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RAB SE SONA ISHQ:twinj- episode 74





ISHQ/ /😍😍😍😍.


After dinner all had great time they sitting at Marin lines having cotton candies and ice cream.While Kunj get tired after from many days he was busy having tension of Rudra and all’s he went in his car and sit in driving sit and resting his head on steering taking nap.

While all others enjoying it feeling this cool breeze. Omkara look at mahi who talking to Anjali and girls and laughing at Rudra jokes while tej playing with Aayat running behind her. All smiled to see this he breathing heavily still. 🥰.

Rahul holding Malika hand Rohan giving her side walk they walking and chat chatting with each other’s while ladies too leela tell them about Mahi alliance.

Avantika:it’s good leela ji our Mahi is so good.

Usha:haan Yeh tension hi hai. Even I’m finding girl or my Omkara too.

Avantika: you both this much worried about your kids marriage think about me see my Aayat means I’ll become grand mothers till have one tension on my head 😂😂😂.They all laughs out. Just than Kabir bring mango shake for himself all started like they too wanted. They enjoy mango shake too just than Prithviraj.

Prithviraj: Arey where is my Kunj.

Tej:papa you always on Kunj.. 😛😛. Where he will go.

Rohan:kaha hai bhai Saab..

Rahul: pata nahi He was with you na Rudra and Omkara.

Rudra: bhaiya get call from his pa he went in side to talk you now we don’t know after this.

Usha:acha he is here maybe.Twinkle looking here and there.

Manohar:chalo it’s getting late tomorrow we have busy schedule.

Rt:haan.Chalo bacho.They all together moving towards theirs car. They went to cars.Rahul see Kunj.

Rahul:Yeh bhai saab toh yeha car mein hai what he doing here alone ahem. Rahul open the car door shocked to see Kunj he peacefully sleeping.Everyone like awww.

Lata:he toh sleeping here mera kunjj.

Rahul:now who will drive yeh bhai saab toh wouldn’t give his car to anyone 😛😛. Let me wake up him. Kunjjj.

Kunj:hmm in sleeping tone,

Tej:wake up. Kunj open his eyes he look at others.

Aayat:bhaiya you sleep alone didn’t call me haan why? All giggles Kunj rubbing his eyes.

Tej:chalo go and sit. You can drive na Kunj.

Kunj:hmm they all bid bye to each other’s and sits in their car Kunj start the car and they all drove off.He drive with heavy eyes.Soon they reached all went inside Kunj went in his room directly while twinkle went in kitchen and make coffee for him.  Kunj change his clothes just than twinkle entered in room Kunj went towards bed and lay down in sitting position. She went to him and keep coffee mug beside his bed side.

Twinkle:kunjj coffee.

Kunj:hmm twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom.She changed her clothes just than Aayat come in room with her clothes.Twinkle smiled to see her she gestured her to changed her clothes twinkle give Kunj his medicine and he drinking his coffee. Twinkle lift Aayat make her stand on bed changing her clothes. She wear night dress and lay down in middle keeping her one leg on another leg knee.And munchkin something.Twinkle come and sit beside her she saw mosquitoes bites on Aayat legs and hands she take out cream take 2 and 3 drops in her hands.

Twinkle: Aayat come here.

Aayat: what bhabhi??

Twinkle: hmm she started applying cream on her legs.

Aayat: ahah what is this bhabhi.

Twinkle: see Kunj her hands and legs so many mosquitoes bites. Kunj see her.

Kunj: haan where you going Haan.You will get ill last week only we take you to dr.

Aayat:I don’t when this mosquitoes bite me haan. Ru bro telling me because I blood is sweet😛.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s face.

Twinkle: acha that means mosquitoes never bite Kunj because he didn’t have any sweets 😂😂😂.

Kunj:😏😏very lame haan you all.

Twinkle: now let me apply you feel good she apply fully.Kunj admires twinkle how nicely she taking care of his little sister without any problems.He smiled while Aayat kissing on twinkle cheeks well she enjoying it. Both cuddles each other’s Kunj arching his eye brow.

Kunj:two beautiful girls here one hot and handsome boy is also there.😛😛.

Twinkle:acha who Sadu Sarna..😝😝. He cuddles Aayat she laughing Kunj tickles her.

Kunj: Aayatt you love whom more.

Aayat:without any doubt bhabhi Kunj smile immediately disappears 😂😂. She winked at twinkle both laughing.

Kunj:huhu now even I too love only Rudra.

Aayat: acha. She turned and pulled Kunj hairs.

Kunj:ahah Aayat.Twinkle enjoying it.She sit on his tummy and pinching on his nose.Twinkle rest her head on Kunj shoulder.

Aayat: bhaiya you closed this windows.

Kunj: why.

Aayat: ghost will come than.

Kunj:than eat you and this siyappa queen raw 😂.twinkle playfully slap him.Chalo now Aayat sleep you will get late for yours school okay.she lay down on Kunj only he patting on her back twinkle cuddles Kunj.Soon within no time they trio sleep.

