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Ishq Mein Mar Jawaan Reloaded (Episode 6)

episode number -6

back to Mumbai——-

after one week —– Riddhima gets promotion

Riddhima with all her office colleagues goes to club and drinks hard … it seems that she craved for drinks and whine …. well it shows her enjoyment … she hardly drinks though but that night she was happy.. frustrated … tired .. so she couldn’t stop .. it happens right …

guys its my promotion party … please enjoy …and no one will stop us

a guy in black suit appears with two suitcases and enters into a private room .

after one hour or so he comes out . he was apparently wearing a cap and was walking .. but nearly a small girl barely comes up to his shoulders stopped him with her small paws catching tightly on to his suit  .. it was as if she was completely leaning on his shoulders.

vansh- what the hell? what are you doing.. don’t you know I am ruthless towards man / women whom i don’t know.. so better watch your self .

riddhima – haa hmmm.. by the way who  wears a cap a club .. certainly r u an old man ..

vansh- what? he was dumbfolded  .. did she just call me old .. excuse me i’m .. well just forget it .. he shrugged pushing her away ..

by the way riddhima doesn’t know that he is vansh right from starting … or who is he … certainly now she is drunk ..

riddhima – Hey look .. am i bad girl ?… u r so rude to me … i was just worried for you .. but u just left me went away that time and now again u r going far away from me.. can i know why ?? if i mistaken  anything i will rectify it ..i promise …

vansh – wait what ? excuse me u r badly drunk .. and u r hung upon me like a vetal … u have done nothing wrong to me … but if i am pissed off now .. i might ruthlessly slap u hard .. which i don’t want. i hope i am understood well

riddhima- then slap me .. today i won’t leave .. u can be harsh upon me but don’t leave .. i am lonely deep inside .. and no one knows it .. even my best friend sejal doesn’t know … please just accept me ..

riddhima was just making a puppy face  with little tears holding  back on her eyes

vansh- oh this girl … all these things happens to me only ? well come with me ..

riddhima – yay .. lets go .. oh wait one last sip of whine … susp.. lets go now

In the luxury suit .. vansh directly dragged her to the shower room ..

vansh- oh god this girl … well she is very light in weight while lifting .. like i am carrying cute soft  little kitten.. after entering the room … he called and ordered a pair of dresses for her .. which she can choose … they were in total five of them she can choose any of them .. hey come with me to washroom …

once the shower was on … vansh wasn’t able to hold her .. the floor became naturally slippery .. and they both sat down .. vansh slowly asked who are you little girl.. i think i saw you somewhere .. you look familiar to me… riddhima was totally on his laps .. sleeping … even after shower she wasn’t in a condition to wake up … she gradually slept ..

certainly they both were drenched ..

precap- she ran away without informing him .. he did not expect this kind of gesture .. atleast a thankyou would be enough … vansh calls someone .. lets see how it goes

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