on the way..


Sejal:- how happened this?? Was he not in Surat..


Vansh:- relax Sejal I will tell you everything…


Riddhima:- let me check him..u all forgot I am also a doctor..(no actually I forgot that Riddhima has also been included 😅😅)


She checks Kabir..


This is just due to weakness.. don’t worry Sejal he will be alright trust me and doctor is also coming he will check with his equipment once then it will be more clear..


Riddhima signalled Vansh and Angre….


They came out and they were followed by Aryan..


Riddhima tell me where was Kabir this is due to drugs..damn it tell me his life can be in danger also..I didn’t tell there or else Sejal and all will be tensed…

Bhai tell me he will not tell me..


Angre:- Relaxed Riddhu…He was kidnapped by one of his rivals.. don’t worry now they are arrested..you trust me na.??


Riddhima:- yes..

But how you know about him.??


Angre:- I will tell you everything..(after plotting the story..)


Riddhima:- Okay but we have to tell doctor not to tell anything to family members or else they will be tensed…


Aryan:- I will talk to him..


Doctor came and Give some injection to him..and told everyone that he is alright and this is due to weakness only..


After dinner evey one was in their own room..


Kabir was also stabled…


Vansh can’t sleep something was distrubing him surely..he was sitting in the garden..lost in his own thoughts..


When Riddhima was also not able to sleep so she thought to take some fresh air..


She went towards garden and saw that someone was already there…


She went more close ..and find that it was none other than Vansh..


She keep her hand on his shoulder and he jerked due to sudden moment..


Riddhima:- Relax Vansh it’s me..

So mr.vansh Rai Singhania is afraid..


Vansh:-…(ignores her)


Riddhima:- I know you are angry from me..but I want to tell you something..




Riddhima:- I am sorry …pls forgive me…




Riddhima:- Vansh pls na…now it’s enough..


Vansh:- What enough ha?? When I asked you something you simply divert the topic..and now when I am doing the same..u are feeling bad.. Intresting Very Intresting..


Riddhima:- I am saying sorry na..and I was not ignoring you..I was diverting the topic and its different..acha leave that forgive me na..


She kneeled down took a ring that was attached to her locket..


Vansh was surprised due to her sudden change..



Bulawe tujhe yaar aaj meri galiya

(The streets to my house are missing your visits.)

Basau tere sang main alag duniya

(I want to build a new world of our own.)


Na aaye kabhi dono mein jara bhi faasle

(I wish there be no distances between us.)

Bas ek tu ho, ek main hu aur koi na

(I wish there be just you and me.)


Hai mera sab kuch tera tu samajh le

(Everything which is mine, is equally yours, believe me.)

Tu chahe mere hak ki zamin rakh le

(You could take the my property if you wish.)

Tu saanso pe bhi naam tera likh de

(Inscribe your name on my breathings)

Main jiyun jab jab tera dil dhadke

(It makes me feel more alive every time your heart beats.)


Tujhse mera ye jee nahi bharta

(I never get enough of you.)

Kuch bhi nahi asar ab karta

(Nothing affects me now!)

Meri raah tujhi se meri chah tujhi se

(My destiny and my desires are all focuses on you,)

Mujhe bas yahi reh jana

(I just have to stay here forever in your love.)


Lagi hai teri aadate mujhe jab se

(Since, I got addicted to you!)

Hai teri bin palke baras lagte

(Without you even a moment seems like forever!)


Bulawe tujhe yaar aaj meri galiyan

(My streets are missing your visits, today.)

Basaun tere sang main alag duniya

(Let’s build our own little world.)


Jo howein tu udas mujhe dekh hasde

(If you’re ever sad, just laugh at me.)

Tu chahe mere hak ki zamin rakh le

(If you wish you could take the properties I own.)

Tu sanso pe bhi nam tera likh de

(You could own my breathings as well.)

Main jiyu jab jab tera dil dhadke

(It gives me life when your heart beats.)


Tujh se mili to seekha maine hasna

(After I met you, I learned to smile.)

Aaya mujhe safar mein thaharna

(I learnt to halt & enjoy the journey.)

Main to bhool gayi duniya ko bataya

(I have forgotten the whole world.)

Jab se tujhe hai jaana

(Since I met you.)


Hai tu hi dil jaan hai meri ab se

(You’re my heart and my life from now on.)

Ve zikar tera na jaye mere lab se

(I can’t stop talking about you.)


Bulawe tujhe yaar aaj meri galiya

(My streets are calling you, today.)

Basaun tere sang main alag duniya

(I’d have a world of our own.)


Jo howein tu udas mujhe dekh hasde

(If you feel sad, you can smile at me.)

Tu chahe mere haq ki zameen rakh le

(You could take the properties I own.)

Tu sanso pe bhi nam tera likh de

(You could also own my breathings.)

Main jiyu jab jab tera dil dhadke

(It gives me life when your heart beats.)


Pyaar di raawan utte yaar tu le aya

(The path of love brought me this far.)

Mainu jeene da matlab aaj samajh aaya

(Finally I understood the meaning of love.)

Paraya mainu kar naa na tu sohneya

(Never separate me from you, dear.)

Channa main to rul jana

(It will devastate me.)


Riddhima:- will you be mine..I know I ignored you when you asked me same but trust me I was a fool not to realise it at that time..pls forgive me…you and bhai are right I am really Ziddhima..




Riddhima:- Now pls don’t ignore me..


Vansh:- I can’t.. sorry..


Precap:- I hate you…


That’s it I know it’s small but today I was busy in commenting 😂


Bye take care..


Wait..this poem for all those who are in difficult times


Please don’t worry

I am sorry

I couldn’t mend things,

But can bring courage for you,

Be strong,

Don’t get me wrong,

I will not say everything will be fine,

Coz,if you will not experience darkness

Then how will you shine,

You have to fine,coz

You have to shine

Every thing will be in line again

And you will gain your smile again

Days may be tough

Days may be rough,

But everything will be smooth again..

Don’t worry..

There’s no hurry..

Life will be smooth again..


I know I am late today..sorry for that..

One last thing..

What should I post next..next episode or an OS??

Do tell me..




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