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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi threatens Raghav of suicide

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pallavi says you think you bought me with your cheque…

Jaya says to Kirti that Pallavi will only bring the human back in Raghav, Kirti says for first time you have taken selfish decision…

Raghav says I wont leave you until you marry me, Pallavi says I will kill myself and you will be responsible for it…

Sometime back …

Raghav says you manipulated my mother to marry me, Pallavi says shut up, I know its all for that money you gave me and I will return your money, but dont talk such nonsense things and gets out of car, Pallavi calls Krishna for help.

Jaya tells Kirti above Raghav and Pallavi, Kirti says he will torture poor girl, Jaya says she isn’t poor girl but Pallavi knows to fight, she is different, she looks simple but has strong will power, she is only one who can answer Raghav and make him surrender, she didnt listen to Raghav and she can control him and bring him on right track, Kirti says but Pallavi, what about her wishes, she never had happiness, what will she earn from this, Jaya says a home, a family, a life partner and the society will stop judging her, her family you see, Vijay threw her out, Sulochana keeps insulting her, Sharda is only one who fights for her and she wants Pallavi to settle and then Pallavi can live her life, once Pallavi becomes equal to Raghav, and Raghav is not that bad, he has love in him, he runs a old age too, I know all these thinks, Kirti smiles and says your favourite son always was Raghav and will be, Jaya says he is my elder son, how will I hate him.

Pallavi asks Krishna to get 5 lakh, Raghav calls Farhad and walks behind Pallavi and says Farhad inform all the money lenders not to give Pallavi any money, and says Pallavi I hate you a lot but for personal reasons I am marrying you.
Kirti says Amma you are thinking about you and Raghav, what about Pallavi, Jaya says I am thinking as their mother.
Raghav says Pallavi hear me out you want money, I have lot of it, and you have no home and respect and with me you will get that and also you will get shop in every mall and I won’t bother you too, and also will not ask you to leave this town. Raghav makes a ring of money and says Pallavi its win win situation so marry me, Pallavi says shut up, I am not an item to be bought, stop pricing me, I will kill you, Raghav says I don’t like hearing no and I won’t leave you alone, understand its a good decision, Pallavi says I will kill myself but wont marry you, Raghav says I wont leave until you say yes, Pallavi says marriage is not a deal for me, so leave me alone, and if you come back again, I will kill myself and you will be responsible for it.

Raghav reaches his home and ge sees Nikhil talking to Harish, Nikhil leaves taking money. Pallavi tells Krishna about Raghav’s deal.
Raghav asks Harish about Nikhil, Harish says he is the one who is working for us.
Pallavi in hospital lost, Nikhil asks all good, and says look I got you Puran Poli and come eat with me, Nikhil makes Pallavi eat it, Pallavi says wow very tasty, Nikhil eats it and says its so sweet, Pallavi laughs, Nikhil says are you fine, is Raghav troubling you again, Pallavi thinks about Raghav’s deal, Pallavi thinks I wish I would take Nikhils help and support, Pallavi says Nikhil I am fine and thanks for support, Nikhil says I am alway with you.

Pallavi sees Kirti and thinks of asking Kirti about it, Kirti asks Pallavi all good, Pallavi says yes, Kirti thinks I guess Raghav asked her about marriage, or may be not, Pallavi decides not to worry Kirti and Jaya and says I will freshen up.
Jaya says Pallavi must be angry but I will ask her, Kirti says Amma, Raghav will never ask her for marriage, they have to live whole life, Jaya says believe me Kirti, our love will win over their hatred and they both are meant for each other.

Raghav tells Farhad and Harish his plan, Harish leaves, Farhad says why dont you think about the consequences, think twice or else it will be too late and leaves. Raghav says be careful Pallavi, tomorrow will be my day.

Pre cap: Raghav says Pallavi this marriage is a torture journey and my hatred towards you. Pallavi says Raghav I will break your pride with your money.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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