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Shakti 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman takes admission in school

Shakti 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Principal that everyone has the right to study and asks for the admission form. Principal asks Peon to bring the form. Harman says if anyone brings form then I will see that person. Soumya asks him to be quiet and requests Principal. Harman says I will tear all forms. Principal says I have to talk to your parents. Preeto and Harak Singh come there and introduce them. Soumya asks where is Soham? Preeto says Chameli is with him. Harak Singh says we are the lucky parents. Principal asks them to take them from here. Preeto says I will take them after school hours. Harak Singh says my dream will be fulfilled because of my bahu/beti rani. Soumya takes the form. Harman says I don’t want to study and goes out. Harak Singh says our Gulabo…Principal says why don’t you call

her by her right name and asks them to go. sindhu says right to education. Principal says I know we are not refusing to give admission. Soumya gives forms to Harman and he tears it. She tells him that she wants him to make Soham do the work. She says we want to get educated together or be illiterate together and asks him to decide. Peon comes out and says everyone is waiting inside. Preeto asks to give form and admit her son. Harak Singh asks him to take fees for 10-20 years. Principal says you can’t weigh education with money. Harak Singh says sorry. Soumya comes there with Harman and says he has filled the form and asks Harak Singh to sign. Harak Singh signs and gives the form to Principal. Everyone smiles.

The monitor of the class asks the kids to be quiet else he will complain to the teacher. Harman says you are of my type. The boy says I am not of your type. The kids ask Harman if he didn’t go to school in childhood and laughs. Archana teacher comes to class and asks Harman what is he doing here in the class and asks him to go. Harman says he got admission with management’s permission. Soumya thanks Archana for giving her good advice. Veeran asks Harak Singh if they will stay here until they come out. Harak Singh says yes. Veeran says what do you think what Harman is doing here. Archana teacher asks kids about energy. The monitor of the class tells about energy and taunts Harman. Harman gets angry on him. Archana asks him to sit down and asks the Monitor Harry to answer. She asks everyone to open their book and write down the notes. She dictates the notes.

Saya and others come out to sell the toys. The men come infront of them who had burnt their toys. The man asks other men to burn their toys. Saya asks them to run. The men run behind them. Saya runs to the park with others and gives the toys to kids asking them to play. The kids take the toys. The men try to snatch toys from them, but couldn’t. Saya says it is easy to snatch toys from our hand, now snatch the toys from their hands and burn it. They leave.

Harman and Soumya come out of school. Harak Singh and his family are waiting outside. Principal appreciates Soumya and asks them to come in uniform. They are going home and hear about the race competition. Harman says we will also take part. The host announces the competition and says the winning couple’s photo will be hanged outside the school. Dugaal is about to fire in air. Harman stops him. He says even we will participate. The people tell that they are not an ordinary Jodi. Harman says we are special Jodi. They ask them why do you enter in our society. Harman asks if everyone is scared of them and says we will win too. The man says if you lose then you will get your kinnar wife admission withdrawn. Preeto asks him to come. Soumya says we don’t want to take part in any race. Harman says I accept this condition and says if we win then you all will tell Harman and Soumya’s name slogans and says Duggal himself will keep our posters, and Soumya will go to school without any taunts.

Precap: Harman and Soumya are running in the race. Someone spills the marbels on their way. Soumya slips and hurts her foot. Harman gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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