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Avantika wake up firstly she see the time she get up.

Avantika:this Aayat na she purposely sleep with anyone because here I can wake up on time.She get up and get freshen up get ready all things of tej and Aayat than she went downstairs it’s been many days she itself didn’t make breakfast. She went in kitchen and started preparing for breakfast send tea and cookies for Lata and Prithviraj other hand twinkle wake up with jerk. She get up and see the time without wasting a time she run in washroom.Avantika set all breakfast and tell chef keep eyes. She went to Rudra room and see his son and Omkara sleeping peacefully. She went near Rudra.

Avantika:Rudra please wake up you have practical’s na.

Rudra:haan mummy.

Avantika: chalo now wake up you will get late pa and bhaiya will get angry.

Rudra:hmm okay you go I’ll come.

Avantika:okay she went to Priyanka room wake up she immediately get up and went in washroom.Twinkle get ready she didn’t wake up Kunj but went downstairs. Avantika went in kitchen and see twinkle.

Twinkle: I’m late again.

Avantika: now beta she turned and see Avantika. Acha you see this where is Aayat she slept with you and Kunj.

Twinkle:Haan mummy ji she and Kunj still sleeping.

Avantika:okay I’ll go and wake up tej told me last night only he had work with Kunj both have to go for meeting out of the town.

Twinkle: okay. Now my hands in this dough.

Avantika: hmm you do this and packed Aayat lunch box as well twinkle beta.

Twinkle: Haan she told me last night only what she wanted to have in her lunch box.

Avantika: she is drama queen. Avantika went from there and goes in twinkle and Kunj room. Still both brother and sister sleeping peacefully. She went near them and pulled the blanket. Kunjjj and Aayat wake up fast.

Kunj: mummy 5 min..

Avantika: kunjjjj in stern voice he immediately wake up and look at Avantika with puppy face. She giggles good one. Now Aayat.

Aayat: ghost in sleep.

Kunj: no ghost but mummy. 😛😛.

Avantika: wake up Aayat.Meanwhile tej giving voice to Avantika. Now this come fast.Bring her. She went from there to her room Kunj lift Aayat her and went

In pa and mummy room. Kya hai tej without me you can’t do anything.

Tej: you know na without you I can’t after all my wife is my important part. She blushed just than Kunj entered in room.Both holding each other hands he saw and looking down coughing.They both turned and see Kunj.

Kunj: aayatttt.. she screaming.

Avantika: good you bring her.

Tej: Kunj you didn’t get ready till now haan.

Kunj: Haan I’ll.

Tej: okay you please check this presentation,

Kunj:sure.He take laptop and checking the preparation.Avantika and Aayat come out of the washroom after five bath to Aayat she wiping her body She blabbered this and that. Just than twinkle entered in room with tea. She saw Kunj who fully busy.

Twinkle: good morning.Tej too wish and she take his blessing. Papaji your tea.

Tej:thanks Bacha without your tea my eyes wouldn’t open fully.

Kunj: pa everything is perfect.

Tej: okay and tell Rahul send details to Darsh.

Kunj: hmm.May I go.

Tej: sure.Kunj went from there he went in washroom twinkle take out his clothes.Keep everything on table.She went downstairs.Kunj come out of the washroom and  wear his clothes.He see the time take everything and went down he tieing his tie.Everyone come for breakfast.He struggling with his buttons.

Om: hoo😝😝. Where is your wife.

Lata: haan.

Anjali:😛you can go in kitchen she is there only.Just than Avantika come Kunj gestures her.

Avantika:hmm.She went near and closing his buttons twinkle come there and see.Done.Kunj fixed his tie and collar.He take his seat beside Avantika And checking mails in his phone.Twinkle served everyone their breakfast tej feeding Aayat food. Kunj still busy in phone. Kunjj first have your breakfast na.

Kunj:haan wait.

Rahul:do this later na.

Kunj:wait. Avantika tore morsel.

Avantika: I’ll feed you. He open his mouth she feed him Anjali and twinkle giggles too see Kunj because he usually didn’t have methi ke parathe but now having happily 😛😛.All giggles.

Usha:how’s kunj.He didn’t said anything.

Kunj:thanks I’m done.

Tej:chalo Kunj.And rahul or Manohar you see office work we will attend this meeting.

Manohar:okay bhai saab.. 😃. Kunj look at Rudra and Priyanka they having their breakfast while Soumya had work so she left early.

Kunj:pa first we will dropped them college and Aayat ko school.

Tej:okay same way hi hai.

Kunj:Chal Rudra and Priyanka.

Rudra:break 😛😛fast..

Kunj:chalo you will not become thin.Fast. He take his bag.Bye dadu and dadi.and gesture twinkle.Priyanka get up she bring her and Rudra bag Kunj lift Aayat.They went from thereand sit in car and left. Kunj driving and tej and Aayat sitting at passenger seat.Priyanka and Rudra at backside.Kunj get permission from their principal that for their safety wanted body guard stay with them till college hours.He allowed Kunj.Soon they reached college they both come out of the car.

