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Kesari Nandan 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhairav becomes Kesari’s trainer

Kesari Nandan 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant asking Kalki to take this as a challenge if she is a real champion. She asks what will I learn from this soil. He asks Kalki to defeat this wrestler. She agrees. She fails to move off the wrestler from his place. He smiles. Hanumant asks what happened, you know why he didn’t fall, he knows to put his foot on the soil, I told him to stand still, think if you can make this guy fall, you can make anyone fall down. She says I can’t stay in this soil. Rana j comes. Hanumant greets him. Kalki gets dizzy and says its too hot. Rana ji says come with me. Hanumant says I will decide about her class, you have hired me to train Kalki, if a father’s love comes in between, I can’t fulfill my responsibility, you show my talent and I know her talent, trust me and don’t interfere.

Rana ji agrees to him. He asks him to carry on and goes. Hanumant says your training will happen here, I will wait for you tomorrow morning, be ready. He goes. Kalki gets angry.

Madhavi asks where is Kesari, Kripa came and said Kesari didn’t come to school. Jagat says Kesari has gone to convince her trainer. She says if you have sent her, she will get her trainer. Kesari runs to complete the hurdle race. She practices till night. Bhairav sees her and asks her name. She says Kesari. He asks are you practicing since that time. She nods. He says its not girl’s work, doesn’t your family worry for you, where do you live, whose daughter are you. She says Hanumant’s daughter. He gets shocked.

He asks why didn’t you tell this to me before, I will train you. He gets glad thinking he failed Hanumant. He says I will surely train you, tell me truth, why isn’t your dad training you. She says he doesn’t believe that girls can wrestler. He asks why is he training Kalki. She says he is helpless, Kalki doesn’t deserve to become his student, I m angry. He says great, turn emotions into victory, use your anger into wrestling. She promises. He thinks I will train Kesari and fail Hanumant, its my promise.

Hanumant asks where is Kesari, its late. Jagat says Kesari’s training started with her new trainer. He shouts Madhavi. He asks did you know that Kesari went for her training, who is this new coach. Bhairav comes and says its me, Hanumant. Hanumant and Madhavi get shocked seeing Bhairav with Kesari.

Bhairav says I came home to drop Kesari, I m her new coach, Bhairav Singh. Hanumant argues. He asks Madhavi did she know this. Madhavi scolds Bhairav. Zoravar comes and looks on smiling. Kesari says I didn’t wish to annoy you, but I need a coach. Hanumant asks didn’t you get any other coach, I m not stopping you from wrestling, Bhairav isn’t right for you, I know him well. Bhairav asks why, are you scared that I will train Kesari to defeat Kalki. Hanumant says I m angry, but I don’t want to raise hand on you in front of children, stay away from my daughter, you won’t train her.

Jagat says no, Bhairav will train Kesari, you lost the right to decide, since you refused to train her. Hanumant asks who are you, are you Kesari’s dad, Madhavi and I will decide. Jagat says fine, mum will decide for Kesari. He reminds Madhavi her promise to support Kesari. He asks Madhavi to tell her decision. Madhavi says Kesari’s training will start from tomorrow, with the new coach Bhairav. Hanumant gets shocked. He goes. Zoravar and Bijli go. Jagat asks Kesari to come.

Kesari says I was afraid that dad will be upset. Jagat asks her to focus on her wrestling, Madhavi and he will decide. Hanumant stops Bhairav and catches him. He says tell me the truth, why did you come to Dhanwa, what’s your motive. Bhairav says to make you bite the dust, this is my motive, I got a weapon against you, your daughter Kesari, she has the same focus and passion like you, I will make her Bharat Kesari. Hanumant says don’t try to exact revenge by using her. Bhairav says if you care for her, then support her. Hanumant warns him. Bhairav says the man who can backstab a friend, doesn’t know meaning of relations. They argue and start fighting. Madhavi comes and sees them. She worriedly shouts and asks them to stop the fight.

She says I request you both, stop this fight, don’t break Kesari’s dreams. Bhairav says right, there is a fitness camp, the girls who get selected in the camp will be getting ahead in the Bharat Kesari competition. She threatens to show a mother’s wrath to them and leaves.

The man says there are five contestants, two of them are girls. Kalki fights a boy and wins. Hanumant smiles. Madhavi asks Kesari to fulfill their dreams. Kesari goes for the fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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