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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills dushan and khar.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha hearing balram’s voice. Kanha says brother balram is in danger, I have to save him. kanha runs as he follows the voice but he then faces the 2 demons dushan and khar. Dushan and khar say kanha, you and your brother balram killed us in treta yug by trickery in your ram and laxman avatar. but this time first we will kill balram and then you. kanha says I will deal with you both later but save my brother first. The demons say you cannot do anything kanha, he is trapped inside our mountain of demons and soon the shadow demons will kill him first. Kanha runs to the mountain of demons and he hears balram from the inside of the balram, kanha says brother wait I will save you. balram says do something kanha, there are too many demons. Kanha sits on a rock and starts

praying the Vishnu mantra, kanha’s divya powers appear and the mountain starts getting crushed and the mountain starts being destructed. Dushan and khar are shocked to see this. Kanha prays and the mountain gets crushed as the rocks fall on the shadow demons and as the mountain is destroyed, the shadow demons are killed. Balram comes out and kanha gets up. Balram says kanha, you saved me! now I will not leave those demons, dushan and khar. Kanha says brother you wait here, I will be right back. kanha goes to fight dushan and khar. Dushan and khar appear and say you may have destroyed our mountain but you cannot kill us, dushan and khar attack on balram, balram falls down and faints. Kanha gets angry and says I will kill you and give you both salvation. Kanha says how do I do that? kanha looks at a shiv ling of mahadev and he starts praying to mahadev. Kanha then remembers that his avatar of Lord ram had come at the same place with devi sita and established that shiv ling with a coconut shell as well inside the ground. Mahadev guides kanha telling him that the coconut shell is divya and holds the power to kil dushan and khar. Kanha digs out the coconut shell.
In barsana, all men tie the mangalsutra around their wives and from the positive effects of the mangalsutra, the powers of gajasura on the men are nullified. All the men come back to their senses and brij bhanu and all men ask for forgiveness from their wives stating that they were not themselves when this all happened and some evil power took control of them. Brij bhanu then says we shall all return back home happily as no evil will touch us again, due to the divya mangalsutra protecting us. everyone is returning back home.
Kanha takes the coconut shell and throws it at dushan and khar. The shell turns into the sudarshan chakra of lord Vishnu and it cuts the heads of khar and dushan, thus killing them. The souls of dushan and khar appear and say pranam prabhu! Shri Krishna, today you have given us salvation and freed us from our sins, we cannot be more grateful for this. Kanha blesses them and says I accept you both as my disciples, dushan and khar do pranam and go. balram wakes up and says kanha where did the demons go? kanha says brother, they have attained salvation, the problem is now solved, we better get going to lanka. Kanha and balram go.
Gajasura tells kansa, don’t worry kansa even though they have the mangalsutra they cannot stop me from destroying them. Gajasura uses his powers and sends snakes in barsana. In barsana, as all people are going back, the snakes come and bite all the women. The women fall down and get unconscious. Radha and brij bhanu are worried and shocked for kirti and other women. Radha says mother wake up, wake up please. The men are in tears!
Kanha and balram finally reach the end of Rameshwar and they see the stone bridge going to lanka. Balram says lord ram and his brother laxman had walked together as brother and crossed this bridge and reached lanka. Balram says today even you and me, as brothers shall walk this bridge and go to lanka. Kanha and balram start walking the bridge of stones.

Precap: kanha and balram reach lanka in search of amrit. Gargacharya comes to help and guide radha. Radha is about to take the avatar of griha laxmi, gajasura waits for this moment.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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