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Anuama FF – After a long time Anupama and Leela spends some time Ep: 34

Leela tells Anu that Vannu has agreed  and to get ready for going.They get ready and go for shopping first.They get into a textile shop and goes to the saree section. There baa selects various sarees and asks Anu to do the final  selection.They take Kurthis for Anu, frocks for Pakhi ,Shirts for Vanraj,baapujji,maamaji,and the 2 boys.They gets out from the textile shop and goes to a food counter and orders 1 plate of “gol guppaa” and they eat it.

They order one more plate and Anu challenges Leela.

Leela: Beware.You know that I am a die-hard fan of gol guppaas. Don’t challenge me you will lose.

Anu: Baa..You don’t know my eating skills I will win for sure.Or else I won’t challenge..

Leela: Ok then..Order 2 more plates.

Anu orders 2 more plates.They set 5 min timer and start eating.

Leela finishes 4 gol guppaas and Anu finishes 8 of them.It was very spicy and Leela’s eyes were filled with water.Anu had the capacity to eat it as she was young.

The timer rings and the score was 13-7 for Anu and baa respectively. Anu won the gol-guppa challenge. They wanted some sweets to control the spice.

They go to a sweet shop and orders some sweets and have it there itself. Their tummies were full and they went to a park near by and sat there for few minutes. They rewind their beautiful memories in the park. Leela becomes nostalgic and her eyes were filled with water.

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