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Ladies Special 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Prarthana and Viraaj’s Start of New Life

Ladies Special 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraaj and Prarthana’s wedding completes in local train. Pandit pronounces them as husband and wife. Everyone clap for them. Ladies discuss this local train is special, recently a lady delivered baby and today couple married. Prarthana and Viraaj’s parents bless them via video call. Prarthana tells Viraaj that they married escaping form reporters, how will they escape fro reporters again. Viraaj says they can and take her to his small flat. They both take all elders’ blessings. Her father emotionally says usually people call elder member as head of family, but Prarthana was head of family and followed all duties, now he wants Prarthana to lead a life she dreamt of. Meghna get cool drinks for everyone and clashing with Mandar yells at him and serves juice to others. Amar

notices it and asks Bindu if something is wrong between Mandar and Meghna. Bindu says Meghna told Mandar is staying in Khadar bhai’s room since a few days. Amar hopes their differences clear soon. Parimal suggests Prarthana to control Viraaj well and not let him loose. He offers job to Punith, Punith thanks him for offer and says he is trying to build is own career now. Everyone walk away greeting Viraaj and Prarthana. Bindu and Meghna taunt Prarthana not to be so strict with Viraaj and get romantic with him as they are married now. Prarthana says she dos not know how to romance. Meghna says she will learn and walk away laughing.

Prarthana walks to Viraaj. Viraaj notes down today’s expenses and says he is not rich now and needs to manage with his salary. A romantic song Ye Fitoor mera….plays in the background. They both get romantic and walk to bed. Bed breaks down. Viraaj says he bought second hand bed to save money and is following her advice. She laughs.

Meghna and Mandar walk out of railway station with their kids. Kids ask if Viraaj uncle and Prarthana aunty will stay in 2 different houses like them. Meghna says they will stay in same home. Kids say they like 2 different houses as they can play in 2 different places. They request Meghna to let them, sleep with papa today. Meghna agrees and asks Mandar not to recite stories till late night as kids have school tomorrow morning. Mandar leaves with kids. Meghna returns home and reminisces telling Mandar that soon they will buy a new house with a big room and big bed. Mandar says he like small bed as he does not want to stay away from her. Out of flashback, Meghna fumes that he promised to be with her always and now went away, she will sleep alone on big bed. A big bag is seen on her bed.

Viraaj tells Prarthana that she has to sleep on floor because of his mistake. Prarthana says when he can leave everything for her, why can’t she sleep on floor for him. He fixes bed on floor and sits on it holding her hand. Power goes and he says he did not pay electric bill. Prarthana says she does not mind sleeping in dark. They both get romantic again.

Precap: Bindu hears Kangana’s father telling her that they knew about the risk involved in Amar’s operation. Mandar tells his new boss that he will get Smile garment’s order for sure. Meghna tells her team that she needs that order by hook or crook.

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