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Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav expresses his feelings for Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani telling people will say that she is marrying the same person because of whom her respect is lost and that you have blackened your face intentionally so that Madhav gets helpless to marry her. kaka comes there and says Vaidehi’s intention was never wrong and asks them to understand clearly. Nilambari tells Madhav that she is very proud of him to give marriage proposal to a girl whom he don’t love, and says today her upbringing has won and she is feeling proud to be his mum. She says Vaidehi can’t understand this and has rejected your proposal by insulting you so let her go. She says Vaidehi is not suitable to you and asks him to live life like he wanted, and asks him to go to factory. Madhav says may be you are saying right and says I will leave. Nilambari smiles.

Chitra hears them and gets worried.

Anuradha comes to Madhav and asks if the broken hearts can get stitched in his factory. Madhav says if she wanted to go rejecting my proposal then she can go. Anuradha says she is leaving as she heard your conversation. Madhav says so this is the reason she rejected my proposal and says she can’t see my behavior, attitude after those two days. She says he felt peace for the first time after Chitra left him. Rani, Shweta and Jai chand hear them and think to inform Nilambari. Anuradha asks him to go to Vaidehi and speak about his feelings, says she couldn’t go after hearing you and asks him not to get late. Nilambari is shocked knowing about Madhav’s feelings. She gets up and thinks Chitra can’t come in my way today.

Vaidehi is restless. Nilambari comes to her and says I need to talk to you. She says I regard you as my daughter. She says I don’t have old thoughts and says nobody’s life get stained with people’s taunts. She says if you marry Madhav then neither of you will be happy, and says I will support you and will drop you till bus stand. Vaidehi says I will go. Nilambari asks her not to snatch her rights. Chitra makes the bag heavy. Nilambari couldn’t hold it. Rani and others try to lift the bag. Sangram says it is a limit, you can’t lift the bag. They try, but couldn’t lift her bag. Chitra smiles. Jai Chand lifts the bag when Madhav comes. Madhav asks what is happening? He tells Vaidehi that he wants to say something and asks her not to stop him. He says the two days which I spent with you was the most beautiful days of my life, and says it was magical and says if she can fill magic in his life like fireflies do in the black night. Vaidehi says but.

Madhav says I try to stay away from you, but I couldn’t. He says there is some feeling which connects me with you, and says because of it, I want to ask you about something. He asks will you marry me and fill my life with happiness, will you become my Ardhangini. He asks her to take her own time to decide. Vaidehi says how can I refuse you and says I have seen one dream since childhood, to become your Ardhangini. She says yes from my side. Madhav asks her to make some sweet dish. Nilambari and others get upset and go. Nilambari takes one of the thread which she had tied on the door and tells the mantra, to protect herself. Chitra comes and asks if she is scared and says she will expose her after Madhav and vaidehi’s marriage. She says your days are about to fill. Nilambari says I will win eventually. Chitra says Madhav has suraksha kawaj given by me and I will protect Vaidehi. She says once they get marry, then you can’t harm her. Nilambari laughs and thinks Chitra told me about Madhav’s suraksha kawaj.

Precap: Madhav tells Vaidehi that he likes her very much, but don’t love her. nilambari thinks to use Kawaj against her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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