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RadhaKrishn 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kans To Kill Ayan and Jatila?

RadhaKrishn 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna walks near Radha. Radha looking at love pearls asks Chandravali to move ahead, she will come later. She walks to Krishna. Krishna asks if she is going away from her krishna and holding her hand asks to come along. On the other side, kans standing near tree of love laughs that once Radha breaks love pearls, Karishna will be powerless. Ayan and Jatila walk to him and inform that Radha did not break love pearls and instead kept them with her to gift Krishna. Kans angrily shouts that they failed his most important plan and now he will burn them alive. Jatila pleads to kill her and spare Ayan. Ayan shouts not to plead. Soldiers drag them both towards fire pit.

Krishna tkes Radha to garden and asks how can she go away from him, they both are one. Radha says Krishna is very superior

and she is just a simple village girl, if Krishna has to meet her, he has to come down and make himself inferior. Krishna says she is symbol of love and love is equal among and never differentiates. Radha says this is not love then, if it is, then why Radha is inflicted by all sort of defects and not Krishna; Krishna is free of defects and there is nobody else in his life, they both are not equal and it cannot be love. Krishna says this is love and Krishna is trying to get engrasped in Radha, love is to remind forgotten love and any act done regarding it is love. Radha says it is his superiority that he chose to love her, but truth is Radha is unfit for Krishna. Krishna says Radha is symbol of love in this world and these words don’t suit her.

Krishna reminisces creating love pearls from Radha’s tears and giving it to Mahadev to gift it to Gowri mata, Mahadev suggesting Kans that if love pearls are broken, there won’t be love left in the world. Radha shows pearls and says when she is unfit for him, how can she give these love pearls to him. She throws pearls and breaks them. Mahadev and Gowri mata watch from kailash. Krishna feels sad seeing that. Radha requests Krishna to let her go and walks away. Krishna runs behind Radha. Broken love pearls fly and reach tree of love. Kans is about to throw Ayan and Jatila in fire when he sees leave from tree falling and sparing them laughs shouting Radha broke love pearls. Krishna runs behind Radha, Radha gets near bullock cart and tells Krishna if he ever loved her truly, he should let her go and not come to her until she herself calls him. Krishna stands sadly while Radha gets into cart and leaves.

Balram walks to Krishna that whatever he saw was out of his imagination, Krishna crossed all his limits, how can Radha go away like this and let Kans do sins continuously. Krishna says Kans will meet his end when time comes, he is worried for Radha now as love pearls are broken and it will affect the most to his lady of love, Radha.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that diamond is most bright and precious in the world; when diamond is cut with another diamond, it gains its brightness; when dirt cannot be cleaned with dirt, it needs clean water; similarly goodness can be increased with goodness and bad can be removed with good; if someone sees other in trouble, instead of reminding their defect, they should support.

Precap: Kans kidnaps Yashoda while Krishna guards Radha. Balram asks Krishna if eh will chose his mother or lady love.

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