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Anuama FF – Anu and Leela plans to go! Ep: 33

Anu didn’t want to tell this to Vanraj because he was already stressed out.She didn’t know what to do.She goes to Leela.

Anu: Baa can I ask you 1 thing?

Leela: Haa!ask.

Anu: How can you convince a person for a wedding?

Leela: Are you going to get married again?(mocking)

Anu: No baa….I was just asking you

Leela: No..There’s something!

Anu: Baa.I don’t know what to do!

Leela: What happened?

Anu is thinking whether she should say it or not.

Leela: Tell the matter!

Anu tells everything about Kinjal and Toshu to baa and Leela gets angry hearing this.

Leela: Why is her father like this?

Anu: I don’t know baa..

Leela: Is it because we are not as rich as they are?

Anu: I think so! It will be the reason probably.

Leela: Can we go and meet the Dave’s this afternoon?

Anu: Will Vannu like it?

Leela:I will tell him.

Leela goes to Vanraj and says that she and Anu were going out and would be late.

Vanraj: Where are you going?

Leela: Going out with Anu. Its been a long time since I have gone for shopping with Anu. We will have food and come back.

Vanraj: Its ridiculous!How come you are having food from outside and that too with Anu?

Leela: Why can’t I go out and have food from outside with my bahu?

Vanraj: OK!!OKK!!

Leela: Ah!

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