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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and Mishra get the TVS on installment

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bittu Kapoor asking Mirza and Mishra, if they trust him. They say no. Bittu asks if they trust themselves. They tell fully. Bittu asks them to buy the brooms of all the city to get TV in the lucky draw. They get trapped in his plan and take salesguy’s number from Paro. Bittu thinks they will buy all the brooms and will sell broom from tomorrow, laughs. They come to the Udhta Panchi broom shop salesman. The salesman asks how can I help you? Mishra and Mirza tell that he can help him. Mishra asks what to do to get name in lucky draw. The salesman asks them to buy the broom and wait for the lucky draw results. He says I will come to give delivery. Mishra and Mirza tell that they have bought all the brooms of the city and ask him to give TV. The salesguy tells that there must be something in the lucky draw, else people like you had bought broom worth 5-6 k. Mishra tells Mirza that Bittu fooled them again. The salesman asks about their area and tells that he had a bad experience in that area. He identifies Mishra insulting him and asks them to leave, else he will call Police. Mishra asks him to help for humanity. Salesman asks them to go and says he will have promotion very soon and will be marrying soon too. Mishra and Mirza congratulate him. The salesguy asks them to go. Mirza and Mishra go out and get angry on each other for not getting TV. Mirza sees something and asks Mishra to come. Mishra says I don’t want to hear. Mirza says I will take the TV home. Mishra looks at the bulletin, in which their house number is written in the lucky draw. They go to them and ask if he sell their prize to someone else. The salesman tells that when they refused to talk to him, he gave the prized Tv to the third winner. They tell that they shall get the TV delivered today.

Majnu and Aashiq tell Bittu that Mirza and Mishra might have been ruining their respect. Mirza and Mishra come to their shops and asks their helpers to get the broom out of auto. They tell that they have been fooled by him thrice and says if they don’t get TV this time. Bittu thinks bad about him. He goes. Majnu and Aashiq talk to each other and think if they got smart TV. Mishra tell that they didn’t get and scold him. Mirza also does the same and tells Mishra if this salesguy is like Mushtaq. Mishra asks him to say positive things.

Later Sakina and Shanti wait for their husbands. Sakina says I gave my TV given by my Abba and says if he comes empty handed. Shanti says I will not leave them. Mishra asks her not to get angry. Mirza says TV is on the way. Sakina says you can’t enter until TV comes. Mirza asks Mishra to call the salesman. Mishra says he must be coming. He calls the salesman and the number is switched off. He gets tensed.

Mirza asks him to call again. Shanti asks do you think that we are fool and asks them to go away. They close the door on their faces. Mirza and Mishra tell that their destiny is bad and blame each other. Just then they see Salesman bringing TV’s for them. He asks them to sign on the receipt. They sign and take the TVs. Mishra asks Mirza to call his wife. They call their respective wife and say surprise. Shanti looks at the TV and says I told you, our TV shall be big than theirs TV. Sakina also says the same. They go inside. The salesman gives them receipt and asks them to give 2800 each for 18 months, and tells that he talked to the distributor and brought TVs for them on installment. They ask what is the proof? He shows their signs on the receipt and asks them to pay else company will take away their TVS. Mirza and Mishra tell that smart TV proved smart than their intelligence.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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