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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 24) PROPOSAL

Dear readers, for the last few days I am getting less comments. But I don’t mind it the comments you gave is the strength for me to write. If I can, I’ll try to post an OS within some days. Tell me if you want an OS. Let’s start the episode….


It is the third day of the couples in Paris. And only one day is left for them.

Riddhima : Vansh…Let’s go and eat some ice cream. I am craving for ice cream badly. Vansh….please.

She makes a cute puppy face.

Vansh : Sweetheart, you know very well that no one can deny your puppy face. I’ll buy you Ice cream.

She hugs Vansh.

Riddhima : I know my Vansh can’t deny my request.

Vansh : By the way Sweetheart, your craving for Ice cream made me think how will be your mood swings when you’re….

She hits Vansh.

Riddhima : If u dare to complete the sentence, I’ll beat you to pulp. You Shameless man…

She turns angry and Vansh looks at her.

Vansh : Oh…My Sweetheart is Angry…..Sorry dear. Sorry Sweetheart….

When she turned she didn’t find Vansh behind her. She became nervous thinking what happened to Vansh. She searched Vansh around her.

Suddenly she felt a touch in her shoulder. She turned to find Vansh with ice cream in his hands.

There is a ship sailing in her mouth seeing the ice cream. But due to her ego she didn’t take ice cream from Vansh.

Vansh : Sweetheart, here is the Ice cream. Eat it. Otherwise I’ll eat it.

Riddhima(angry) : Eat it.

Vansh : Ok. I am going to eat it. Woah….How tasty ?? Its superb…Amazing….

Riddhima : Shut up Vansh.

Vansh : No Sweetheart. There is only one Ice cream is left. If you didn’t want it, then I am going to eat….

Riddhima didn’t wait for a second to snatch the Ice cream from Vansh’s hand.

She is super happy getting Ice cream. She ate it like a child.

Vansh is happy seeing her uncontrollable cuteness.

Vansh : Sweetheart, Please eat it slowly. I am not going to eat your Ice cream.

But Riddhima is busy eating Ice cream and didn’t gave her ears to Vansh.

Then they are roaming in the Seine River Cruises. A boat cruise along the Seine River is one of the best ways to soak up the alluring scenery of Paris.


When they finished the cruise trip, a handsome French boy came to Riddhima. He bow down in knees with a rose in his hands and proposed Riddhima.

Boy : Hey beauty, I fell in love with you in the first sight. I want you to be in my life, you completes me. Will you be my lady love ?

(Imagine he is saying this in French.)

Vansh and Riddhima are hell shocked to hear this. Vansh is super angry. He holds his fist in angry and about to hit him but Riddhima stopped him.

Riddhima(To Vansh) : Let me speak to him Vansh. I want to answer his proposal.

Vansh is confused seeing her behavior.

Riddhima(To Boy) : I DON’T LOVE YOU. Now you got reply so go from here.

Vansh is happy hearing Riddhima.

Boy : But I love you. Give me reason for your denial.

Vansh : A Girls NO means NO. Since you got your reply then go from here.

Riddhima : I love him (pointing Vansh). We are about to get married in two weeks. He is my whole world.

Boy : I am super rich and handsome too. I can give you a better life than him. Just leave him.

Riddhima : Mind your words. Vansh is my lifeline. Richness is not the scale of our love and for me Vansh’s love is more precious than your money and if it is about who is more handsome, I believe in inner beauty. My Vansh is the most handsome person inside and outside for me.

Boy : Sorry guys. Yours is True love. I have never seen such a love ever. Actually I am from a TV show. We propose couples who are new here for our TV show and test their love. There a few people passed this test but the reply you have given ma’am, its incredible. I am again sorry for spoiling your time.

Vansh : Its okay. But please don’t repeat. If she haven’t stopped me you have been in a bad condition now.

Boy : Ok sir. Have a Happy Married life Sir and Ma’am.

Riansh : Thank u.

Riddhima : Vansh, you have to stop your impulsive nature. Don’t know what will happen to you if you carry on this nature. You have to change it.

Vansh : What to do Sweetheart….I am habituated to it. Its an innate nature and I can’t change it.

Riddhima : For me you have to change it. Otherwise I won’t talk to you 😤.

Vansh : O God….ye bacchon ki harkat band karo (Stop this childishness.)…….Okay. I’ll try to control my anger.

Riddhima : Be a good boy like that.

Vansh : Can we go.

Riddhima : Ya. Let’s go to Eiffel tower today evening.

Vansh : Okay madam.

Riddhima : Hmm…

At Evening they went to Eiffel Tower.

The view of Eiffel Tower at evening is an Amazing scenery.

Suddenly Riddhima bow down on her knees holding a Ring on her hand. Vansh is surprised to see this.

Vansh : Sweetheart, What’s this ?

Riddhima : Today I’ll speak. That day when I came to propose you because of misunderstandings I couldn’t propose you and when you proposed me I met with accident. All our proposals are always end at something. So I don’t want it to happen this time. Today I am going to propose in front of Eiffel Tower, in the land of Love. Vansh, I don’t know when did I fell with you…I didn’t expect that I’ll ever be in a relationship with you. You’re the one I am waiting for whole life. I can’t imagine my life without you. My world starts from you and ends on you. You’re my everything. I want to be with you forever. So Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, are you ready to tolerate my naughtiness and craziness throughout your life ? WILL YOU MARRY ME ?

Vansh is left dumbstruck hearing her love confession. He is surprised to see her Romantic confession.

Riddhima : Vansh…tell something, won’t you marry me ?

Vansh : Of course Sweetheart. I’ll. Without you even I can’t imagine my life. Thank you so much for being in my life. I’ll marry you.

Riddhima : But Vansh you can’t be my first love.

Vansh (angry) : Who is your first love ? I’ll beat him to pulp. Tell me who it is.

Riddhima : Vansh will you beat your to be Father-in-law ?

Vansh(shocked) : Uncle ???

Riddhima : Yes. FOR EVERY GIRL, HER FATHER IS HER FIRST LOVE. I think the great Vansh Raisinghania is jealous of my dad.

Vansh : For a second I lost my control. But now I am happy. You’re always mine. He kisses her hand.

Precap : ENGAGED 🔒

Hope all of you enjoyed today’s episode. Did you agree with my statement ” For every girl, her dad is her First Love”. How is Riddhima’s proposal ? I’ll end paris episode tomorrow. Drop your views about the episode in comment box.

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