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Qurbaan Hua 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat is able to save Neel

Qurbaan Hua 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Naveli is ordered to remove the ring as well as the Mangal Sutur, she is taking it off explains that the Mangal Sutur is just like a restriction on her which she has to bear, the girl sits down apologizing to Naveli saying that they are forced to take these jewellery from her because they have to run from the city, Naveli advises them to always love and support each other because there is no one else for them.

Sagar and Anna rush outside when she gets tensed saying that her brother is coming with a girl, they both plan to hide for some time and rush back inside, Naveli asks what the matter is and asks them both to hide as she would handle everything and would let nothing happen to them.

Chahat is with the boy pointing towards the door saying that this is the house where they are hiding, the boy says that he only wants to take revenge from the boy for instigating his sister and only cares of catching them which is why he even blamed her husband to only catch them Chahat stops him saying she only cares to save her husband which is why she has brought him here, he calls to Anna when Naveli opens the door saying there is no Anna living in the house, she is shocked to see Chahat alive and immediately hugs her explaining that everything got ruined when she left the house, which is why she prayed that Chahat somehow magically return, Naveli exclaims she is really happy to see her alive, Chahat asks why does she act like this knowing how much Godamabri worries for her, Naveli questions how does she know Godambari is worried, Chahat reveals she is the worker Toup Singh.
Anna and Sagar run away and her brother rushes to stop them pointing a gun at them, Naveli and Chahat are able to stop him, Chahat asks Naveli to call the police while she would handle the situation, Naveli rushes back inside. The police are coming with Neel who asks where are they going the police inspector says that they got a call that Sagar and Anna are here so it would confirm if he is actually involved in supplying drugs, Chahat says that she only cares for love and would not let him end the love between them so he would have to first kill her, the boy places a gin on her head threatening to kill her, the police come from behind with Neel, who is not able to bear the sight so starts beating the boy, he asks Anna to reveal if he actually supplies the drugs, Anna says that he is not involved in anything and the blame was only placed by her brother to stop them from leaving the city.

Sagar and Anna say that they are glad Neel and his wife saved them from her brother, Neel is perplexed on hearing the name of Chahat, he questions where did she go to, they both say she just went to the other side, Neel rushes after her and Chahat hides behind a stand, Neel thinks if Chahat is present then would have to answer for his questions, Chahat tries to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in the bracelet of Neel, he removes it but is shocked to see Naveli standing there, he questions her how did she reach Goa, Naveli explains Toup Singh called her explaining how they all came to find Vyas je so she also came and he informed her about the couple so she came to help them, Neel however says the couple said his wife helped them, Naveli explains they might be mistaken because she along with Toup Singh helped them, Neel asks about the whereabouts of Toup Singh, he comes running from behind saying he was also present here, Neel scolds him asking why did he leave his sister alone with such dangerous men, Naveli protects him explaining that he was the one to call the police, Neel apologizes to him, Toup Singh asks him to say it louder because he did not understand him.

The brother of Vyas jee is drinking, Ghazala comes to the room, she gets irritated with the smell of alcohol and wonders what else she would have to do for the sake of her revenge, Aalekh comes punching the wall, Ghazala asks what has happened, he reveals that Neel has gotten hold of Naveli and she is the only one he told about being behind the kidnapping of Vyas je and Neel, the brother exclaims there is nothing to worry about because they are enjoying, Aalekh getting angry hits his head explaining that he is the opposite of Mant Vyas who was really clever while he is just dumb, he acts as if he is going to throw the alcohol on him, Ghazala reveals she has a plan but he would have to bear some beating, Sahil comes and starts punching Aalekh, he even hits him on the face.
Alka performs the pooja, exclaiming she is really glad that Neel came back safely, Shlok also hugs him mentioning how he got really scared, he asks if the police beat him in the jail, Dua exclaims that they would not have beaten him even thought he is a burglar she still prayed for him, Neel exclaims she has started stinging then he calls them both and hugs them.

Naveli calls Chahat to come aside asking what is she doing disguised as Toup Singh, Chahat explains she will tell everything but what is she doing in Goa, Naveli reveals that she came running from Aalekh after saving her life, she reveals Aalekh was behind the kidnapping of Neel and Vyas je, Chahat questions why is she living with such a person as she is young and can find someone better, she convinces Naveli to reveal the entire truth, Naveli exclaims to the entire family of revealing something, Aalekh rushes from behind saying that before she says anything, he wants to say
that he has saved Vyas je after risking his own life, Vyas je coming from behind exclaims that it is the truth, the entire family is shocked to see him, including Chahat.

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