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Vikram Betaal 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram gives mukti to Kalike and saves Betaal

Vikram Betaal 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhadrakaal doing the havan to sacrifice Betaal. Betaal feels pain when Bhadrakaal puts something in the fire. Bhadrakaal asks him to remember his God and says very soon you will end. Betaal thinks there is no way to leave from here, Vikram might save me else Bhadrakaal will give my Ahuti. Kalike says Vikram’s end is near, but the sad part is even a bird is not witness to your death. He says your Aadhi shakti is snatched and asks him to accept his death. She holds his leg and throws him out of the cliff. Betaal says my end will not happen by bhadrakaal and says Vikram is my last hope. Vikram holds the cliff and climbs up. Kalike turns to him and looks angrily. She says you are still alive, why you are making your life painful. Vikram says death will come to everyone, but until

you are alive, be courageous. He says his Aadhi Shakti is enough to kill her. Kalike becomes a gaint rakshas. Vikram attacks her with sword. She is trapped in the storm and asks Vikram to save her. Vikram thinks how to save her? He hears someone telling Vikram that he can help him. Vikram says who said this. He sees snake on the tree and goes near it. The snake asks him to use it as a rope to save her and says you don’t have much time. Vikram throws the snake near Kalike and saves her from the bhawandar.

The snake goes after saving kalike. Kalike putli gets mukti and comes infront of her in her real form (in ridambara’s face) and blesses him. Vikram looks at her. Bhadrakaal is sacrificing Betaal and says he is mahashaktishali and says jai…Ridambara says I am Daya ki Devi and thanks him for giving her mukti. She says as Kalika, and apologizes for troubling him as Kalike…Vikram says I will not trust you. The snake becomes rishi and tells that she is saying right. He tells that he was cursed and became snake. He says when I helped you to get mukti of pret, I got mukti myself. Daya ki Devi thanks Vikram for getting mukti for them. He says I want to thank you again and greets him with naman. Vikram asks can you tell me where is Betaal. She says Betaal is with Bhadrakaal and blesses him with double powers whenever he tries to help someone. Betaal is about to get sacrificed and thinks if a good soul meets end like this then People will lose trust on God.

Bhadrakaal tells Betaal that he can’t think how is he feeling today. He says today is my day. Just then Vikram comes and frees Betaal from Bhadrakaal’s trap. Bhadrakaal thinks how did Vikram reached here. He says life is strange, and says everytime we all get saved. Vikram says I will fulfill your wish to die. Betaal asks Vikram to get saved from him. Bhadrakaal says if I get saved then your wife Padmini will become widow. Vikram attacks Bhadrakaal with his sword. Bhadrakaal feels pain and says you have really killed me. I was just joking..Vikram asks him to joke in hell. Bhadrakaal says Vikram and Betaal are amar/immortal and apologizes to them. He falls down and dies. Vikram says as you sow, so you reap. He takes his sword back and asks betaal to come. Bhadrakaal gets up and calls Vikram. He asks did you like my acting. Vikram and betaal get shocked.

Precap: Vikram and Betaal come to a mud village and asks for water. They hear someone crying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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