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Mr.and Mrs. Vansh #RIANSH #OS

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I’d like to Thank each one of you who commented over the previous OS (Lovingly Misunderstood), just thought of posting it. Please do comment and put down your views as well.

The hall of VR mansion was very much decorated. There were two huge sofa chairs arranged in the hall and many simple chairs arranged in front of them. The walls of the mansion screamed happiness in them. The gates of the mansion were opened and many reporters marched inside with their journals, microphones and cameras. They adjusted themselves on the chair and were waiting for the most important couple to walk down to them. The Raisinghania family was sitting down on the couches that were arranged at the side. Everyone’s eyes were rooted on the stairs and they twinkled when they saw the most beautiful walking down, holding hands. Mr.&Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania. The reporters were surprised. Today, they were invited here to interview them as everyone wanted to see Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania. Vansh had never let a glimpse of her, being shown to the outside world. Vansh made Riddhima sit on one of the chairs and he stood besides her facing the reporters. 

Vansh: Today, I’d like to introduce my better half, (he chuckled) actually my best half to the world. 

He looked at Riddhima and continued: Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania! 

Riddhima looked towards Vansh and she could sense the pride in him. As pleased as Riddhima was with the title of Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania, so was Vansh to introduce her as his wife. He sat down besides her on the chair and they faced the reporters. Their pictures were being clicked while they just smiled. 

Reporter: Mr. Vansh, why hadn’t you introduced your wife before? 

Vansh first looked at Riddhima, and then faced the reporters. 

Vansh: I don’t like others to see my things. If it’s mine, it’s mine! There’s no one in the middle. 

His voice held possession, Riddhima smacked his arm while the Raisinghania’s chuckled.

Reporter: How did y’all meet? 

Vansh: She wanted to learn to cross the road, so she walked in front of my car to try to get into a small accident. 

Vansh giggled looking at Riddhima to which she made a pout and turned her face. Vansh side-hugged her while the reporters adored their bond and were clicking pictures. 

Reporter: How did you know that you Mrs. Riddhima, is the right one? 

Vansh recalled their actual first meeting and answered. 

Vansh: The day our eyes met. 

  • I was fire, she was water. 
  • I was darkness, she was the light. 
  • I was the devil, she was an angel. 
  • I was the storm, she was the calmness. 
  • I was the destruction, she was the peace-maker. 

And you know, opposites attract! 

He winked looking at Riddhima, making her blush. 

Reporter: Mrs. Riddhima, how did you know that Mr. Vansh is the right one for you? 

Riddhima: He was the bad guy for the world but for me, he used to always show his good side. Cruel for the world but sweet for me. Cold hearted for the world, but loving for me. He changed himself for me. 

Vansh interrupted. 

Vansh: Correction! (He looked at Riddhima) You had the power to change me. 

Riddhima smiled looking at Vansh. 

Reporter: Have y’all ever been into a fight? 

Riddhima: Every relationship has fights in it and so did we. But they didn’t carry the power to tear us apart! Moreover, Vansh always was there to apologise! 

She giggled while Vansh rubbed the back of his neck. The reporters were surprised, Vansh Raisinghania and apologies were opposites, but as they said, ‘Opposites Attract’. 

Reporter: Mr. Vansh, how was life before the entry of Mrs. Riddhima. 

Vansh: Boring! All I had to do was work, work and work. And now, being with Riddhima, all I do is smile, smile and smile. She’s so special to me. I had forgotten to live or maybe, I hadn’t learnt to live but Riddhima, taught me! 

Reporter: Mrs. Riddhima, how was life before the entry of Mr. Vansh? 

Riddhima: Vansh fulfilled all my wishes. To which the first one was of having a family. Being an orphan, all I craved was having a family, which I got. Before, I used to hope that my dreams get fulfilled but now, being with Vansh, I’m supposed to command. (She chuckled) I wanted a simple life but being with Vansh, I got the life which I hadn’t thought of. 

Reporter: Anything you regret in life after meeting Mr. Vansh? 

Riddhima nodded and Vansh looked at her, curiously. 

Riddhima: Not meeting him earlier. It was love at first sight for us, maybe we failed you realise it. 

Riddhima and Vansh looked at each other and smiled recalling their initial ‘full of doubtful’ days. 

Reporter: So, who was the one who had initiated the proposal? 

Now this question, it reminded them of how Vansh had thought of Riddhima to be an undercover agent which she wasn’t for which he had decided to forcefully marry, which ended up being the best decision of his life.

Vansh: We’d like to skip it since it’s personal. 

Riddhima gave him an assuring smile. 

Reporter: What are your plans for the future? 

Vansh: The moment y’all leave from here, I’d go to Maldives for a vacation with my beloved. 

Vansh winked at Riddhima, shamelessly while the reporters wondered about the sudden change. Being a reputed businessman, they had always interviewed him but today, he was just a Romeo. 

Riddhima: Any more questions? 

Vansh whispered: Bored? 

Riddhima whispered: No! 

And within minutes, the reporters excused themselves and everyone departed to their rooms. 

Vansh was following Riddhima and she stood near the bed. She turned back to look at him and saw him on knees. 

Vansh: I love you! 

He said as he forwarded the ring from his pocket to which Riddhima gladly put her hand forth. 

Riddhima: I love you too! 

Vansh stood up and answered: Now you can answer the question! 

And within days, they departed to Maldives. 


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