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Hey sup guys I’m so sorry that I couldn’t update yesterday was actually busy with my schedule .thanks everyone for ur comments .a big shout out to the silent readers .

Precap: zoya and Aditya are about to reach the office

Suddenly Zoya says
Zoya : please stop bhaiya

stops on a florist shop

On the other side Aditya stops on the same shop
Zoya and Aditya are standing on the same counter… In the middle a girl is standing

Zoya and Aditya choose the same flowers

Shop keeper: sir,madam Jo aap phool choose Kar rahe hai yae sirf ek hee bouquet hai (the flower bouquet u both r choosing only one of such kind is left )


Zoya .arrey aise kaise bataye kaun hai ye mahashay Jo mere phoole ko apna Bata raha hai ( how come tell me who is this guy who is saying my flowers his )

Aditya .. bataye kaun hai ye ladki Mae baat karta ho( tell me who is the girl I will talk to her )

Shop keeper points out Zoya and Aditya come face to face

Zoya ..aap (you)
Aditya :tum (you)

They again realized that they have small choices in some matters


They have a deep eye lock

Bigi bigi sadkoan pae
Tera intezaar karo
Dheere dheere Dil ki zameen
Ko Tere hi naam karo
Khud ko Mae Yun kho do kii phir na kabhi pao
Haule haule Zindagi ko bas tere hee naam karo
Sanam re Sanam re tu mera Sanam hua re
Movie Sanam re

Shop keeper :madam ,sir aapke mae kaun ye phool le Raha hai ( who is taking flowers 😀 among u)

Zoya and Aditya at the same time. Yae

Shopkeeper .accha accha sir . Aap yae phool inke liye le rahe the ( okay sir ,you were taking the flowers for her ,)

Aditya s face turns red with embarrassment

Zoya : mujhe nahi pata tha the great Mr Aditya hooda sharmate bhii hai( I didn’t knew that the great Mr hooda blushes also )

She Pat’s on his shoulder ,passes a smile and goes



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