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RadhaKrishn 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Hypnotizes Dantavakra

RadhaKrishn 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna turns into Narayan after Tulsi relieves him from her curse and turns Tulsi into a plant. He says his and Tulsi’s wedding will be remembered forever and Tulsi will bless humans and treat them medicinally, she will reside in every home and be a symbol of purity. Banke Bihari eats Tulsi leaves and says he accepted devi Tulsi and she will be with him forever.

Radha gets disturbed by Dantavakra’s evil noise. Dantavakra overpowers Balram and says he cannot win over him; after sunset, Radha will lose Krishna’s memories from her heart and Krishna will never return. Balram asks Radha to call Krishna. Radha says she will not call him as they are 2 bodies and 1 soul and he himself has to come here. Dantavakra taunts again. Balram angrily fights with Dantavakra again. Radha thinks Dau is fight with Dantavakra even after knowing that he cannot defeat Dantavakra, Banke on the other side didn’t come her on her request and broke his promise. Devi Gauri watching that asks Mahadev what is Krishna waiting for. Mahadev says devi Tulsi freed Krishna from Tulsi’s curse, but Krishna is not yet free from curse’s shadow and will wait for the right time. She asks who will fight with Dantavakra then. He says Krishna himself in Banke Bihari’s avatar. She says Banke is Krishna’s element and not himself. He says Banke will defeat Dantavakra in his unique style.

Dantavakra tells Balram that he will attack him finally and will defeat him. He prepares for attack when Banke enters and stops him. Balram gets happy. Dantavakra attacks Banke. Banke escapes and asks if this is asur raj’s way to welcome his guest. Dantavakra says its patal lok and this is how they welcome their guest. Banke asks if he will attack his friend. Balram asks what is he saying here instead of protecting Radha. Dantavakra asks if he is Balram’s friend. Banke says he doesn’t know Balram and says he is Krishna’s ardent enemy and Dantavakra’s friend as he married devi Tulsi and proved his intelligence by tricking Radha. Balram asks if he is Dantavakra’s friend now. Krishna says he doesn’t know who he is and asks to submit himself to Dantavakra. Balram asks what is he saying. Dantavakra asks why will Balram do that. Banke says Balram is dumb and powerless to fight with Dantavakra, so he will defeat Balram and make him submit himself to Dantavakra. Balram fumes and agrees to fight with him. Dantavakra says Balram is powerful as he is fighting since long. Banke signals him to move aside and walks with him. Balram asks if he has lost his mind, he should protect Radha instead of asking him for submission. Krishna says still there is time for him to become Krishna again, till then they should keep Dantavakra busy and submission is part of it. Balram doesn’t agree. Krishna hypnotizes him. He walks to Dantavakra and praises him. Dantavakra impressed with Banke asks how did he convince Balram for submission. Banke says he made him realize how powerful Dantavakra is. Dantavakra accepts Krishna’s friendship and orders guards to put Balram with Radha in his magical jail and invites Krishna to have food with him.

Balram walks to magical jail. Radha asks what is he doing here. Balram gets back into his senses and says Banke tricked and sent him here. Radha asks if he came here. Balram says Banke has come to help her and has made some plan. Banke enjoys food with Dantavakra praising him and suggests to convince Radha for self-submission. Dantavakra denies. Banke hypnotizes him and takes him along. Shukracharya waits for Dantavakra and thinks of calling him to find out if Radha gave up. Banke with Dantavakra walks to Radha and requests to accept defeat. He asks Dantavakra to stop his evil sound. Dantavakra stops it, and Krishna asks him to go now. Dantavakra leaves. Radha tells Banke that she will not give up at any cost.

Precap: Dantavakra tells Banke, Balram, and Radha that nobody can stop him from completing his task and they all will die. Radha calls Krishna.
Krishna walks in and takes out his sudarshan chakra.

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