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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil’s mother blackmails him

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaidika tells Sahil his proposal has been fixed with her sister, this is a reality and he should forget about establishing any relation with him. Sahil asks Vaidika to think for once about her heart, forget about what people would say and live your life in your way; it will bring much peace. Vaidika says it’s easy for Sahil to say, he has lived a life of luxury without any responsibilities. He must come out of his dream world and face the reality, his and Avantika’s relation holds hope of both families. His proposal with her is impossible, he should accept it as a request. She leaves. Sahil place a hand over his heart and says he can’t accept her request.

Vaidika walks into the street. Manjolika stops her way and says that guy Sahil took a birth for her only, she is her mother. Though

people claim her to be mental, but she knew already that one day they will take rebirth and unite again. He isn’t her sister’s companion, he is hers. She bends into Vaidika’s feet and says she is her mother, she can’t witness her daughter lose her love once more. She shouldn’t take any step under pressure of society, she might not find anyone who would love her like this. Vaidika questions why she wants her to snatch her sister’s fiancé, she doesn’t believe in the matters of past lives and rebirth. She leaves. Manjolika continue to stop Vaidika, pleading. Vaidika wonders who that old lady is, how she can claim that it’s her rebirth. She thinks it must be Sahil’s plan. Vaidika gets a call from Avantika, she asks what Sahil said. Vaidika says she is coming home and will speak to her. She thinks Sahil doesn’t want to marry her, she doesn’t want her sister to marry someone who doesn’t love her.

Rekha and Mina were selecting cards for wedding. Sahil comes over and tears a card, he says he doesn’t need a sample at all. Why she insists on marrying him in two days. Rekha says they might not find suitable family and girl. Sahil says he has fallen in love without someone else. It’s his love of ages. Rekha asks who she is. Sahil tells Rekha, it’s the girl they met in community center. Shashi comes over and over hears the conversation. Sahil says it’s his decision not a joke, and it’s full and final. Rekha asks if only Sahil can be stubborn, then he can go and marry the girl of his choice but only after her death. She locks herself into the kitchen. Rekha turns the gas of stoves on. Her eyes reddened. Everyone in the house gather outside and tries to stop her. Rekha finds herself a match-stick. The alone was now suffocating her. Shashi tells Sahil it’s because of his insistence. Rekha says she would die if he continue chasing that divorcee girl. Mina says Rekha is getting asthma attack. Sahil and Shashi forcefully breaks the bolt of kitchen. Sahil questions if she wants to emotionally black mail him. Rekha says she will continue doing it, if he doesn’t marry Avantika.

Vaidika convinces Avantika that guy isn’t suitable for her. Avantika was offensive and asks why she says so. Everyone from the family gather around. Avantika says Vaidika is convincing her to say no to Sahil’s proposal. Their father asks Vaidika what happened. Vaidika says that guy loves someone else, they shouldn’t marry Avantika to someone who doesn’t love her. Her mother says his parents would have known already if their son loved someone else. She decides to call Rekha and complain. Vaidika tries to stop her parents. They get Rekha ji’s phone then. It was Sahil. Sahil tells her he is ready to marry Avantika. There, at Kashab’s house Sahil had called in front of his family. Avantika’s mother confirms what he means. Sahil repeats he is ready to marry Avantika, this time heard by Avantika’s family on a loud speaker. Vaidika was scolded by her mother.

It was Sahil’s turmeric ritual. The family had gathered around. A young girl blindfolds Sahil. He recognizes is young and cute sister and requests her to stay around. Geet notices Sahil sat upset. Rekha comes to send her away from some chore, then tells Sahil to cheer up. Avantika is a nice girl, and everything gets well after marriage. They now prepare to go to Avantika’s house. Sahil wish Vaidika becomes his life partner somehow, he wonders how this will happen.
Vaidika was making arrangements for Avantika’s Haldi. She was upset and concerned that Sahil didn’t love her. She decides to inquire why he said a yes to marriage. She can’t let her sister marry someone who doesn’t love her. Rekha asks Vaidika to call the Halwai. Kashab family arrives.

PRECAP: Sahil’s mother had come over for Haldi ritual. Geet hurries to apply Haldi to her sister in law. They spot Vaidika inside the house. Rekha was angry and asks who is this girl and what’s she doing here?

Update Credit to: Sona

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