Kunj: acha do your best practical okay and haan don’t go driver will come to pick up you both. and if not than I’ll try to come.

Rudra:okay bhaiya.

Kunj:don’t go from here anywhere.

Priyanka:yes.They both went inside. Kunj again start the car and they reached Aayat school all kids going inside Kunj come out of the car and take out Aayat bag and water bottle. She kissed on tej cheeks and come out of the car Kunj made her carry her bag and put water bottle in her neck. He sit on his knees.

Kunj: now go enjoy your day. Kissed on her cheek she too.

Aayat:bhaiya don’t forget to bring my kota 😛😛.

Kunj:haan pata chocolate kota🙏🏻. Chalo.He hold her hand drop her till gate.She wave to them and went ahead tej smile to see this.Than they left for patiala..

Mahi and Priyanka or Rudra Soumya get busy in their practical’s.At other hand Rahul and Manohar Darsh was still in anger his all plan failed.

Lata and Prithviraj was sitting just Than her old friends come.They were in garden served tell twinkle about them she made snacks and tea for them. Usually Usha went with Anjali to her massi house to discuss about alliance. And Avantika was in her room busy in phone with her mother from many days she is not well. Twinkle went in garden.

Lata: Lot meri bahu aagi she is my Kunj wife twinkle.She take their blessing.

Aww she is so beautiful Lata.Her friend said.

Twinkle:lo dadi Maa.She served them.

Sit with them only listen their funny jokes and laughs out.Lata and Prithviraj friend both husband and wife telling twinkle about their old time masti.

After sometimes later Omkara finished his work he went for some work there he saw beautiful colourful duppta he imagine Mahi in this. And smiled.

Om:bhaiya please pack this.

Man:okay sir.He packed and give to Omkara he pay and went from there after he get Kunj message to pick up Aayat from school.He went to her school

Waiting for her to come out.She coming out with her friend she fully dirty in colours.Omkara went from her.

Om: what is this baby haan?

Aayat:O bhai😛😛. See today we play with Colours.

Om:acha than get ready now badi Maa will with your cheeks 😛.

Aayat:acha huhu bye piya.Omkara lift her in his arms sit in car and left..

Soon they reached and went inside. Avantika didn’t come out of her room.

Om:now what we do.

Aayat: give me bath first if mamma saw me than I’ll gone🤪.Twinkle come there and see Aayat giggles.

Twinkle: what is this Aayat baby .

Aayat: bhabhi please don’t tell mumma.

Twinkle: okay I wouldn’t.

Om: chalo I’ll give you bath.

Twinkle:Om you go and get freshen up. I’ll see Aayat chalo baby today I’ll give you bubble bath.

Aayat:okay.She hold twinkle hand and went with her.Twinkle take her in washroom and take out her clothes place her in bathtub she playing with bubbles twinkle enjoying with her she washing her hairs. Uff babaji so cool cool smell is so awesome.Now I’ll take bath with this only from where you bring this.

Twinkle:😝your bhaiya bring didn’t he gives you..

Aayat:hoo bhaiya huhu. She dancing twinkle making her video she make her too wet just just than Chinki and Asha call come.Twinkle take the phone.


Asha:what haan madam..

Chinki: true. Yeh awaaz keshi hai.

Twinkle: arey bathroom me bhi. Ek min baby.

Asha: wow with Kunj omg😂😂

Chinki:what really twinkle.

Twinkle:shut up first let me clear Aayat hai giving her bath.

Chinki:hoo I thought with Kunj you taking 😂😛😝.

Twinkle:huhu shameless.chalo Aayat baby you play enough in water.Come she bring towel and warped her fully lift her with one hand take her in room place her on bed. Aur Bolo. She went and bring her clothes.Aayat standing on dressing table chair and looking in mirror making puppy faces twinkle entered in room and see her giggles remember her days 😂😂.

Chinki:nothing just missing you baby

Asha: haa yaar twinkle you both fully busy in bahuhood 😂😂😂.

Twinkle:haa but I’m toh every much happy and enjoying too.Didn’t get time

nowadays.Kunj too busy in his work I have to look for him too.And you know he is so punctual about his things.

Chinki:we just kidding we knows yaar everyone get busy after marriage.

Twinkle: woh toh hai hi.

Aayat: bhabhi come.

Twinkle:chalo I’ll talk you both later meri little sister in law is waiting for me she will get Angry😛.They both giggles and end the call.Twinkle went towards Aayat she make her wear her clothes she get ready and lay down there only and on the tv. Want anything baby.

Aayat:haan bring anything.Twinkle went downstairs she went in kitchen and make something for Aayat and her favourite milkshake.She take in room and sit beside her she fully engrossed in cartoon twinkle feeding with her hands and she drinking milkshake.Avantika give voice to twinkle. She went downstairs.

