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First love, Last love (Swasan ff) – Episode 1

hello guys Im sushama….this is love story of swasan hope u guys like it….This Friction shows us diffirent shades of love,revenge,betrayal….actually romance is not my cup of tea i still tried because  i love swasan…So here is treat for u swasan fans …do share ur views


concert is shown where thousands of people cheering “Sanskar ,sanskar” ….Sanskar maheswari famous  singer ..new sensation of singing industry …His songs contain pain,heartbreak,He got famous from his songs as wel as Good looks,charm,Hes the crush of many women out there…they are cheering  for him,waiting to see him

In a room Beautiful  girl is shown worried…’Where is sanskar? How can he behave like this,its his concert peoples are waiting outside n hes nowhere ….She is Ragini ,Ragini Gadodia,Sanskars manager,his best friend n she loves him so much but she doesnt have guts to tell him because he doesnt not believe in love,he hates love,so she remain quite……

Here sanskar Maheswari comes

Ragini-Where were u sanskar?

Sanskar-Relax!im ready ….He look at photograph n said with lots of pain in his eyes-I hate u!!!…

n Went

Croud shouted n cheers seeing sanskar …

sanskar starts singing

“Kal the yahi

kyo ab nahi

Tum aur main sath dono

kya mil gayi,tum ko khushi

Hoke Juda ye to bolo

Pyar tha vaqt nahi jo beet Gaya do pal me

Tu banke yaad rahe,Faryad rahega dilme

Kyo ek lafz nabi dil Kehne ki halat me

socha kahunga ek din

“Jo tu na mila muze

Jo tu naa mila muze

dil ko kya bataunga

dil ko kya bataunga”

scene shift to other place

where beautiful girl is shown,Who is wearing white salwar kameez,shes waiting for someone..Shes our swara,Shes normal middle class girl,shes waiting for her boyfriend,love of her life Neil(Zain imam)

Shes tensed,Her eyes shows pain of her heart She heard the sanskars  song which airs on radio

“Kehede tu ayega nahi

Muzase mil payega nahi

dekhu kyo rahe me teri

Dil se tu jayega nahi

tu dard samzega nahi

mushkil hai aage zindagi

Man tha mera tu hota mera

tu na mila Gam hai tera

Here in concert ragini looks sadly at sanskar who is busy in singing

Kyo diya dard hame hum Aaj talak na samze

Bure hai kya itne tum Aa na sake ho milne


Here swaras boyfriend  Neil comes,She smiled n runs to hug him

She hug him,but he pushed her

n Argued with her

“Tum hamko bhul gaya

bas yaar ham hi pagal the

socha tumhe jo rat din

Tu jo na mila muze

dil ko kya bataunga”

swara cries,Neil leaves ….Here ragini has some unshade  tears in her eyes,while sanskars eyes have pain n anger

So this is 1st epi do share ur views on it

But before signing off let me Introduce  characters

  • SANSKAR MAHESWARI-26 years famous  singer,Rich,Handsome but his heart is broken,His all songs are related to break up,Pain …He does not believe in love,He love no one,but hate Laksh MAHESWARi,his step brother n his enemy
  • Swara-Shes simple,beautiful girl,believe in love,n loves neil Truely …But destiny has different plans for her
  • Ragini  Gadodiya-Sanskar manager,friend n love him.
  • Laksh MAHESWARI- Rude,Egostic person,His only enemy  is sanskar his step brother,laksh is rapper but there is much competition between 2 brothers,which is definitely not healthy

Neil(Zain imam)-Swaras bf…but he does not love swara he only attracted to her beauty..he loves only money,hes middle  class

Guys here is Introduction n 1st episode do share ur views



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