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Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: PK Is In For A Shock

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

PK shows lady’s sketch to Jahnvi. Jahnvi asks whose sketch is this, what is he doing here instead of attending guests. PK says this the girl who sent his effigy head. Effigy artist is surprised to see Jahnvi and says that woman was looking exactly similar to madam. Commissioner shouts shut up, she is bahu. Jahnvi says let us return to pary. PK calls commissioner. Commissioner says he will come later and orders hawaldar to take effigy and sketch artists away. Jahnvi smirking stares are effigy artist and walks away. In party, Kabir sees his cousin Jay trying to pick drinks and asks what is he doing. Jay says he is not drinking and does not hid anything like Kabir. Kabir says should he reveal his secrets and asks to wait for 6 months till he reaches drinking age and then both

brothers will enjoy drink together. Jay says he is afraid of bade papa/PK and not to inform him about this. Kabir says that is the problem of this house. They join back family.

PK cuts cake frightening his wife to smile. Everyone clap for them. Jahnvi walks to Aarush and says let us play, she excuses Kavya and takes Aarush with her. Kabir wishes happy anniversary to PK, and PK feeds his cake. Kavya wishes him happy anniversary, but PK ignores her. Jahnvi introduces another boy Om to Kabir and taking them to Aarushs room asks Aarush to open his bag and play with toys with Om. Aarush opens bag. Jahnvi silently pics photo frame of Aarush with his parents, drops it down and asks Om to give it to Kabir. Om walks towards Aarush.

In party, Chanda chachi tells PK that she has prepared a dance as a tribute to him, can she present it. PK permits. She dances weirdly and to handle situation, Jay and Sonali join her. Jahnvi watches Om walking towards Aarush and taking photoframe from him shows it to Kabir and asks him to hide it before family sees it. Ishani asks why did she stop from exposing truth. Jahnvi it was not part of her plan. After finishing dance, Chanda asks PK how was it. PK says he did not know she can dance so well. Chanda thanks him and says she did first class dance and let Jahnvi show her second class dance. She calls Jahnvi for dance who dances with Dhruv. PK gets a call and walks near door. An army officer enters and says he is Aarush’s father’s friend and came to meet Aarush and Kavya, if he can call Kavya, he wants to pay her condolences for Aarush’s father”s death. PK asks if he is out of his mind, Aarush’s father Kabir is alive. Army officer says Vyom was Aarush’s biological father. PK shouts what rubbish is this and calls Kabir. Jahnvi interferes and asks him to calm down, reminiscing hiring actor to act as army officer in PK’s ram leela. Officer escapes in his jeep. PK continues panicking and walking towards Kabir gets heart attack and collapses after shouting loudly. Jahnvi rejoices and then acting as shocked shouts papa. Whole family rushes towards PK.

Precap: Jahnvi informs Suman that Kabir is leaving home and asks her to stop him. Suman tries to stop Kabir and family, but Kabir walks towards door. Suman slips and falls from stairs.

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