Avantika:twinkle beta did Aayat come?

Twinkle:haan mummy ji she come long back and she get freshen and had snacks too.

Avantika:good beta I toh get busy with my mom.Didn’t Usha come till now.

Twinkle:no Anjali too went huhu.

Avantika:get bored hehe.Omkara come there Arey Om how’s your day.

Om:great badi Maa.

Avantika: did you have anything haan.

Twinkle:haan see nowadays our Omkara become so dull. If you stay like this how I’ll get my devrani ji😛😂.

Avantika:haan Omkara my bahu get bored here now toh Usha behind Omkara marriage.

Twinkle: I’m so excited 😊.Omkara rolled his eyes. Chalo let’s have something I’m too hungry.😝.

Avantika:you both sit I’ll make snacks for you both meri style me😎.She went in kitchen while Omkara and twinkle sit on dinning table.

Twinkle: acha Om tell me what type of girl you wanted haan.

Om: Kya tum bhi behind me why.

Twinkle: even you too doing like that sadu he is enough.

Om:acha 😂😂but we thought he now don’t wanted to come out of the room😝😝. Twinkle blushed and hit on his arms playfully.

Twinkle:hehe teasing your bhabhi haan let your wife come Than I’ll not leave you.. 😝

Than I’ll see you would you come out of the room or not.. 😝😛.

Om: so what bhai Kunj Ka huna😎.

Twinkle: both of shameless from which mouth you both telling Rudra. Just than Priyanka and Rudra or Soumya come back from college trio was hell tired Rudra see twinkle and Omkara they run towards them and immediately take chairs and sits.

Rudra:I’m so hungry..mummyyyy😭😭.

Avantika come out of the kitchen with sandwiches and garlic bread pasta along with smoothies.

Avantika: good you all too come she served them and sit beside Priyanka and Rudra she feeding her both kids. They were hell hungry. How’s your practical

Rudra:while having.. aw…some.


Twinkle:good rock in your exams after last year🤗.

Soumya:we enjoy Lot during practical. Meanwhile Anjali and Usha come back Usha went in her room while Anjali drenched in sweat she went in room to get freshen up.After meeting get over they again crack the deal and discuss about project.After tej and Kunj left for Amritsar. Tej talking to Darsh about work on phone Kunj listening.

Kunj:in mind this Darsh I just praying this project get over soon.Throw this Darsh out our life. Tej end the call.Sir..


Kunj:when will this project get over.

Tej:soon Kunj this project is very big.Do your best get I don’t want anyone win over my son.

Kunj:hmm my almost done.

Tej: good. What about that another project process?

Kunj:haan everything is good our product selling in good value in markets.

Tej:than great.Rahul and Manohar come

Anjali served them tea. Usha went in Avantika room.


Avantika:haan come Usha both sits.

Usha:see this girl photo.(Varsha.Darsh mom) Varsha tell me about this girl her name is Divya..Avantika see Divya photo.

Avantika: nice Usha beautiful.

Usha: I toh loved it her very much. She come at Varsha house and just for 2 and 3 minutes I meet with her let’s meet her and Omkara with each other’s.

Avantika: haan why not. What about Omkara and Manohar..

Usha:see na daddy ji and mummy ji begins Kunj marriage they did it now I have to think about Omkara as well.

Avantika: kyu nahi you should I mean we should I told about Omkara to tej also. But you know our kids. At Kunj time he toh dent for twinkle too just because of tej he didn’t argue.

Usha: that’s why I loved my Kunj. Chalo I’ll tell about this mummy ji and daddy ji too. You tell tej bhai saab okay.

Avantika:haan let him come. Usha went and talk to Manohar about Divya he like girl and tell her they should think about this alliance. Both went in room of Lata and Prithviraj and tell them about this Lata and Prithviraj is happy but only one thing making them worried it’s Omkara will..

Prithviraj:see we all happy with this first go and tell Omkara.


Manohar: we will talk to him. They went from there.Just than Kunj and tej come.

Rudra: finally bhaiya come.They all come in living room.

Rahul:how’s your meeting.??

Kunj: great. Crack the deal again..

Rahul:wow again than that Darshcobra 😛will crying.didn’t see tej and Manohar. Kunj gestured him he see and closed his mouth.All giggles.

Kunj:I’ll come after get freshen up. And you both get ready don’t dare to sleep now.


Kunj:I’ll tell you that toh.. he went upstairs while twinkle went in kitchen and made coffee for him and went in room Kunj come out of the room after get freshen up he saw Aayat sleeping in Sitting position and tv is on. Twinkle entered in room.

Twinkle: coffee.

Kunj:Haan thanks I needed most this.She give him and both sit on bed and see Aayat she sleeping here?

Twinkle:haan after school I give her bath while watching cartoon maybe she slept.

Kunj:hoo.Now you get another partner 😛.

