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Falling Head Over Heels for A Wizard Riansh FF – Introduction

Hello dear readers With Covid cases rising again got to be home again, with Naira gone I wanted to watch something other than Yrkkh. Having seen so many Riansh ffs I gave a try to Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. My God such a gripping serial that I was addicted in first few episodes. So here is my ff of Riansh. A first one of its kind. Hope you guys will like it and support me. Here comes the character sketch. Please tell your opinion so that I can give it in the way you enjoy it.


Vansh is a famous author with a huge fan following. But thats only his face in the day. In the nights he is a ruthless power thirsty chief of the Wizarding world. When people say Life is all about Magic this gentleman is a master of that Magic. Having everything in life from fame , money and loving sisters his life lacks that love which every man needs in his heart.Will he get that love? Lets see in the future episodes


Riddhima is like the girl next door. In her early twenties her biggest dream is to qualify , get a job she loves and marry a Rajkumar who loves her. But little does she know that she will face a wizard who will change her life and happiness forever. Lets see how Riddhu copes up with the new storm hitting her life


Kabir is the playboy of Ridhimaa’s college. His favourite hobby is wooing every girl in the college with his looks and sugar coated words. But Ridhimaa is always a tough nut to crack which has got his attention. He wants to win her at any cost? Lets see whether he is successful or not


Daughter of a wealthy businessman Ragini is a spoilt brat. All she knows is party, drinks and shopping. She never hesitates to showdown others and brag her status. Ragini has an eye on Vansh as he is the current celebrity of the town. She is under the pretext that he will fall for her beauty and money. Poor Ragini waits to get shocks of her life which will take away everything from her.


Angre is the closest aid of Vansh. His secretary for the day world and his commander in the wizarding world. Angre is soft at heart and wants the best for Vansh. Angre will die if thats what will make Vansh happy. His affair with Vansh’s sister Ishani is secret known only to them. Will Vansh accept them?


Vansh’s darling sister is a singer aspiring to reach the masses with her voice. Ishani is madly in love with Angre yet is scared of Vansh’s reaction. Will her fear turn out to be true


Vansh’s pet Sia is the apple if his eyes. An excellent artist and a simple girl Sia is completely unaware of her brother’s temper or wizarding secret as he never lets her know it. In her eyes her brother is the sweetest of all. Little does she know that her sweet bhai is a ruthless beast.

Vansh Sia and Ishani are orphans. Their parents’ death is an unsolved mystery till now.


Riddhima’s neighbourhood and childhood friend Aryan is a carefree happy go luck guy. Though he is playful he will do anything for his friend and will always have her back. Lets witness the solidarity of his friendship during her tough times as the story progresses


Riddhima’s best friend , Sejal is the secret keeper of Riddhima. She loves Riddhima like a sister and cares for her like a mother

Riddhima lost her parents in a bomb blast is what the world tells her. Did she really lose them? Tune in to know further


Friends this was the brief introduction of the characters and the plot. Hope you liked it. If there is a need for changes or corrections please don’t hesitate to tell in the comments below.

Signing off with Love


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