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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat takes a decision

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji saying Kainat will decide for Zaroon’s wish, if she refuses, then Zaroon and Saltanat won’t get married ever. Zainab asks Rubina not to force Kainat to change her decision, else she will ask Kainat to refuse for this alliance. She takes Kainat with her. Zaroon sits worried. Saltanat goes to Dargah. She buys something and gives money. She goes to pray. Kainat is also there. Saltanat asks shall I advice you if you are finding tough to decide. Kainat says no need, me and my Lord are enough for myself. Zaroon comes to Saltanat and says I have taken my stand, now you support me. She says Dada ji didn’t ask me, but Kainat, you shall also wait for Kainat’s decision. She goes. He stops her, holding her hand. He does shayari. She goes. Hamza comes to Kainat and

asks her to pray for herself. She goes. He says Zaroon and Saltanat will marry at any cost. Mamoom and Nadim come to a restaurant to meet their wives.

Mamoon says if anyone sees us meeting this way, what will they think. Rubina says that’s why, we called you to this small restaurant. Ghazala says we want to talk about Zaroon and Saltanat’s marriage. Kainat goes to Dada ji for a talk. She asks him to bless her. He asks what blessing do you want. She says I want to ask you something. He says ask. She asks why did you leave this big decision on me. Mamoon says here decisions are taken by talking to the family. Dada ji says you accepted my decision, but Zaroon spoiled your happiness, you will decide if he will get happiness, Saltanat isn’t like you, her upbringing is different. Rubina says I will challenge Dada ji’s decision for Saltanat’s happiness, Nadim has to support me. Ghazala says its about my son’s happiness, if Kainat refuses, I will rebel against this decision.

Dada ji asks Kainat to think well and take a decision. Kainat nods and goes. Mamoon asks what will you do if Kainat refuses. Rubina says if Dada ji accepts Kainat’s refusal… Ghazala says even then Zaroon and Saltanat will marry in Canada. Kainat comes to Zainab to talk to her. She says I m confused, you have always taught me right and bad path, you aren’t guiding me today, why are you silent.

Zainab says you have to take this decision on own, I want to know if my upbringing passed or failed, whether my daughter decides by heart or by mind. She goes. Kainat cries. Saltanat looks on. Noore khuda….plays… Zaroon goes to Dargah and prays. He thinks of Saltanat. Kainat and Saltanat think of Zaroon. Kainat comes to tell her decision. Everyone looks at her.

Zaroon makes Saltanat wear the necklace. Saltanat says you are still believing that Zaroon will be yours. Kainat says engagement isn’t Nikaah.

Update Credit to: Amena

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