Twinkle:Haan with her don’t know when time will passed.Fully energetic.Kissed on her cheeks.

Kunj:aww bhabhi and nanad Jodi good 😛😝. She hugged him.

Twinkle: Kya Hua tired..

Kunj: Haan very much. Chal I have to see Rudra and Priyanka and you bring Aayat down she slept enough Than didn’t sleep

at night.


Kunj take his coffee mug he went downstairs.Twinkle lift Aayat she wake up slightly still sleepy she take her downstairs. Just than a man come aged one. Kunj meet with him.

Kunj:come please thanks you get ready .

Man:it’s my work Kunj.

Kunj:he is rudra and Priyanka or Soumya your students.

Rudra: who he is?

Kunj:he is your teacher who will helped you trio in your exams preparation.

Rudra: here classes??

Kunj:no classes classes will come here for you people now go.Everything is ready in study room.

Priyanka: okay.They trio went with teacher in study room.They all sits.

Usha: this is great.

Kunj:Haan they will make us run Lot that’s why I’ll call teacher here only.In mind now I can’t let them go away from my eyes. Aayat rubbing her eyes who sitting in twinkle lap.

Rahul: aaj kal koi bhabhi bhabhi bas😛😛.

Tej:acha Avantika didn’t you talk to Anita for Avni she didn’t come after her marriage.

Avantika:haan I call she permit her.’

Tej:okay who will go and bring her.

Rahul: bade papa I’ll go na.

Tej:nahi I’ll go na.He see the time.I’ll bring her in 10 minutes.He take his car key and left all smiled.

Rahul: aur wifey where were you busy today?

Anjali:Arey maa take me with her at Varsha massi place she tell her about alliance.

Kunj: acha than what?

Avantika:girl is very beautiful. After sometimes later servant come and tell Omkara Usha and Manohar calling him their room, Omkara get up and look at Kunj he gestured him go.Omkara went and knock at door Usha see him and tell him come.

Usha: om come.

Om:  maa you calling me why..

Manohar: we calling you.

Usha:haan I select one girl alliance for you:see her photo she handover him. Tej bring Avni with him quickly.

Omkara see photo he is totally confused.

Om:what I’ll do with this maa .

Usha:beta dekh na ladki ko.

Om: so maa after this what will happen.

Manohar:what do you mean by this Omkara we find this girl for you see her.

Don’t you wanted to marry haan.

Usha:haa.beta see Kunj and twinkle they are so happy in their Martial life now we wanted even our Omkara too. Now it’s right time for your marriage.

Om: but maa I don’t want?

Manohar: why Omkara now you don’t want what happened last time.

Om: papa why you bring that matter.

Manohar:why will I not Haan one time you Itself take your life decision and we all with you now.

Om:I know this maa and papa.

Usha: you leave this all this even you too Manohar do just one thing go and meet with Divya tomorrow. Spend time with her than you both will get to know each other’s more.

Om:sorry maa I’ll not go anywhere when papa already knows I will do this only. I’m done with this marriage and all.

Manohar:see Usha I told you know you just think he is like Kunj but not Kunj is totally different till now he never obey my decisions and see Kunj he never disobey me and his father as well. That girl run itself Omkara you just wanted to marry her.Omkara recalled her and feel bad he closed his eyes.

Om:papa please he throw the photo in side and slightly argue with Manohar. You never understand me.

Manohar:what you doing haan just wasting your time only you will not get anything in your life.Omkara feel bad in anger he left out of the room in anger.

Everyone see him and get shocked. Usha come out of the room while crying she giving voice to Omkara but he jerked her hand she get shocked and he went from. Kunj went to Usha.

Kunj: maa..

Usha: kunjjj.

Kunj:maa what happened why you crying cupped her face.Maa don’t cry.Manohar come out of the room. Everyone already knew this will happen..

Manohar: Usha leave him don’t think about Omkara.

Tej:what happened actually.  Manohar tell him all get shocked Kunj see Usha and feel bad Manohar slightly scold her for this all.

Kunj: maa please don’t cry. He make her sit and Rahul bring water for her Kunj take and made her drink.He wiped her tears maa don’t cry see I’m here you know na I can’t see tears in my maa eyes.He kissed on her forehead.

Manohar:see Usha Kunj. And Omkara.

Kunj:chote papa don’t worry.maa what you wanted.

Usha:I just tell him to meet with that girl that’s only.

Kunj: okay don’t worry he will go you are toh meri pyaari maa na. Give her side hug.

Usha:only you understand me Kunj.

Kunj:haan after all Meri Maa hoo aap.All smiled.

Avni: maa I’m hungry.

Avantika:acha wait Usha come.She take her with herself in kitchen.Kunj get angry at Omkara he get up and went in pool side where Omkara standing in anger all siblings went behind Kunj.

Kunj: ommm what is this haan?

Om: what..

Kunj: how could you talk to my maa like this Haan because of you aaj Meri Maa ke eyes me aansu hai why you behave like this haan. He turned and look at Kunj. Who having tears in his eyes too.

