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Realising my Love Episode 1

Hey Foodies , Welcome to IMMJ 2 FF . There will be no images for this episode.

Without waiting 😅 Here is the Character sketch. The both family are rich.

Riddhima Sharma : Best Friend of  Vansh , Loves her and Raisinghania  Family .

Rajshri Sharma : (Lata Sabharwal ) Mother of Riddhima ,Has a secret with Raisinghania Family .

Sanjeev Sharma : (Sanjeev Seth ) Father of Riddhima , Doesn’t know about Rajshri secret . 

Angre Sharma : Brother of Riddhima , Married to Siya .

Vansh Raisinghania : Best friend of Riddhima , (called) brother of Siya .

Siya :  Orphan , shares brother-sister bond with vansh , Married to Angre .

Anupriya Raisinghania :  Mother of Vansh , wife of Ajay.(Real wife )

Ajay Raisinghania : Father of Vansh , Husband of Anupriya.

­Rudra Raisinghania : Died while fighting in terrorist attack , dark secret , brother of Ajay .

Chanchal Raisinghania : Hates , Sharma Family and Vansh .

Note * Vansh – College Last Year

Riddhima – Last year*

Should I add Kabir too ? And should I add some more twists ?

Nikita Singh  (you will know soon ,who is she ?)

First Episode will be uploaded soon.

Hope you like this . And don’t forget to comment your views.

Take care , Stay safe


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