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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina wins in the dance competition, Sameer decides to part ways with Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohan giving Naina’s letter to Sameer and asks if he was troubled because of the letter. Sameer asks from where he got it? Rohan says in Amrita’s house. Sameer hugs him happily. He reads Naina’s hand and is on his way to his school. Tumhi ho hamari manzil my love plays….A girl comes on stage and dances. Naina waits for Sameer. Naina’s turn comes then. Her voiceover tells that she was participating in dance performance which she never participated before and was waiting for Sameer. Sameer manages to reach there and looks at Naina from back stage. Naina falls down on stage. Sameer takes his back steps. Kumud teacher asks Naina, don’t know why and in whose dreams she is in and says last time also you disqualified. Naina says don’t know how did I fall down.

Sameer recalls Kumud teacher beating her the previous day. He recalls Dadi’s words and takes a very wrong decision. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he thought Dadi’s words to be true and it was strong with Naina’s downfall. Announcement is made that they shall give chance to Naina to motivate the students.

Sameer’s voiceover tells that although he was grown up, but he was emotionally immature. Naina prays to God to make her fine. Sameer asks God to make Naina win in the competition and says I will go far away from her. Naina recalls Sameer’s words and gets up. Sameer smiles. Announcer asks are you fine? Naina nods yes. She starts dancing on the song patjad sawan mausam 4….she looks for Sameer while dancing. She imagines him and dances with him. Everyone claps for her performance. Yeh undinon ki baat hai plays….

Sameer claps and cries badly hiding from her sight. Naina comes to Kumud and touches her feet. Kumud hugs her happily. Announcer says lets see who wins this competition. One of the judge comes on stage and gives result to announcer. He announces that Naina Agarwal is the winner. Naina goes to stage and gets an award. Sameer thinks of Dadi’s words and runs from there crying. Naina comes out and looks for Sameer. Students come and congratulate her. Naina thanks them and searches for Sameer. Sameer looks at her and cries. Naina looks on. Song plays…..

Sameer turns and is about to collide with Tai ji. Tai ji is about to sneeze with her eyes closed. Sameer hides. Tai ji thinks where is everyone. She sees Naina and takes award from her hand. She says you have won because of my blessings. Kumud teacher comes there and says your Naina have won. She asks her to come and says we have to reach railway station. Tai ji says naina has to change clothes in guest house first. Sameer looks at Naina’s sadness. She turns to look at him, but he hides from her sight. Kaise kahun tujhse…..song plays. He is on his way back home and stops his bike. His voiceover tells that they have many villains in their love story and have fought with all villains, but new villain came in my love story and that villain was my thinking.

Naina and Tai ji return home. Preeti happily hugs her. Tai ji pays less money to auto driver. He taunts her and goes. Preeti asks Naina how was Delhi city and where did she go with Sameer. Naina tells her that she couldn’t meet Sameer, don’t know why? Preeti gets sad.

Naina calls Amrita and asks her how is Sameer? Amrita calls Sameer and asks him to take Naina’s call, but he turns his face silently. Naina gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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