Om: I didn’t do anything Kunj they never understood me why.

Kunj: why just tell you meet with that girl only I didn’t understand till now one thing Omkara Kya Jada if you listen them instead of arguing your parents.

Om: they just wanted I become like you but we are different

Kunj:I know this nobody is saying you become like others but isn’t good Kunj see priyanka and Rudra they too come there. What you both doing here haan movie Chal Rahi hai go from here.Both immediately run from there.  Look at me Omkara I told you many things it’s not right way haa to hurt your parents.

Om:what about papa he always hurt me Haan you know he said he stop.Kunj understand he always bring that matter I itself didn’t do anything Kunj.

Kunj:we all know just in angry he said you nothing else see me pa always scold me it’s not like that he didn’t love but he loves me I scold you all even I too don’t love you.

Om: it’s different Kunj I don’t want to do marry.

Kunj:why even I too wanted answer remember one thing Omkara I told you numbers of time what we will do our youngsters too learn maybe you doing this  due to reason but others didn’t understand they get chance to misbehave with anyone don’t do please they get encouragement.

Om: sorry. Kunj cupped his face.

Kunj:I told you tell me whatever is in your heart.I’ll help you Om.Trust me I can’t see you like this.I just wanted to see you happy in your life.Bata na please if you thinking you will hide something wrong us and me it will be worth it than I’m really sorry I can read your eyes Omkara .

Om: woh..

Kunj: why your words didn’t come out on your lips haan and forget about last time whatever Ridhima done with you it’s her mistakes Om she never had anything for you in your heart.

Om:she play with my heart again I don’t wanted Kunj. Nothing else. He hugged kunj.

Kunj:pata hai mujhe but maa and papa just wanted your happiness maybe this girl is nice Omkara closed his eyes and just mahi face coming in his eyes that he never failed for Ridhima as well. In mind Kunj Om please tell did you really wanted her if you didn’t tell me itself than I can’t do anything Kunj break the hug and wiped his tears.

Anjali:haa Om why you saying this all. You have to marry anyone one day why not today if you have anyone in your heart Omkara look down.

Kunj:Omkara if you thinking you behave like this and went on silent mode work out it’s your mistakes yes I agree silence is good but sometimes not you have to break your silence.than I’ll do something and remember I’ll never go Against Choti maa and chote papa and stop your anger specially with my maa. I wouldn’t appreciate it whether it’s you or me and Rudra and Priyanka. I told they both will learn from us only don’t put wrong example. They just waiting for this only and you are very matured and don’t show me this anger I’ll slap you too. My hands flying fast😛. Omkara giggles.

Om:who stop you.You can bhai hai.He show his cheek to him Kunj playfully slap him.

Kunj:Chal you are my good brother and I’ll not support you in any wrong things now go and sorry too maa and Tomorrow you will go and have to meet with that girl.

Om: but..

Kunj:I’ll not listen anything.You have to go did you forget my time haan I too deny na how you behind me and tell so much things to me philosopher 😝.And put this siyappa queen in my life.

Twinkle:haw so bad..

Om: acha still you didn’t leave her for a second 😝😛. Kunj push him he went towards Usha. And apologies her for his behaviour and tell her will go and meet with that girl tomorrow. Usha get happy

Usha: only Kunj knows how to handle you.

Om: meri khushi mere bhai ki khushi me hai. He said while looking at Manohar .

Twinkle:lets have dinner today mummy ji make so many things for our Avni. They all went towards dinning table and settled down.Twinkle served them tej feeding and Aayat get jealous.

Aayat: ahah I wanted only you are so big Avni didi didn’t you bring your yuvi baby. All make omg face.

Avantika: see tej your daughter.

Tej: hoo Aayat again get jealous like Rudra Avni didi come from so many days na.

Aayat: acha than why she went with him with band and baja baraat 😛😝.

Tej: from where you learn this.

Aayat: G And Ru bhaiya telling me while Omkara just thinking about Mahi how he tell Kunj itself he not so sure about last time his heart and mind had fight. Everyone having their dinner with smile. Aayat entertaining them lot with her cuteness.

Kunj: you and Priyanka now go and sleep immediately if I see you both wake up.

Rudra:I toh already sleepy ahead.

Kunj:good wake up at 5..

Rudra:what bhaiya why?

Kunj:Shadi hai issliye.

Lata: haan Rudra once your studies done than you can enjoy fully Rahul chocked.

Rahul: really dadi he didn’t understand at least college life better after toh boring office .

Aayat: and Hitler boss na see na pa..

Tej:I know.

Aayat:pa but I didn’t think you are Hitler from which side. all giggles specially Rahul and Kunj slightly.

Rahul:Acha Aayat ji let you grown up and more you come at last na that’s why you didn’t see his Hitler avatar 😛.

Tej: but you kids deserve this only and understand too as well.

