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Pratigya 2 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera envious of Pratigya

Pratigya 2 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Krishna sings for Pratigya in the game. Meera is envious of seeing them with each other. Adarsh and Komal smile at each other. Komal gets up and starts singing in front of Adarsh. Shakti grabs Komal and shouts at her to not cross her boundaries. Have you forgotten that you are a widow? Do you have no shame? Komal says what you were doing was good? You were singing chumma chumma. You are trash. Shakti says you are running behind a trash too, you are a widow. Krishna says why do you keep calling her that? Adarsh says what’s her fault if she is a widow? Shakti asks him to stay out of their family matter. Adarsh says I know but how can you talk to her like this? She is your sister, it’s not her fault if she is a widow, her life didn’t end. Krishna says he is right, he asks Komal to do what she wants to. Sumitra tells Shakti that everyone was enjoying, stop fighting. They all sit down to play again. Meera asks Shakti to sing, he can’t remember the song and they lose. Garv sings hanste hanste. All family members start dancing. Krishna says we won, Pratigya’s team lost. Pratigya smiles seeing her family dancing and thinks will Krishna be happy after my death? She leaves from there. Sumitra smirks.

Pratigya comes to the porch and recalls Krishna telling her that he will kill himself if something happens to her.

Krishna asks the family where is Pratigya? I will go and check on her. Sumitra thinks Pratigya can win cases but her life in my hands and she won’t win this time.

Krishna comes to Pratigya and says you lost so you are sad? You lost badly but don’t be sad. Pratigya says I just wanted to get some air. Krishna hugs her and says why are you lying? Pratigya says I have to go, she leaves.

Meera asks Samar and Garv to go and sleep. She leaves with them. Sumitra smiles looking at them. Komal asks why she is smiling? Sumitra says Meera is such a nice girl, she knows everything, takes care of everyone. Komal says what are you thinking? Pratigya comes there and asks where are kids? Meera comes there and says I have sent them to sleep. Pratigya says but they didn’t eat. Meera says don’t worry, I had given them food, I will take care of everyone.

Scene 2
All family members sit down for dinner. Meera says I have made Krishna’s favorite food, I know his favorites. Pratigya looks on. Meera says I will know him more here. Sumitra says a mother or wife can know this much about a guy. Pratigya looks on. Krishna asks Pratigya to eat more. Sumitra asks Meera who is in her family? Meera says I am an orphan. Sumitra says how did you know family values? Meera says I have an uncle who took care of me. Sumitra says why didn’t you get married? Meera says who will marry me? Sumitra says you are a nice girl. Meera says I want a family and husband like Krishna. Krishna asks Sumitra to stop interrogating her. He takes Pratigya from there and leaves. Meera tries to stop him but he leaves. Shakti asks Meera to call him Krishna bhai. Meera says you are like my grandpa. Shakti says you will never get Krishna but I am always there with you. Adarsh looks on. Meera leaves from there. Komal asks Sumitra why she was questioning Meera so much? Sumitra says Meera is the best girl for Krishna. Komal says she is an orphan and you want her to become our daughter-in-law? Sumitra says she will be like our servant, I want a daughter-in-law who will always be under my thumb. Komal says Krishna will never agree, Sumitra says he will.

Krishna talks to Adarsh and asks if he has thought about marrying? Adarsh says I never got the time. Krishna thanks him for saving Komal, he says Komal has become lonely in life, it’s difficult to live as a widow. Adarsh says you should support her if she wants to move ahead in life, marry again, she is a nice girl. Meera comes there. Adarsh doesn’t see her and tells Krishna that don’t you think Meera is getting too involved in your family? She knows too much. Krishna says what does he mean? Meera recalls how Adarsh had seen Krishna’s tattoo on her chest. She stops Adarsh and tells Krishna that Pratigya is looking for you, he leaves from there. Meera tells Adarsh that I have Krishna God’s tattoo and not this Krishna so don’t think anything wrong. Adarsh says really? I accept that, he leaves from there. Meera looks on and thinks what if they find out the truth.

PRECAP – Sumitra comes to crying Pratigya and says you should get Krishna married to Meera. Pratigya is shocked and asks what does she want from her? Sumitra says I don’t want Krishna and the kids to be alone after you are gone, you have to make Krishna agree to marry again. Pratigya falls down and cries. Sumitra smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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