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Mere Sai 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandra meets her brother

Mere Sai 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shansidhar says this is the same amount of money and jewellery that got stolen. It feels as if no theft happened at my shop. Forgive me for not believing you earlier. You have solved my problems. I promise to return every bit of money to the lenders. Sai says I did not do anything. I did not have anything to give it you. It is Ram ji’s blessing as your intentions are pure. You realised your mistake and agreed to bear the punishment as well. Your family would have gone through the pain otherwise. Ram ji helped you because of that. Shashidhar says you are Ram ji for me. Can I do something for you in return? Sai suggests him to help the needy and donate money when he can. Serving people is equal to serving God. Shashidhar promises Sai. Sai says your family is your responsibility. Don’t leave them alone. It is not rational to run away from your problems. Shashidhar agrees not to run away ever again. Sai blesses him. If everyone can understand this then the world will because a beautiful place. Allah Maalik!

Chandra tells her husband to take care and. He completes her sentence. I will keep a tab on my anger. Don’t worry about me. You should go. Chandra and Savitri get on the cart and leave for Shirdi. Savitri asks Chandra if she is still worried about her dream. Stop thinking. I see thousand such dreams. It isn’t important that every dream will have a meaning. Chandra agrees. Why does this happen to me though? I had so much questions regarding Sai earlier but now these questions have surfaced. Savitri advises her to ask Sai directly. Das Ganu said that people find solace and solutions when they come to Sai. Chandra agrees. She tells the driver to hurry up. We might miss our train otherwise.

Ram ji receives an approved map with the pinned location where Bade Babu wants the damn to be built. His colleague asks him if everything is fine. Ram ji says he has changed the plan. It is clear that he took bribe. How dare he pick this risky plan instead of mine? I don’t think he will understand easily. His colleague tells him to calm down. We got green signal for it. He wont budge now. What can you do as he is the decision maker? Ram ji says it is risky for people. His colleague nods. You raised your voice against him earlier too but it dint help. Ram ji says I will do things correctly. I don’t care who says what!

Chandra and Savitri reach Shirdi. Chandra rubs the soil on her forehead. Savitri asks her why she did that. Chandra replies that she is feeling the same peace here that one feels at a pilgrimage. I feel as if everything is going to fall in place. Savitri says you have started believing in Sai so all your prayers will come true. Let’s go meet Sai now. They resume walking. Savitri says we never thought we will be here but that has happened already after meeting Das Ganu once. Why has Sai called her here? You don’t pray to Him or know Him in any way. What is the relation because of which He made you come here? Chandra thinks she is right. Why dint I think of it earlier? There are a lot many people who are going through worst. Why did Sai call me though? What relation do we share?

Sai says it is the relation which is your everything if you only believe in it. If you don’t then it is nothing. He looks at the rakhi.

Chandra stops to look at a mirror. She notices herself and Sai in the mirror. She is offering fruits to Sai while He is meditating. She notices another instance where she is running from the goons and Sai comes to her rescue. Savitri asks her what happened. Chandra wonders what she should tell her when she is not able to understand anything. She suggests going to Dwarkamai. Savitri says I have found the way to Dwarkamai. Let’s go.

Sai smiles broadly. She is here! Everyone looks outside immediately. Chandra and Savitri reach Dwarkamai. Chandra looks at the rangoli. Sai experiences her presence and smiles. Everyone looks at Chandra curiously. She looks at the decorations and at all the people in Dwarkamai. Sai is facing towards the wall. She looks at Him emotionally. Sai turns around. She takes His name and notices the thaal in His hand. Devotees do aarti of their Aaradhya. Why are you holding a puja thaal? Sai says have to fulfil a ritual which we have missed since years. We don’t just share a relation of Guru-Shishya, Tai. She asks Him if He called her Tai (sister). Sai nods. This is the relation that we share. We share it since many births. You saw the truth sometime ago in the mirror. Her eyes widen in shock. Sai calls her Tai again. Please come. Chandra comes inside. Sai says I was doing meditation in jungle once. I had no idea of thirst or hunger. You used to live in a hut nearby. You were a wife of a Sadhu. You used to bring fruits for me daily without asking. Our bond formed just then.

Flashback shows were Chandra brings fruits for Sai when He was meditating. Flashback ends. Sai says in next birth, you left for a pilgrimage and were attacked by goons. You were really scared. Flashback of that instance is shown as well. Chandra hides behind Sai. Goons look at Sai pointedly. Sai nods at Chandra reassuringly. He looks at the goons pointedly. Bright light emanates from Him. The goons run away. Chandra is surprised and thanks Sai for helping her. Flashback ends. Chandra says I hid behind you to save myself. You saved me from the goons just like a brother saves His sister. That’s when we became brother and sister. Everyone else is surprised. Sai says our relation is there since births. You have visited all the places where I have lived. Chandra says maybe that’s why I came to Shirdi. She smiles. The ritual continued in this birth too!

Precap: Chandra says I have prayed for a brother on every Bhaidooj and Rakhi till date. I dint know I will get a brother like you. You fulfilled my wish. Sai says it is time to give you a gift. She denies. You gave me this relation without asking for me. What else can I ask for now? He says the gift is not expensive but it is priceless for me.

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