Rahul: Kya aap bhi.

Lata:he is right how much you behind kunj and Rahul didn’t let sit.

Prithviraj:haan true.

Tej:I have to because you both love him so much I have to maintain na😛😝. They all finished the dinner.Twinkle finishes all kitchen chores. Anjali sitting in poolside she having headache closing her eyes Rahul see her and bring joy coconut oil and went apply on her hairs she understands and smiled.Omkara was in his room.He take out duppta which he bring for Mahi.After imagine her in this duppta he looking at duppta.

Om:I’m so confused never like this why?

I bring this duppta for Mahi.Tear escaping from his eyes.again I don’t wanted to hurt myself and last time because of Ridhima my family bear so much humiliation.

Twinkle see Anjali and Rahul she smiled Kunj come there and give her side hug

Kunj: what you seeing Han.

Twinkle: see your bestie is so caring and you are so boring huhu.

Kunj: acha 😝😛. He is master mind

Twinkle: means.

Kunj:ask di I know kitna kamina without his profit he didn’t give kasht to his finger 😂😝😝.

Twinkle: so mean.

Rahul: how you feel now Anjali

Anjali: great.

Rahul: acha chaloThan your headache went now we spend sometime with each other’s.

Anjali:huhu I have to understand why you getting so nice with me haan. She get up.

Rahul: arey I toh love you na. Anjali went from there rahul too Kunj laughing like anything twinkle see them.

Twinkle: di what happened jiju giving you massage.

Rahul: why he laughing this much haan have you got Colgate commercial haan showing your teeth’s.. 😏😏.

Kunj:nahi she thinking her Rahul jiju is so caring towards his wifey I’m just clarifying this only if I got commercial I’ll I’m formed you for side camera 😂😂.

Anjali:take him from here I’m going she went from there.

Twinkle:huhu mean boys.She run from there.

Kunj:what about mean girls 😂😂.

Rahul:again she ditched me.

Kunj:great na chalo let’s sleep.Bhai Kam hai kal bhut..

Rahul: chalo saala..

Kunj:best ever 😝😝.He went from there while Rahul evaluating he too went.

Twinkle standing near dressing table Kunj closed the door and lock he went towards her give her backhugged her.

Kunj: hi what happened.

Twinkle: Kya let me clean my face Kunj sit on dressing table and see twinkle she applying so many things.

Kunj:off twinkle how many product you

Will apply on your face haan?? I get tired while counting Them he act like counting on his finger and making omg faces. Twinkle pulled his cheeks.

Twinkle:I think maybe less than you boys

Cheesy and buttering talks 😏.

Kunj:Me aur butter really I didn’t have this toh you have white butter 😝😛.

Twinkle:haan sadu. Kunj hold her hand.

Kunj:Kya twinkle you behaving like mad. Are you okay na he checking on her neck.

Twinkle:I’m absolutely fine kunjj.You make me irritated Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck hook.he kissing on her neck twinkle push him. Kunjj.Leave me always start huhu go and bring something for me I wanted to have something sweet.

Kunj:acha than let’s share a kiss 😛😝.

Twinkle:such a shameless.Please.Bring.

Kunj:wait I have something for you.Kunj went in side and take out something from his office bag.See this twinkle.Twinkle see and get happy she run to him.

Twinkle:wow marshmallow ❤️my face.


Twinkle:give me na she try to take while Kunj side his hand. Kunjjjj



Kunj:making pouty lips this..

Twinkle: Kunj okay she peck on his lips now let have this she open and having marshmallows. Kunj admire her. Why you bring suddenly.

Kunj:haan.She love Na this I forget to bring her chocolate kota that’s why bring this.

Twinkle:Aayat baby ke liye hai.

Kunj:haan I thought nowadays bhabhi and Aayat baby in law sharing good bond with each other’s that’s why.

Twinkle:acha sadu.. she is so cute uff whenever I see her recalled my childhood.

Kunj: haan she will become like you siyappa queen and makekit within no second it just mummy ji behind her pa toh already make her sit on his head.

Twinkle: don’t be jealous with her she get more love than you all.

Kunj:who told you I’ll be jealous I get more love than this all paltan.

Twinkle: chalo now sleep baby.

Kunj: meri kiss?

Twinkle:haa dege woh bhi not stay. Feeling like puke on you.

Kunj:huhu.Both went towards bed and lay downstairs while talking about here and there soon both sleep?

Next day at [email protected]

Everyone wake up and get ready quickly and have their breakfast and left for their office and college.While at Sarna Mansion so twinkle and Avni or Anjali went for coffee today so they went.

After at after noon.Kunj message Omkara he have to go to meet with Divya.

Om went to restaurant for meeting divya as per kunj insistence.He went there .he thinks i will definitely tell her that i m not interested in her and marriage as well….

He was thinking.then his eyes went on table there mahi was sitting with her friend.laughing while talking to each other.

Firstly om thinks he is imgining her again but then.Mahi saw him…called him..

