they were shocked to see the sight

alia was ordering all of m.k family and they were listening it with sad faces but somthing that caught prachi attention was a biy was gonna touch ria i a wrong way

prachi caught hold of the boy and twisted his arm the boy shouts loudly the m.k family were shocked amd happy to see prachi

boy- how dare you twist my arm

prachi- if you are doing wromg then someone has to stop you boy

boy- who the hell are you

prachi- so sad you don’t know 4th richest person in world

boy- so you are prachi arora

boy- correct

then the boy tries to slap prachi but prachi holds his hand and makes him black blue

prachi- advik(bodyguard) advik take this bast**rd out of my sight and hand him to police

the boy and advik left

prachi- ria are you ok

ria- i am ok

pragya goes and hugs her daughter

pragya- prachi my child you came

prachi- yes mom but what happened why are you standing outside like this

alia- oh just leave your drama and all of you go back to work

prachi- (roars like a lion amd tells)- my mom is not your servant and she will never be and if you talk you my mom like that then yiu don’t know i can make you bankrupt within minutes

alia- leave it otherwise you will not get food

prachi- mom come with me and all of you (pointing to m.k’s,) you want to come then come

all of them agree

prachi- kiu call the driver and we will head to arora mansion

abhi,pragya,kiara,bodyguard,prachi in one car , aryan,ranbir,sahana,driver, bodyguard,dida,pallavi,vikram and ria in one car mitali,dasi,tauji,taiji,raj like this everyone with a driver and bodyguard in each car

kiara is at driver seat while abhi is between prachi and pragya, prachi feels sleepy and sleep in abhi shoulder

kiara- uncle please dont wake up prachi we both have came from russia today

abhi- why don’t you tell prachi as mam

kiara- i tell her mam but she scolds me every time i call her mam she tells that we are like sisters

abhi- ok

in ranbir amd arhana side

sahana- prachi has changed a lot and she was calling that girl as kiu

aryan- ya but she became one of richest people in world

ranbir- chikchiki is back i am so happy now i will tell the truth about the brt and etc

in pallavi, dida,vikram, ria

dida- we treated prachi so badly still she saved us from alia and is taking is to her house

precap- shock to m.k family, pragya tells what happened and what alia did

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