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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina challenges Mama ji

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer tells Naina she has fixed the collection 5 times. She says 6 times and smiles. They keep checking outside. Naina takes Sameer upstairs while holding his hand. He kisses on her hand but she pushes him sweetly.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and I were equally disturbed. I could hear Mama ji’s words in my head but I dint show it on Naina. I kept poking her to keep myself distracted. Naina was my real happiness and you shouldn’t take out your bad mood on the one who is most important to you.

Doorbell rings but it is scrap dealer. Mama ji’s words echo in Naina’s head. Sameer asks her to eat but she isn’t feeling like. He assures her they will get a customer before evening. Doorbell rings just when Kanji serves them food. Kanji welcomes the guests. Sameer asks

Kanji to bring cold drinks for the ladies. He shows the latest designs to the ladies. He sells lot many clothes to them with his charm. Naina teases him.

Voiceover – Sameer:
My charm could impress everyone since beginning. My charm worked that day too but I later realised that business works on hard work and not charm.

Sameer gives 10% discount to the ladies. They have sold 5 dresses and smile recalling Mama ji’s challenge. Mama ji enters and pays them money instead shocking Sameer and Naina. Mama ji says you must be wondering how I came here suddenly and is paying for what the ladies bought. You can think anything about me but I have always considered you my own. I was certain you wont sell anything by 6 pm so I sent my neighbours here. I told them not to worry about bill. Such thousands don’t affect me at all! This is my usual expense but it matters a lot to you! You bought such a huge bungalow but you also have to maintain it. You have to fend for yourself, your family and your in-laws. Sameer asks him if he is trying to break their morale by doing all this. Mama ji advises him to drink cold drink to calm down. A businessman should always be calm. One forgets everything when he faces the worst time of his life! I wish I had told you this when you were leaving the house but it isn’t too late yet! Naina interrupts him. You don’t have to do any more favour on us. You have done so much for us already. You must be 50 years old right? You must be 30 years old when Nanu brought you to Ahmedabad right? You grew so much in the past 20 years! He takes pride in her words. I reached here because of my hard work and dedication. Naina sarcastically says that it couldn’t be hidden from anyone. We promise you that we will grow just as much just like he has grown in past 20 years (by doing hook and crook). We only request you to encourage us just like this! She too says a doha for him and translates it. we should keep our critics close so they keep reiterating our mistakes and help us grow. We wouldn’t have been encouraged to win if you hadn’t come here today! She gives the dresses to the ladies and the bill to Mama ji. He hands her cash and asks the ladies to come but Naina stops him. Naina and Sameer thank him for shopping from Samaina Boutique. Mama ji tears the bill angrily before leaving from there.

Hum na samjhe the plays as Sameer and Naina look at each other.

Bela is selecting Preeti’s wedding card but Anand is very much lost in his own world. Preeti gets shy. Landline rings. Bela asks Preeti to pick it. Preeti is confused but Bela points out that it is Shubham.

Voiceover – Naina:
Chachi ji knew about the caller without picking the call as the ring tone of STD calls were different back in those days! Preeti used to get so excited hearing that ring.

Bela tells at Preeti not to spend too much time on phone or their bill will be high. Bela asks Anand what’s bothering him. Anand says we write the names of elders but it will be incomplete just like Naina’s wedding. I hope no bitterness sums up in Preeti’s marriage. Bela assures him that everything will be fine but is tensed herself too.

Bela brings her friends to Samaina Boutique. Sameer has left for a meeting with garment importer. Naina asks Kanji to bring tea.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina could talk relentlessly in school and she was in equal enthusiasm that day while selling sarees.

The ladies buy a few things and leave. Naina tries to stop them but they have to go to the tailor too. Naina rues that she could have sold them few more clothes if they had stayed a little longer. Bela reminds her how she and Preeti used to straight away run to the tailor after buying something. Naina gets an idea. We can have a tailor at the boutique. Bela agrees to talk to her tailor.

Bela tells Preeti he will gift her 21 sarees. They are talking happily when Anand enters. He asks Preeti to bring tea. He sends Preeti only he wants to talk to Bela. He shares that Preeti’s MIL called him today. She was enquiring about the rift between me and Bhaisahab. I told her everything honestly. They know everything now. She said that this keeps happening between brothers / families these days. Rajni will visit us tomorrow. Bela is confused. She got the alliance for Preeti. Why will she come? Anand is clueless. Preeti says how does it matter what happens. It is okay if it works out and it is fine if it doesn’t. It is better if it happens as I am very excited to go to Bombay.

Naina asks Kanji where she should write it. She points at one corner and Kanji nods. Sameer enters just then. What are you doing? She speaks of her new plan. Our boutique will be amazing now. He says we are focusing on boutique and not tailoring. She wants the business to evolve. He asks her why she is talking like Mama ji. You are speaking as if everyone is businessman in your family.

Precap: Sameer tells Naina he wont eat till the time she will not eat. She lies down telling him to stay put. She wakes up in the middle of the night and finds his side of bed empty. Sameer is standing in the same place. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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