Mahi:omkara ji aap yaha ??

Om:yeah woh i came to meet with someone.But seems didn’t arrived till..

Mahi:then come na join us..

Omkara:sure.He sit with her.

Mahi friend went as she was having some work.But mahi and omakara were enjoying each other company.They even didn’t realise.that they spent their whole day in talking with each other.Later omkara drop her Taneja Mansion and went to sarna mansion..

Usha:did you met’s she ? Did you like her?

Omkara:ohh freek man..i toh forgot about divya..woh maa i went there but she didn’t came..

Usha:acha.chalo i will talk to her go and freshen up..Kunj too came from office..

Kunj:om did you met the girl.?

Omkara:woh kunj i went there..But there i met with mahi and we both got involved in talking and i forgot about divya..

Kunj:what? Why you forgot divya…after meeting mahi..

Om:even i dont know…

Kunj:thinks still you are not accepting .whats in your mind?…

Om:Leave this lets go and play something in garden what’s say.

Kunj:haan idea was good even twinkle and all went for shopping Rahul you make soft  drinks for us we going at garden.They both went in garden and playing Rahul bring soft drinking they trio started playing basketball. And enjoying Lot. Lata and Prithviraj see them enjoying it Lot.

Like this 2 and 3 days had been passed way Kunj fully taking care of Priyanka and Rudra he drop them college and they come back with driver and guard they both get fully busy in their exam preparation. Other hand Kunj handling both things siblings and office work as well. Usha talk to Divya mom very next they went to Mumbai due to some worms Rohan dying for Priyanka but can’t do anything..

At [email protected]

Darsh and his dad Girish come and tell tej about their project their all shares went in losses.Tej get shocked he invest so much money how can this happen. Manohar call Kunj and Rahul in his cabin while tej talking to Girish and Darsh.

Tej:how can this happened?

Darsh:uncle I really don’t know I toh told Kunj and Rahul about this we going in loss in this but they didn’t listen to me as you know na uncle they had problems with me.

At Manohar cabin.

Kunj: haan sir you calling us.

Manohar: Haan kunj what is see this he saw them Rahul and Kunj see and get shocked to see share market reports.

Kunj: what is this haan.

Manohar:this toh I’m asking you both haan you trio handling this haan.

Rahul:we don’t know about this.Totally blanket sir..

Kunj:Darsh must be knows he knows about all reports.Just than tej come there he saw Kunj and Rahul they talking to Manohar.

Manohar: I don’t know about this.

Kunj: even we too.

Rahul: haan tej see this and think they both arguing with his brother he open the door and went inside Girish and Darsh too come.

Tej: kunjjjjjj and Rahul.They both turned and see tej and shocked to see his anger.

What is this. He throw file at their faces .

How can this happen Haan kunj answer me. And how dare you both arguing with Manohar haan in stern voice.

Darsh. Sir really I don’t know I told them about this.We going wrong Kunj and  Rahul get shocked when he told them??

Kunj:what you didn’t tell me.

Manohar: don’t bring personal issues here.

Girish:haan it’s so big loos.

Tej:ahah Kunj I told you don’t work like this such a big loos.

Rahul:but sir.ask Manohar sir na.

Kunj:even Girish sir know.

Girish:what see tej your son blaming haan.

Kunj: woh.

Tej:kunjjj he immediately slapped Kunj and Rahul not a single word haan.Don’t put blame.They all shocked Darsh smirked.

Manohar:bhai saab please what is this haan.

Tej:never kunjj.They both closed their fist and see Darsh face having tears in their eyes. Out from here I’m sorry Girish.

Darsh: think Bol Kunj please now after getting slap uff.. 😏😏. Kunj closed his eyes he about to say but Rahul gestured him no. Both blow down their heads.

Manohar:you both go from here.Before going tej told them so much whatever comes in his mind didn’t think once while Girish and Darsh enjoying it. But both didn’t said anything. Went from there. How they control only they knows without any mistakes they get slap from tej not feeling and because he slap him but reason wasn’t valid this happened because of Darsh.

Both didn’t said anything to each other’s sit and doing theirs work controlling on their tears Kunj wiping his tears Darsh see this from side.

Darsh: wow I enjoyed Lot what Kunj happy family uff this is my answer back to you I’m Darsh Kapoor. My favourite enemy.. 😏😎so big insult uff you father slap you in front of all without any mistakes. Scene freezes on their face.

{Next~Rahul and Kunj sitting under the sky. Tears rolling down from their eyes like anything.

Kunj: please dont cry I’m sorry from my pa side.

Rahul:nahi Arey.. ouchhh.

Kunj:don’t tell about this to mummy and anyone please.

Rahul:hm Both hide their face under their knees and cry Lot..

Other hand So Manohar and Usha will bring Darsh alliance for Priyanka😱


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Hope you all enjoy thanks for your comments and last on shot too..❤️❤️.

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Omkara hehe?? Enjoy

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