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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani leaves the house

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rani taking Raghav out on a wheel chair and covers him with blanket. Chadariya song plays…Premlatha calls Bhuvan and asks him to give water. Rani hides and thinks what to do, she can’t take Raghav in room back. She calls Premlatha to divert her attention and throws a paper near her. Premlatha opens the paper and reads it. She runs to room to inform Shivraj. Rukmani asks Rivaaj what happened to him and says we have spend so good time. Rivaaj says good time? And breaks the things. Rukmani says you are hurt. Rivaaj says today he is very hurt and this thing doesn’t affect him. Rani is taking Raghav out. Rivaaj is coming back home thinking of Rukmani. Rani thinks who can be here and says come with me Raghav, we will never separate and I will never leave you. Rivaaj’s

jeep stops on the way. He cries and says your reverse countdown started today. Premlatha asks Shivraj to wake up and shows the letter. Shivraj says you wanted to say that Maa came here and left this note for you. Premlatha says who can do this? Rani hears jeep sound and thinks to go from back door.

Rivaaj sees wheel chair marks and thinks Rani must have taken Raghav. He comes infront of Rani shocking her. He pushes the wheelchair. Rani says no and shouts. Rivaaj holds her hand and makes her stand against the wall. Rani asks him to leave her hand. Rivaaj says I will tell everyone that you tried to elope with Raghav, and says I tried to get up and did so much for you, and now you have betrayed me and have to pay for this. Rani says you can’t get you and your dream will be dream only. Rivaaj says my dream is to ruin you. Shivraj and others come there and ask what is happening. Rivaaj says this Rani was eloping from here with Raghav. He says she pushed him when he stopped her. Rani says he is lying and tells that she was taking Raghav from here as he is unsafe here. Shivraj and Premlatha asks what is she saying? Rani says it is a well planned conspiracy against Raghav. Shivraj asks who can do this? Rani says Rivaaj. Rivaaj says I am not surprised, I am guilty in your eyes always and says she is taking revenge on me. he says I shouldn’t have married Ruku and says atleast I was seeing my brother play as kid, and wouldn’t have become victimized of Rani’s accusations. Premnath asks Rani to have shame and control her anger. Rani says she is telling truth and tells that Rivaaj was always insecure of Raghav and never wanted him to become fine. She says that’s why he created such conditions to land him in hospital.

Premlatha is about to slap Rani, but Rani holds her hand and signs no. She says today you have to hear the truth and says your son just acts to be a good brother. Premlatha says you was stealing Raghav from here and threw the paper infront of me. He asks to throw her out. Rivaaj says I can’t see my brother in this condition and tells Shivraj that he can’t bear anymore. He says even enemies don’t do this. Rani says whatever I was doing for him is from my heart, and he was improving, but Rivaaj made him in this condition. She announces that she will leave the house. Premlatha smiles. Shivraj and Tashi looks on upset. Rani thinks I have to go out of his house for your safety and thinks I will protect you from outside the house. She goes out of house. Premlatha closes the door. Rukmani comes and asks why are you going so late in the night. She asks what happened? Rani says I am leaving this house, nobody wants me to stay here, not even you. Just then mental asylum staff come there to take Raghav. Rani asks Rukmani to stop sending Raghav to mental asylum and asks her not to tell about her. Rukmani goes inside. Rani asks how to stop from ruining Raghav’s life, if nobody is there to help me. She sees the mental asylum car.

Precap: Rani thinks there is one solution to save Raghav and sends his video to Dadi. Dadi asks driver to drive the car fast.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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