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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishika decides to not divorce Roop

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roop shows Ishika’s video to her. Ishika says this is wrong, I want to show you something too. Roop says you will show a fake proof against Shamsher now? why you hate him so much? you think he is wrong then let him be as you are not part of my family, I am starting new life so dont stop me. He calls Shamsher inside. Shamsher comes there and says dont bring me in all this. Roop says I want to marry Seva and start new life. Ishika says I made you sign those divorce papers but now I will not let this divorce happen at any cost. Shamsher thinks that I will make sure this divorce happens.

Ishika comes to her house and recalls her memories with Roop. She comes to her restaurant. Jigna, Kinjal and Himani comes there. Jigna says we got to know what Shamsher did, we

are with you. Ishika says Roop needs you all more, Shamsher will brain-wash him. Jigna says why not tell him truth? Ishika says its better to show him love, Jigna says today is Roop’s haldi with Seva. Ishika says I have right on that haldi and his haldi will be applied to me only.

Ishika comes to Roop’s house. Bua says today is Roop’s haldi with good girl, tomorrow he will marry her, leave now. Ishika says listen to me first, when I didnt divorce Roop then how can he marry someone else? This can send you to jail, its illegal. Roop asks her to leave. Ishika says I am still your legal wife Mrs. Ishika Waghela. She sees haldi and says lets start ceremony. She applies haldi to him and rubs her cheek on his. She says it was my haldi and I got it, my dear hubby I had your string and will remain in my hand, she leaves. Roop says Ishika will sign divorce papers so prepare for marriage.

Roop comes to Ishika and says sign on divorce papers. Ishika says you are in restaurant so cook with me, should we make Idli and sambar? She pulls him inside and says you are my husband so help me. She pulls him closer and says check this recipe, I dont know much. Roop tastes it and says salt is less. Ishika brings it. She brings chef cape for him. Roop says have you gone mad? Ishika says yes I am madly in love with you. Roop says listen to me. Ishika says you listen to me and I will listen to you. She makes him wear apron and chef cape. Roop helps her in cooking. Ishika smiles at him and flirts with him, ishq tha plays. Shamshar and Bua sees them in restaurant and are shocked. Ishika smiles at Roop. Shamsher says this girl wont listen like this, he calls someone there. Roop says to Ishika that now listen to me, she says no. Roop says this is not fair. A manager comes there and says to Ishika that you took loan for this restaurant but we need to find if you are eligible for loan or not. Roop says she doesnt have to take loan, I will arrange money for her but she has to sign divorce papers. Ishika says husband and wife have everything together, whats yours is mine too. She tells bankers that my husband is with me, we will get work. Kanchan comes there and says we have got big order. Ishika tells bankers dont worry about loan, we have work, they nod and leave. Roop says you wont listen to me? She says work me. He leaves from there.
Some goons come to Ishika’s dhabba. Ishika tries stop them and says I call police. She calls police station but they cut call. Goon says police is with us too. Ishika sees Roop hiding and thinks he did this thats why goons are not breaking anything. Goon tries to take her from there. Ishika says I am police officer’s wife, you can lift me and take me out, my husband wont like it? Roop comes there and asks goons to leave, they do. Roop says to Ishika that you love me? She says more than myself, he says you want to see me happy? Ishika says I dont want anything else. Roop says then free me for my happiness. He leaves. Ishika looks on and says I love so much that I want spend my life with you.

PRECAP- Ishika comes to police station as Kanchan is in jail. Inspector says she was delivering food boxes and we found drugs in them. Ishika says no there is some misunderstanding. Shamsher says no, this is drugs case. Ishika asks why he is doing all this? Shamsher says you divorce and free my son and I will free your mother from jail. Ishika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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